{TS.A.H.M} 24 wks | Update

24 wks (photo credit: E)

So, where are we now?

The girls started school (S started officially on Monday) so I promised myself I would take this first week and just relax. No major chores, no heavy duty cleaning, or laundry. Just "mommy" time.

 Yesterday, I took it easy, put my feet up and watched a bit of tv.

Last night, S came into our bed not too long after we went to bed because she had a bad dream. She was completely restless and couldn't get comfortable, so I decided to give her my side of the bed and go sleep on the couch. I definitely got more sleep than I would've in bed last night, but I was tossing and turning and got up to go to the bathroom and P met me in there because he had to get up for work already. I went back to the couch to sleep and talked to him here and there and made sure he took his lunch and attempted to go back to sleep once he left. No Bueno.

I was literally up from 5 am until the girls needed to wake up for school. So, I stayed up to help them this morning and get them to the bus and no more than 5 minutes back at the house I was crawling back into bed. I slept from 840 am until almost noon! When I say I'm going back to sleep, that usually never happens. Clearly, I needed the sleep.

I'm slowly running this day to the ground from my 3-hour nap but I'll sleep like a baby tonight, that's for sure!


I'm still feeling great. I have moments that I'm feeling nauseous and lightheaded. I feel a little crampier now that I'm past my half mark.

I went to see the doctor last week to get my OB recommendation, measurements and to hear her heartbeat and blood pressure check.

My blood pressure was low at 112 and her heart beat was 132 this time. He just told me to make sure that I'm staying hydrated. Her little bum was on my left side and her head is down already. So, all the kicks I feel towards my ribs are in fact her feet. I feel quite a bit of pressure down below and I now know that that is her big head on my bladder, haha!

I have two more visits with my family doctor and then I get to meet my OB and talk to her about a VBAC. Crossing all my fingers, toes, and anything else I'm able to cross right about now that I won't need a C-section this time around. I'm starting to overthink things now. My family doctor mentioned that I have a very high chance that I will have one, mainly because most OB's here don't like doing VBAC's. However, if I'm a good candidate, I'm fighting for one unless I have to have an emergency section.

Cravings are still the same. Anything with caramel and/or peanuts or peanut butter in it. And I'm loving fruit! Every time we go grocery shopping I'm always making sure there's a cart full of fruit.

Sometimes I'm starving and other days I could go hours without food and not care. It was the same with the girls. I definitely don't drink enough like I should. I try though.

It didn't seem like I've gained a lot of weight this pregnancy which makes me wonder, however, I always hear you gain the most in your third trimester.

I'm still tired all the time and that's obviously to be expected but it's starting to affect me doing things. I brought groceries in the house the other day and I literally told P that I physically can't do that anymore. Not a crazy amount anyway. I'm just running low on energy and I'm more tired than I've been this whole pregnancy. I have my energetic moments and then I'm just drained by 8 pm.

Luckily, the girls can do a lot for themselves now, so I'm not doing much except supper, showers...etc. E has been great helping S with a few things when I ask for help. She even gets really mad when I'm carrying the laundry up and down the stairs. If it's not too heavy for her, she'll bring it for me.

Speaking of which, I need to start supper. xx

{TS.A.H.M} First Batch of Homemade Blueberry Muffins

A friend gave me a recipe for blueberry muffins that didn't call for cinnamon/nutmeg/all spice as I am allergic to it. I tried it out for the first time. I have never made homemade muffins - I think I made an attempt years ago and they were garbage material. So, I'm pretty proud of these ones. They smell amazing, they don't look bad, and they're fully cooked and edible! :p

The girls approve, so that's a good sign. They aren't cooled yet, but we had to taste test one anyway.

The girls MIGHT get one for school on Monday but I can't guarantee anything! ;)

{TS.A.H.M} First Day of School

I hear a lot of people say that they can't believe it's that time of year again and normally I would agree with them, but this summer has literally flown by. We have made some memories this summer but overall it's been very short. Last summer went on forever and we did so much.

E started grade 4 this year and S is in SK.

E was very excited to start a fresh new year and she was hoping for a certain teacher. 

S was great up until the last couple of days of summer and she didn't really know how she felt about it and had some teary before bed moments.

For breakfast, I made them Teddy Bear toast.

We dropped E off at her classroom the first day and left her to do what she needed to do. Then we made our way down to S' classroom just to see what classroom was hers. She didn't start until 11 am the first day, so we took her to timmies and made a stop at the store before having to drop her off too.

We found out she got E's first teacher here in Newfoundland, so we were very happy about that and we think S was too. It definitely made her feel better about going to school.

We filled out whatever we needed to and watched her for a bit and then we left and let her get on with her few hours on her own. I made it the whole time without crying until I looked through her window where I knew she was sitting. I just saw her there content just enjoying herself and that's when I just started bawling.

After that P and I just enjoyed the few hours we had together before having to pick them up. When we got to the school, we grabbed S first and P asked her how her day went and she said, "IT WAS AMAZING!" That made us really happy to hear and with a huge smile on her face to boot! A lady beside me (not too sure if she was a mom or a teacher) came to tell me that she saw/heard S in the school yelling "I had the best day EVER!" to everyone in the hallway! I thanked her for letting us know that. I'm glad her first day went so well.

Today, she's home because she doesn't have a way home but tomorrow hopefully she'll be going. As of Monday, she takes the bus for the first time with E. We'll see how that goes.

{TS.A.H.M} 22 WEEKS | August Catch Up | Update

22 wks (yesterday)

Not going to lie, I get a little nervous around this time. It's gotten better over time, however, it's still in my head at times. Everything seems great and I haven't had any painful episodes other than stretching and normal stuff. So, that's a sure sign...for me anyway.

P got to feel Peanut on Monday for the first time. Unfortunately, she didn't kick him in the head this time!

I'm still craving stuff with peanuts and caramel (snicker bars mainly) and I'm not eating a whole lot except for bigger suppers.

S makes it a point to constantly kiss my belly, talk to Peanut, and say goodnight to her. E does too but she has her moments. She is that much older and even though she isn't embarrassed to do it, she feels the need to do it at certain times.

E was the first one to feel Peanut (besides me of course). When she did, she started to tear up. I asked her why she was crying and she said: "I don't know." It was a really sweet moment we shared together. Of course, she made me cry too.

Yesterday, we had a chick flick day. All us ladies stayed in our pj's and we watched all movies that the girls have never seen before. It was nice not having anything specific to do all day.

We took the girls to Bell Island for the first time (it was me and P's first time as well) and we spent a few hours driving around, looking for a beach and ate ice cream. We have to take a Ferry over for about 10-15 minutes so the girls went on their first Ferry ride as well.

{TS.A.H.M} IT'S A...


We will be welcoming a third little girl to add more adventures (and drama) to our lives!
:) We can't wait to see her squishy little face and see who she's going to look like!

{TS.A.H.M} 20 wks, 3 days | Gender Reveal

20 wks, 3 days

Today, P and I finally found out what Peanut was going to be.
Peanut got poked and prodded so much this morning and they're now taking it out on me!

Peanut is 12 oz. Heart rate was 140. S/he had their finger in their ear during the ultrasound. Peanut was smiling, kicking, and punching for dear life!

The tech got to see everything she needed even the arm bones she needed to measure that she fought so hard to see. And I mean fought HARD. She pushed so hard on my hip bone constantly to get it.
Once she got what she needed, Peanut was going to show the tech and close their knees super tight and refuse to move them. After me jumping up and down in the room and shaking my tummy (as well as the tech trying before that), Peanut finally moved out of sheer frustration, haha! We
almost left with an unknown gender. 

And we blame the tech for the 30-minute anatomy measurements beforehand.

I would be mad too!

Tomorrow is the gender reveal, we're getting gender votes in from people who can't be at the reveal tomorrow. We'll get the others who attend when they arrive.

GIRL  /  BOY ??

{TS.A.H.M} Movie Day + Mommy Cuddles

The last couple of days the girls have just wanted to spend their time in bed watching Youtube videos or play games on their iPad/Tablet. I'm not one to let them on all day and even the laziest of days I give them an hour at a time on them.

Having their faces attached to their screens is not how I wanted their days to be spent. This summer has been a little lighter than most seeing as P has had many overnights. We've done quite a bit considering the time we haven't had, however, there are just some days MY energy level is a 4 on the scale. I guess if my energy level isn't up to par, the girls are going to have those same days. I find that they are constantly going and keeping steady playing outside, playing with each other, and then after so long they hit a wall and just don't want to do anything at all. And I think that's okay. Sometimes I feel like I have to entertain them and make sure that they're actually doing something throughout the day but then I sit back and think "Who am I trying to impress?" If people don't think the girls are outside enough, well, they aren't here on a regular basis and I don't have some "rule" I need to follow.

Sometimes I'm just plain tired. Especially this pregnancy. There are many days I just stay in my pj's. I'm at home with nowhere to go half the time, what do I care? If I have somewhere to be, I'll get dressed. 

Some people are morning people, I am not one of those people. Unless you tell me to be up early because we're taking a road trip or have somewhere to be, you may find me in bed until 10 am if the girls allow. Should I be ashamed of that?

Like I've said many times, I'm not the perfect mom and sometimes I can even be pretty lazy. But the kids are taken care of, my house is not always tidy, but it's clean. Most of the time I feel unorganized and overwhelmed but the kids have what they need. What more can anyone ask?

I let my anxiety get to me in the best of times and most of the time I feel very anxious if things aren't done. I can't relax if the house is a mess, I can't enjoy myself (while at home) knowing that there is a sink full of dishes and a clean dishwasher that needs to be emptied, clean laundry not folded for days...WEEKS even, or that there is something everywhere and I just can't find a place for most of it.

I'm embarrassed if at the end of the day my house isn't the way it should be.

I blame the girls for most of the mess and I mean, most of the time there is some sort of pile of books, a toy here and there on the kitchen or bathroom counters. But there are some days where I don't remind them constantly to clean up and I start complaining randomly about it like they could read my mind. Even though, 99.9% of the time, I AM nagging them to pick up this toy here, and pick up this book over here...constantly.

Maybe I'm just too hard on myself like people say. Usually, it's just family, so I dismiss it because what do THEY know?! :p I say this knowing damn well that they know me very, very well. Well, most of the time.

The girls are old enough where this place SHOULD be clean and tidy daily. Like, really. I find I'm better at keeping the house tidier when I have an infant lying around somewhere, haha!

Today, I'm getting some much-needed cuddles in with the girls, watching movies as well as getting some DIY decor done for our gender reveal on Saturday. Between the two, I think today is going to still be productive regardless of how little we're doing.

If you need me, you'll be able to find me under the crazy amounts of scrap paper or a comforter.


I can't believe I'm already half way through this pregnancy! We're super excited for this baby to make its appearance but HOLY MOLY SLOW DOWN! I wanted to enjoy this pregnancy to the fullest seeing as it is our last and even though I feel great, I really hope the second half doesn't fly by the way the first half did! All the exciting things happen in the second half. All the feels! 

This week, we find out what this beautiful third child of ours is going to be! We're all counting down the days...3 days today!! The girls won't find out until Saturday when we have our Gender, Reveal!


I'm still feeling so great! I get really tight certain times a day on the sides of my tummy like I'm stretching as far as I can and I seem to feel pressure wherever Peanut is sitting.

I feel slight waves and jolts closer to the bottom of my tummy, especially when P's laying on my stomach a little bit. Peanut has already started kicking daddy in the head but unfortunately, he can't feel that yet.

I've been trying to go on walks throughout the week if it's a nice day. I've been taking a few hour long walks but on the way home I'm so exhausted! And by the time I get back to the house I'm completely burned out.

I have an appetite right now but I'm still not a huge eater either. I'm eating bigger meals if I'm hungry but for the most part I still snack throughout the day. 

I can still have coffee but sometimes it still upsets my stomach but not right away. I also find that eating Tzatziki ends up bothering my stomach but when I eat it I want the whole damn thing. Obviously!

I find I crave chocolate more right now. Smart Food I can't be bothered with. I eat a couple bites and I'm like "meh". Give me a chocolate bar with Caramel, Peanuts or Peanut butter in it and I'm good to go!

In fact, I may even make a trip to the store today for one! :p

I feel like I have to pee CONSTANTLY already. But when I do go it's SLOW and small for the most part. It really is driving me insane! It doesn't help that I'm not drinking a full glass right away so I drink slow, it comes out slow I guess.

Every time there's a countdown for something (i.e. someone's birthday, an event...etc.) S thinks we get to see the baby. When I said "3 DAYS" for her birthday she says "Until baby?!" NO kid...that's around Christmas! Think about the countdown to Christmas this year...OY!

Once we know what we're having, we're going to start buying things here and there that we need. We don't need a lot because we still have a bunch, plus friends of ours give us things that we can use that they don't need anymore (i.e. bathtub...etc.) so that is super helpful. We have a bassinet so we don't have to rush out to have a crib right away.

We need a travel system and if it's a boy...clothes! All our girl stuff will be done and over with and we'll be donating everything! It's going to be a sad day but also a bittersweet day. And of course, there are going to be a couple things we keep for the girls when they're older. The other stuff we're not in too much of a rush for.

20 WEEKS! {photo credit: E}

{TS.A.H.M} Pregnancy Update | 18 wks, 6 days

18 wks, 6 days

We found out Saturday that our gender appointment has been moved to August 18 instead of September 12!! Almost a month earlier *thank goodness*. Exactly 11 days and we find out what Peanut is going to be!! AHHHHHH!!!

{TS.A.H.M} Birthday Fun!

P got S flowers for her birthday because he couldn't be home to spend it with her which made her day. Luckily, he was home the weekend and got to enjoy your birthday with her. 5 is a big milestone. P also decided that he wanted to get her a Pro Viking 10 Tablet seeing as her big sister got an iPad in January.

S decided she wanted to have a Tinkerbell themed pool party this year. It turned out perfectly! The kids played in the pool until everyone got there and had some pool time as well and then I called them all out around 2 pm for food, snacks, and cake. They all didn't want to come out and it was like pulling teeth to stay inside for even 45 minutes just to get them to eat, and sing/do the cake thing. We quickly ate, sang, had a slice of cake and I kicked them all outside again (not that it was very hard at that point) and I'd say in total, the kids all spent 90% of their time in the pool! S and E were both fish in the water! They did amazing!

By 5 pm everyone was gone and we opened presents before heading home. Not something us "80's kids" do anymore, but I figured it was something we could finish the day off with. We decided from E's birthday on we're not going to do them at all until we get home from now on. It's just easier and no one leaves upset. Everytime we open gifts before we get home, there's ALWAYS an issue either between the kids or between the adults. So, we're changing it up for US from now on.

Now to plan for E's birthday...OY! 


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