{TS.A.H.M} P.A.| 3 weeks old


  • Drinking between 100-150 ml's
  • cluster feeding 1-2.5 hrs. here and there
  • eating every 3-hours
  • cooing
  • focusing on faces, stuffed animals, and chair/mat striped bars
  • staying awake longer periods of time during the day
  • hasn't mixed up day/night yet
  • doesn't seem to like her hands touched sometimes
  • doesn't fuss about anything unless she's cold or at 3-hour mark for food
  • content taking a soother to wait for her bottle to be warmed
  • easy to distract
  • lifts head a lot and can keep steady for 4 seconds
  • tummy time: 5-minutes at a time
  • she'll "eat L's face" if she's hungry and L gets too close! LOL

#3wks #postpartum

I'm going to get weighed at the doctor's tomorrow but I have a feeling I'm down past where I was after having S!

If that's the case, all I need to do is tone my stomach when I get the go-ahead from my OB that I can start my normal routine!

I'm feeling great about myself and now that I know we won't be having any more babies - I'm going to work to get my stomach back the way I had it before E!

{TS.A.H.M} 2 wks, 2 days | Weighing In

PA got weighed today. 

She was born 4040g, she left the hospital at 3730g, a week later she was down again at 3459g and she got weighed today and is 3936 g (4 ounces off her birthweight!!) In two days she'll be back at her birth weight if she gains the 2 ounces a day she's been gaining.

We have to get her weighed again next week and then if she's gaining well, the doctor will let us come every two weeks.

{TS.A.H.M} P.A. | 2 weeks old


  • Eating 100 mls. + Cluster Feeding
  • Starting to wake up every 3-4 hrs.
  • Starting to stay awake longer after feeds
  • Cooing
  • Focusing on stuffed animals + faces + windows
  • Tried her swing for the first time
  • Lifting her head and keeping it steady for 2 seconds
  • Soap bottle fell on her head, cried real tears for the first time

4 days postpartum:

9 days postpartum:

13 days postpartum:

16 days postpartum:

{TS.A.H.M} Birth Story + Announcement

#39wks1day (Last Bump Photo)
Photo Credit: Hubby

We left at 530 am on December 27, 2017 and headed to the hospital. My section was scheduled for 8 am so they wanted me there two hours early for prep, bloodwork + IV...etc.

It was a calm morning but my nerves were there. I was just excited to get it over with and see her face finally.

My mom had the girls so there were no worries about what was going on. We didn't wake anyone up before we left.

I was the first section of the day and my OB had only two c-sections (mine and another woman who came in around 730 am.) They were scheduled for 8 am. as well.

This time around everything was on time. I went in shortly after the other woman came, P stayed in the room and waited for me to get prepped in the OR. It felt like he was not there for a lifetime while they prepped me this time. Once they were ready for the epidural, the nurse talked to me the whole time and made me feel so comfortable. My OB came in when they were finished to talk to me a bit and then prepped herself. Before P came in, I started to feel nauseous so so I let them know and they gave me something that worked almost instantly.

P finally came in and I remember feeling a rush of excitement and nerves when he walked in knowing that everything was starting. This time, they didn't start before P walked in, so I knew once he was in they were starting surgery. This time around I felt some slight pain so I told the anesthesiologist that I was feeling some pain (and where) and he upped my epidural. It was nothing crazy but this time around I felt more than I did for my first section. It was slightly unnerving but I had P there to talk to and the nurses and the anesthesiologist so I could ignore it a bit. Once I saw our little girl, I just focused on her and tried to get my mind off the feeling of what they were doing. 

You know that feeling when you quiver like you're going to cry but don't? I did that a few times because I was so overwhelmed with everything. I wanted to cry but didn't.

P didn't leave the room until they were finished suturing me up and then they just cleaned me and moved me to another bed. They wheeled me to the recovery room where they gave me what looked like an air mattress bubble wrap blanket and it blew warm air on me and they put the baby on me and tucked us both under the heat. It was SO nice.

I was only in recovery for a short time and then they moved me to the case room where I was for about an hour. From there, they said they had a private room available (which we booked the previous Friday) so it was nice to hear there was one available but it didn't seem to busy that morning.

They moved me to the private room and when they moved me from one bed to the other, I bled a bit more than they would've liked - but the nurse told me it wasn't anything scary to worry about.

Seeing as I had an issue with hemorrhaging, my OB and the nurses took every precaution during surgery and after and kept a close eye on me. Other than that bit of bleeding I literally had NO issues this time around! 

Once we were in our room, we called to let everyone know they could visit. P and I literally enjoyed the 2.5 days we were in the hospital. The private room was AMAZING and we were so glad we took the plunge and booked it this time around, the nurses and doctors were absolutely amazing to us and baby and we overall couldn't believe the "royal treatment" we got, being in a different province and smaller city. They took more time to explain things, and they took their time to ensure things were done properly.

Going in, I was terrified of needing a blood transfusion this time around and I couldn't have made that any more clear to my OB. She promised she would do everything in her power to keep me from needing one and that unless something happened during surgery, she would talk to me about it first. And she did everything she said she was going to do and made sure I didn't have any issues. This was a completely different experience than my first section. If I knew it wasn't going to be so bad, I may have bugged P to have baby #4 first... ;) (just kidding).

The transition after coming home was so smooth with the girls (+ L) we did everything in sections, everyone took turns holding her and just getting into the groove. They spent the first week fighting over who was going to hold her so shifts were great for us. Whoever asked first, held her first and the other one had to wait their turn and leave the other one to have their time with their sister. L was hyper when we first came home so once the girls held her each we brought L out of the bedroom and I stayed quiet as I held the baby and she ran right past us and went outside. Once she came in, P picked her up and brought her over to the baby so we could get her to slowly calm down and just sniff her first. She was high up enough where L couldn't jump up to get her with her paws but could jump enough to sniff her from the floor too. Once she calmed down, it was easy. We put the baby in her chair and L just walked over and sniffed her everytime she heard her but she didn't jump on her or anything. She automatically went into "mommy mode". Now, nothing phases L. She's still there to check on her but she's not so cautious anymore and she just lets us do our thing.

Recovery at home was difficult (easier than the first time) but still hard. This time around I was shivering and felt nauseous two days in a row. I was concerned there was internal bleeding because the first night I coughed and swore I felt a tear close to my ribs (which still feels a little odd now and I am going to talk to the doctor about it this Friday). I was terrified of everything this time around. After this experience and all the nerves that I had, I am certain this is the last time I ever want to feel those things. I'm sad that this is our last and of course (after the fact) it's all worth it but I can't go through all of it again - I just can't. I'm sick of worrying if I'll be able to keep our babies in long enough to make it to full-term, I'm sick of nausea and gross feeling, I'm sick of the aches and pains and cramping (and now the pulled ligaments). I loved being pregnant this time around until I was hospitalized for two weeks and everything just seemed to go in slow motion after that. I was in so much pain from the end of November and I tried desperately to enjoy every moment seeing as it would be our last but for the most part, I was in pain all day/night long. Once it got to 38 weeks I was so done with her stretching and me not being able to sit a certain way without being uncomfortable. I loved feeling her and I took that all in, the best I could - but it was tough on my body.

We're both very excited to have our three girls and even though this is the end of that journey I'm sure there will be more different journey's we get to enjoy. Now, to wrap my head around this being our last. It's going to hit me hard once she gets to a certain age but for now, P and I are soaking up every moment because it really is our last. :(


Our little Peanut:

Peighton Avery
Dec. 27, 2017 @ 835 am.
8 pounds, 15 ounces, 19.7 inches
via C-section.

Her hair is my fave! ;) So much more than the girls had. Our family is complete and our hearts are SO full!

{TS.A.H.M} 39 weeks!


How the heck have I come this far?!

Section date is scheduled for tomorrow morning bright and early. Today we're having a lazy day and watching movies and enjoying some down time before all the excitement happens and I'm in even more pain than I am now. We may go for a visit to friends today but other than that we have nothing planned.


I'm tired today after the excitement and early Christmas morning wake up. Peanut woke up at 5 am after I woke up for a bathroom break so I was up almost 24 hours yesterday.

Today, I can eat and drink whatever I want as long as it's before midnight. I'm not going to overdo it with food especially anything heavy but I'm going to eat smaller meals throughout the day today and maybe have a snack before bed so I'm not completely starving when I wake up. The worst is not having anything to drink in the morning - so that's going to be fun.

We have to be at the hospital at 6 am and my section is scheduled for 8 am. So, if all goes well and we're not delayed all day this time, we should be holding our little Peanut latest by 9 am tomorrow morning!

{TS.A.H.M} 38 weeks!

#38wks (Dec. 19)
1 week + 1 day today and it's surgery day.
It's starting to play on my mind now and I got up at 5 am pacing the house and I couldn't get myself to calm down until around 630 am when I finally fell asleep. Pat got up with the girls this morning and I managed to sleep in until 9 am.


I'm getting even more crampy now and I feel a lot more emotional these days. I'm nervous for my section but I'm excited to see Peanut's face! I really need her to be here now so I can start recovering from everything and just start our new life with 3 kids. Her sisters are ready to meet her and just want to see her too.

I feel nauseous more and more even though it's supposed to subside and I get lightheaded when I'm standing. Not for too long and sitting usually takes it away.

I'm not feeling overly hungry and I'm so exhausted at the end of the day.

I'm up now at least once to go to the bathroom at night even if I go before I go to sleep. And I'm crampy.

{TS.A.H.M} December 19 | Ready to meet Peanut

Dec. 19

Snowbelle really wants to meet Peanut! She wants to go to the hospital to meet her but it's not that time yet.

{TS.A.H.M} December 18 | Stuffing Face

Dec. 18

Grandma D bought some candies yesterday and Snowbelle decided she was going to dig in! She almost ate the whole tin!!


{TS.A.H.M} December 17 | Feeding the Duck

Dec. 17

Snowbelle filled our bathtub to feed a duck bread crumbs!!!
I really, REALLY hope she cleans it up when she's finished!

{TS.A.H.M} December 16 | Stilts

Dec. 16

Snowbelle walked around with stilts last night - she grabbed Sydney's boots for support (again).



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