We made it 10 days and to the next milestone! I'm happy to still be feeling those kicks another week.

Peanut is constantly shifting sideways and causing so much pressure just stretching to show the world her butt!

She does it just above my belly button and I call it her "Unicorn Pose" because it just looks like a horn is sticking out from my stomach. ☺️ The girls never did it like that before, so I thought that was pretty neat.

Still no pain. Just lots of pressure. Everything is sill all over the place so I may get full belly pressure with none below or I'll get it below and nothing at the top. It lasts between 6 seconds to 40 seconds at this point. 

Last night I had a really weird feeling and I felt like a balloon that was going to burst! I had to go to the bathroom, so I was scared to walk and didn't know if I should go or just sit and wait for the pressure to go away. I sat and waited because it felt too heavy to walk.

My nurse last night checked my stomach and she said it felt like I had lots of fluid in my stomach. 

Other than what seems like bathroom runs every hour, I'm still hanging in here. I'm less emotional about everything but there are times I still cry a bit to myself. 

I was on the monitor for an hour and 15 minutes today because she just kept moving and messing up the screen. First time going over 40 minutes.

My OB came in, she said that she ordering a full ultrasound between now and a couple days before they send me home. She said she doesn't want to jinx anything but she said after the ultrasound we should be able to talk about discharge next Tuesday.

We both cheered my #33wk milestone together. My OB is the best!

{TS.A.H.M} Huge Update | Part Two

Novemeber 8 (1:05 pm):

I spoke with my OB. She said she went through my chart over and over wondering if there was anything they could've done, but she said most of it had it's own risks and after having two normal and to term pregnancies, so didn't have any reason to move and treat this pregnancy as high risk.

I asked her if I'm lucky and the odds are in our favour and I make it to 34 weeks, is it possible to be discharged. She said yes, as long as I'm stable and in the same place she doesn't see why not.

She said I may need to keep it light until 36 but if nothing happens by then, I'd be free to do whatever I wanted.

She said the reason why they stopped my meds is because there is no medical evidence that shows that past the protocol of taking them that it'll be beneficial for the baby. So, if she chooses to come, she said we'll just roll with it.

But it doesn't look like I'm leaving this hospital unless she comes out. So, should I start choosing paint colours now? πŸ™„

November 8 (1:30 pm):

I'm 3 nights in and I already hate visits from other people. When I have visitors I don't stretch out and go into other people's rooms, pushing into their curtains like they are entitled to space. And on top of it all, one loves making sounds while she eats....loudly. I have to be here for 4 weeks...omg.

I'm too considerate of others to do it. I'm just quiet and say nothing.

November 8 (7:35 pm):

I'm 3 nights in and I already hate visits from other people. When I have visitors I don't stretch out and go into other people's rooms, pushing into their curtains like they are entitled to space. And on top of it all, one loves making sounds while she eats....loudly. I have to be here for 4 weeks...omg.

I'm too considerate of others to do it. I'm just quiet and say nothing.

November 9 (11:58 am):

Mission and a half to have a shower - but it's done and I'm feeling good again. First time washing my hair since Sunday, it makes a difference.

All they do is check my blood pressure and temperature at this point when I wake up and then after breakfast they check Peanut''s numbers on the monitor. I always have at least one contraction during the monitor time, and it sucks because I shouldn't move too much. The "pain" is still a level 2, but pressure and tightness is about a 5 when I get it and it usually lasts about 30 seconds or so.

Once the monitor is finished, they really don't need to see me, so they peek in every few hours just asking if I'm okay and seeing if I need something.

They don't want to check me until something drastically changes, due to higher risk of infection now that I'm dilated and they also don't want to cause my water to break either.

This kid is making me so hungry, I want to stuff my face ev ery hour at this point. I may just naw at
my arm soon! πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ‘ˆπŸ»

November 9 (12:57 pm):

Just spoke with a resident of my OB. She said they generally won't keep me past 34 weeks, especially living 20 minutes away so as long as I can hold her in up to November 21, I can go home. But they still don't want me cooking, cleaning, standing too long, and going for walks. So, I'm still on bed rest.

November 9 (1:48pm):


Yep, I'm a pumpkin today! But I'm comfortable and clean so that's all that matters to me right now.

November 11 ( 7 : 15 am ):


Emily used the milk mustache sticker she had and made my cup a person.

The nurses keep doing a double take and love my cup. πŸ˜„πŸ˜…

November 11 (9:10 am):

I'm officially counting how many times the nurses stab themselves with poppies today. This is what my entertainment level has come to! πŸ˜‚ I love every nurse I've had and in 6 days I've gotten to know a couple well enough to have conversations with them. It's been great.

Now if burpy mague could hold them in some of the time instead of belching, it would be great. πŸ˜€πŸ—£πŸ’¨πŸŽ§

November 12 (7:44 am):

Mom next to me is the same week + day as me (with twins) had her water break not too long ago and I'm the one with tears down my face and I don't want to leave my bed! #Imawakenow #breathe

November 13 (3:20 pm):

I have some pretty awesome friends! Thank you so much Tammy Stewart + Melinda Stanley-Saunders for the surprise visit today - and they even brought me peanut butter + crackers to last me the next week!

I'm telling you, the next time you walk in randomly I'll be spooning it into my mouth with whatever utensil I have available! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Such a fun visit! 😘😘

{TS.A.H.M} Huge Update | Part One


November 5 (11:14pm):

Peanut may have her own agenda (checked into Janeway)

November 6 (8:06 am):

Waiting to go upstairs (good news) hopefully this doesn't progress anymore and at least wait until Wednesday for steroids to kick in.

I'm never in my life going to forget November 5 for many reasons, but Peanut felt the need to try and come out on her biggest sisters due date and threw my head for a loop.

I'm just trying to get it to all sink in, everything is happening so fast and I can't catch my breath. 

I've been trying to stay off FB because my arms are in so much pain (they couldn't find my veins and stuck me between 12-15 times (which never happens) and I'm an emotional rollcoaster right now.

November  6 (3:15 pm):


I'm hanging in there. They waited until my blood pressure was up before giving some more meds for slowing contractions. Blood pressure was good 45 minutes after taking it and now I can relax for a bit and stay hydrated. I miss the girls faces and I wish I could've been there this morning when Emily cried because I'm here.

November 7 (12:37 am):

I'm dying right now. I just got another mom beside me in constant full blown labour and the first two

that joined me keep talking and bitching and complaining and when she walked in her significant other said "shhh someone is sleeping" and she said "I don't give a fuck! Now she whispers to her
significant other "THEY NEED TO SHUT THE FUCK UP!" but she's about ready to jam their heads
through the wall! More than I am. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

November 7 (6:18 pm):

Got my second steroid last night and blood pressure was back on track and got to have two meds. Now to try and keep it that way for the day.

Bonus, the girl in labour a few hours ago is back with her baby girl beside me. What a great morning.

November 7 (10:50 am):

Only 5 more hours and I get to see the fam jam and they're bringing me goodies so I'm not as bored as a fence. πŸ˜›

November 7 (2:02 pm):

If anyone comes to visit, all I ask is that you bring a bagel or blueberry muffin from timmies on your

November 7 (3:15 pm):


November 7 (4:33 pm):

Losing slight fluid and feeling slight "pain". I'm not too sure if they're going to keep trying or just let this happen. But I could be doing this very soon.

November 7 (7:16 pm):

My first visit after seeing the girls since Sunday at 11 pm and we cried almost the whole time and they couldn't stay longer. E can't handle me not being home, Sydney cries here and there but she's not too worried. Oh to be 5 again.

November 7 (8:24 pm):

I appreciate all the messages, I don't have enough energy to write back to everyone so fast, I literally have 20 messages that I have to reply back to.

Everything is okay at the moment, whirlwind of events are making things so difficult to get anything done. The only thing that is awesome right now is P's boss is bending over backwards for P's schedule and is all about helping us. That's huge seeing as I can't be home for the girls and he has to.

Thank you for all of your outpouring love and support and I'm happy I can talk to all of you. I'm alone all day and I need the company.

November 7 (8:25 pm):


November 7 (10:10 pm):

Last post for tonight because my brain is on overload.

I'm starting to having random pain without pressure down below, not unbearable but 5/10. The nurse said they can give me something for the pain and I said the pain is tolerable and I don't need any.

That being said, I believe that I will get my meds for contractions provided my blood pressure is good
until it down't matter anymore. So, I guess I'm in active labour, slowly?

Either way, Peanut may not make it to the weekend and if it happens, it happens.

November 8 (4:43 pm):

Feeling antsy this morning. I woke up at 3:30 am to the Babis in the room and after a bathroom break I have been feeling enough pressure down below to need to rockback and forth to keep me distracted.

{TS.A.H.M} B+W FB Challenge | DAY 2

7 Days. Black & white images, 1 a day for 7 days... No people, pets, no explanation.


{TS.A.H.M} B+W FB Challenge | DAY 1

7 Days. Black & white images, 1 a day for 7 days... No people, pets, no explanation.


{TS.A.H.M} 31 weeks, 3 days

#31wks (photo credit: E)

How are you feeling?

Peanut has found my ribs more often now so when I'm sitting or laying down I'm not getting so much relief anymore from that. Laying down is easier because I'm stretched out a little more.

I can't sleep completely on my sides anymore because she stretches around to the sides and if I lay on 'her' she'll kick me in the ribs. 

She hasn't been kicking me down below much these days because she's up so high (thank goodness!) I will take the shots to the ribs anyway if I don't have to deal with "crotch scratches" as I call them. 

My blood pressure is great at the doctor's office but I mentioned that I keep getting lightheaded and feeling my heart beat constantly either in my ears, my hands, my stomach...etc. My doctor says it happens when my blood pressure is low and get up too fast or do too much...hmm...not surprised.

I have restless sleep nights or I'm getting up at 3 am and not getting back to sleep. E came home sick from school the other day and I stuck her on the couch and slept on the hard floor (attempted to pile blankets for comfort and a bean bag chair) because I hate leaving them alone when they're sick...I hate being alone when I'm sick. I was up every 5 minutes until 10 pm and then I didn't know if she was done so I kept getting up and adjusting myself and checking on her until 1 am. I went to switch with P and he didn't switch so I went back out on the floor. I think I made it until 2 am and finally figured she was done and I was able to sleep in my comfy bed until 7 am when I had to get Some awake and ready for school. And Peanut kept nudging me because of my restless sleep, she was restless as well.

The couch is uncomfortable for the most part but my bed is worse sometimes. It's easier for me to stay propped up a bit on the couch to sleep. This is how I nap daily.

My back is getting sorer when I do things and standing too long just doesn't feel good. While the girls are in school I've literally been resting (something I hate doing too much) which I'm kind of forced to do at the moment.

I'm out of breath about 80% of my day and everything is annoying me. The house is a disaster and even though I cringe at it just getting worse, I can't do it all myself. And I'm exhausted trying.

I may have yelled at P and the kids yesterday saying "there are 4 people in this house and only 1 doing it all, is that fair?!" I'm still annoyed but I know it's not going to get the house cleaned. And then thought exhausts me even more.

The workers are banging and vibrating the house building around and behind us so not only do I feel Peanut kicking and my heartbeat, I feel light vibrating, and all three are driving me insane!

E is home again today and she's quietly doing her own thing and I'm still irritated. I think a nap is definitely needed and I should do that now because She will be home in 2.5 hours! 

Yeah, naptime!

{TS.A.H.M} OB Appointment #2 | 30 weeks, 3 days

Yesterday, I went to see the OB again and we went over my birth plan and she made sure I'm still on board for a VBAC. I signed a consent form that also mentions that I have the right to change my mind up to the last minute if I don't want to go through with it and would rather do the c-section after all. I'm in my right mind now and I really don't want to go through a c-section if I don't have to. And an epidural is in the cards and she said I can most definitely get one, so yay! 

I found out that due to my two previous births and my history, I am an 86% candidate for a VBAC and they'd like you to be at least 70% to qualify for one. So, that was awesome to hear too. Other than hemorrhaging after the births, I've had no complications with any of them and the only reason why I did have a c-section with S was that she was comfortably breech! haha

She said if I start getting to 7-10 days over my due date and they need to start thinking about inductions, then we will have something different to talk about seeing as there is a HIGH risk of rupture if they induce because they're physically forcing my uterus to contract at that point and it's unnatural. Which I'm totally fine with having a c-section if it comes to that because I really don't want to get induced either! :/

Right now, I'm measuring 32 wks at 30 wks, 3 days (she said we always go by the first due date they gave me unless it's completely different and they miscalculated) and she's head down as far as she could feel but she said we'll have another ultrasound to make sure she's still head down in a couple weeks. She has no issues finding her heart beat so far - unlike my family doctor. She would give him a hard time and move around constantly. I think she's getting used to poked at by now. :p

{TS.A.H.M} Hospital Checklist + Bag Packing

The checklist is filled out. I'm starting with Peanut's bag because she's the easiest and I can just have that sit once it's packed. So far she has 12 diapers, lol. I'm going through her clothes to see what I want to bring her home in and have for changing clothes at the hospital and then I'm going to only wash those for now because based on 90% of the posts, we all know how the laundry situation is going in our house! I really can't have all her clothes washed right now without a dresser - I will LOSE MY MIND (even more, ha!)

I can't exactly pack too much for myself yet because I may need it in the next few weeks. I will be starting the little things like toiletries and stuff that I can buy and just stick in the bags though. I have all the phone numbers collected and written down for the hospital, now I just have to make sure they're all right on our cell phones.

We decided on this diaper bag (Walmart, $40!) because it's spacious. If there's anything I've learned about diaper bags, YOU NEED THEM TO BE SPACIOUS! I had a basic diaper bag to match E's travel system and it was awful! I felt like I was always packing it so tight because I couldn't fit everything in it and then the zipper broke before she didn't need one anymore because I just didn't have the room. With S I found a better one but I couldn't find a deep enough one with lots of room (without paying almost $100 for it which I wasn't going to do) so even though I did have room for everything, I couldn't pack a couple extra diapers here or an extra bottle there when I needed it.

This bag is amazing! It's DEEP, it has a wet wipe pocket on the side so I don't have to take up that room inside the bag and on the other side, its got an insulated pocket for a bottle. So, I can use that as an extra space for a second bottle or if I only need one, just use that for the bottle.


I got a little side-tracked with this post and ended up saving and leaving it so I did Peanut's hospital laundry and packed her clothes, mittens, hats, burp blankets, socks...etc. and I went to add the free sample ready-made formula I got and even though I told them that she's due January 2, 2018, they gave me a ready-made formula that expires December 1, 2017 [insert blank stare here].

So, we're going to buy some ahead of time and have it ready and I'll just grab a couple to bring to the hospital.

All I need now is to make sure I have a couple soothers in the bag, the non-expired formula, a blanket, nursing pillow, some kind of warm outfit or light snowsuit to bring her home in, and gifts from the girls.

I feel a little accomplished today even though I see a mound of laundry sitting in our living room that needs to be folded.

Today would normally be my cleaning day but I'm doing other things. Tomorrow I'm going for coffee with a girlfriend in the morning so maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to get some cleaning done when I get home. Maybe, lol.

{TS.A.H.M} 30 Weeks | Countdown is ON!


10 WEEKS you guys! 1 week and we'll officially be in the single digits! I can't even believe we're already here right now. I honestly blinked and we're here. I hate that it's almost over but we're so, so excited to meet our Peanut.

This week I see my OB again and we will go over the official details of my "birthing plan". We'll definitely be going with VBAC until...well, I can't. I've never been that person who had to have everything planned out for birth because I know it all depends on the moment, especially by the 5th pregnancy, you kind of just let things happen. It is nice to know, though, that I can have the choice to try and do things the natural way instead of having to go the surgery route all over again. God, that was brutal.


I'm feeling very tight most of the time. If I do too much, I feel nauseous. Last night, I was switching laundry over and going up and down the stairs (after coming home from my MIL's) and rushing in the door and trying to get the kids ready for showers and bed. I ended up dry heaving which made me feel so much better after "relieving the pressure" but I know when I overdo things. P won't let me go up and down the stairs constantly anymore. He says if I need something to wait until he gets home or ask him when he's home (yeah right!). I definitely can't lift laundry baskets and piles of laundry up and down the stairs anymore. It's also very hard for me to look around at the clutter and not get up to constantly put it all away. Last night I even got told by that her, daddy, and E will help me and that I need to relax. 

The height of the sink is a bit taller than my stomach level, so washing dishes is really hard on the back now that I have a bump. I have to arch my back and stick my butt out to wash dishes and after awhile it's not a great feeling. If I was THAT much taller, I would have no issue.

I'm still craving Snickers but it's not an unhealthy obsession anymore (ha). I really just want fruit and I'm eating normal meals. I still can't bring myself to drink lots of fluids but I try. I drink one coffee (if I need another one I spread them out) a day.

Peanut is very, VERY active when she wants to be. I'm getting the feeling she's a little mad at me because I keep telling people she's moving so they can feel her and then she gives me one big boot in the ribs and stops for everyone else. Nana got to feel her for the first time yesterday and then when we got home and sat down to watch a movie, she starts kicking and beating me up all over again like usual (obviously). She's been starting to wake up around 6-630 am and give me light kicks just to show me she's awake. And then I don't feel much while I'm getting the girls ready for school then once I eat breakfast and have my coffee she lets me know she's enjoying the food. lol

Anytime I have a photo shoot, I feel like I'm this big bowling ball at the moment and I can't roll around and chase the kids like I'd like right now.

All my time and effort is going to be put into my own three kids soon...we're going to have three daughters... *BOOM* mind blown! I've wanted this for awhile but part of me wasn't sure it was ever going to happen only because P wasn't sure. Now, we have 10 weeks left until we see our third daughter! O.o

There are days that Peanut rests so nicely for most of the day and then there are other days that tell me that she won't be staying in there until her due date because she feels like she's literally trying to pry herself out of my belly button!

I pull muscles left, right and center usually, in my sleep, so that's a good time. And I also have moments where when I'm turning over in my bed my hips crack as I'm shifting positions. Another good time.

I literally have clean and dirty laundry coming out of my ying-yang and I'm so sick and tired of seeing it. No one around here helps to put it away and I'm not going to sit there all day and fold 10 loads of laundry when everyone is old enough to help me. So, if they have clean laundry laying around, they need to make sure it's folded. I literally have 3 baskets, load in the washer and one small load in the dryer as we speak. I'm exhausted just THINKING about laundry, let alone folding it all. Everyone tells me NOT to go up and down the stairs but when I ask for help they say "yeah" and it still wasn't done today. So, while everyone is gone, I'm stuck moving it up and down the stairs to get it done today. What else am I supposed to do, nag? It's easier if I just get it done now.

I think I'm more worried about having another baby because of the loads more of laundry that I'm going to have to do. Oh god...more laundry! I swear we just need to buy another 20 dressers! That will solve ALL our problems...if they'd actually make it in the dressers that is.

ANYWAY, I'm going to stop this post before it turns savage, haha! This is my 30 week update! O.o

{TS.A.H.M} 29 Weeks



Overall, I'm feeling okay considering I've started my third trimester but it has been more difficult doing anything now. Being my 5th pregnancy I feel like everything is just exhausting now. I feel like it's a mission just to get off the couch, let alone anything else. Taking a shower, washing dishes, making supper, cleaning, giving the girls showers...everything - exhausting!

I out of breath laying down in bed for the first 5-minutes and it's hard to breathe sometimes depending on how I'm sitting on the couch. I can't sit for too long but I also can't stand for too long.

I'm crampy because of the scar tissue from my c-section. Since about 18 wks, I've been feeling like I have a constant pulled muscle in my lady parts. It's gotten progressively worse since then but the doctor's both say it's normal. It's just something I have to deal with until I stop growing our little Peanut.

Leg cramps are not constant (thank goodness) but when they hit, MAN am I in pain. They usually don't last longer than 20-seconds (because it's pulling a muscle essentially) but it's probably the worst 20-seconds of my life. Excluding when the doctor's had to press on my freshly done c-section - that was literally the worst moment of my life so far.

Other than being super uncomfortable, I once again cannot complain about an ounce of this pregnancy. I read a lot about other mom's dealing with sickness, heartburn, nerve damage...etc. in their pregnancies and that's not even the worst things that I've read and I really can't say that with either of the girls that I've had any 'real' issues that continued into the second or even the third trimester. Other than feeling exhausted and uncomfortable (which are normal parts of carrying a tiny human in your stomach for nine months)!

I go back on the 27th for my next OB appointment. This time it's going to be the usual baby's heartbeat check, blood pressure, measurements...etc. As I mentioned before, they don't allow kids in the room for ultrasound here (unless they need an ultrasound, obviously) so I'm going to ask my doctor if I can bring the kids in for a quick look, seeing as they have portable ones for their offices. It may be a long shot but it never hurts to ask. Just for two minutes, this is our last and the girls would love to experience it (more so S because she hasn't yet).

Cravings have toned down now, but there are times I still crave snickers bars or peanut butter. I think peanut butter sandwiches are my go-to in the evenings. Which is far more healthy than snickers bars and junk. I'm still on a fruit kick and I've been eating fewer bananas, however, I do still grab a banana at breakfast or as a late night snack.

I jump back and forth from water + coffee and I seeing as now I can stomach orange juice, I drink that as well - within reason. I crave Pepsi sometimes but I try not to drink it that often unless I have some chips and half the time I don't drink a full can.

This is my 29 wks in a nutshell.


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