{TS.A.H.M} Our First Look at Peanut | 12 wks, 6 days

12 wks, 6 days
Due: January 2, 2018

We finally got to see our little peanut on Monday. S(he) was squirming and lifting it's arms. Even the tech said "My goodness child, stop moving so I can get a heart beat!" Haha The girls never had that issue, they moved a lot but never gave the tech a hard time! 

From the look of the ultrasound I say it looks like a boy, but who knows. 

6 weeks roughly and we finally know what we're having! Please wants to put it in an envelope and have a gender reveal this time. I wanted to find out and have a gender reveal. I just hate that now he says it when it's so close.

I just want to know right away. I want to have that private moment with P that we had with the other two before everyone else knows. I guess we'll see.

I'm just on a high now that I got to see s(he). I teared up finally being able to see them.

The girls are just super happy and even though She still isn't happy with the possibility of having a little brother, the more cuteness she sees, she won't be able to help herself.

I spent all day looking up gender reveal ideas and I'm so over trying to be creative. It's just the same old stuff. I just know I want the girls to be the ones to kind of announce it. Whether it be shooting paint at us or will string...I don't know.

We'll figure it out. 

{TS.A.H.M} Doctor's Visit + Gender Talk + A Play

I went to see the doctor Monday morning. I asked him about my appointment that was supposed to be rescheduled for my ultrasound and he said it most likely got misplaced. So, he filled out another form and I MAY get one before I leave on vacation, but chances are when I get back I'll have something.

I have no pictures. I've been fairly patient but I would love to have an image just so I know everything is okay. 

The doctor said everything is looking good and he gave the okay to fly if everything is normal. 

I've been feeling much better these days. I still don't have much of an appetite but I eat when I'm hungry.

I'm not feeling as nauseous as I have been but lightheaded is still pretty big at the moment. Going into my secpnd trimester has been pretty exciting though. I feel lile everythingnis flying by this time around. I'm too busy with the girls to think about it too much. At night I'm trying to take it all in and enjoy it.

S keeps rubbing my belly and thinking she feels the baby's fingers. Boy, does she not know what she's in for! Haha

Once I get my actual ultrasound done finally, I'll only have to wait a few more before we find out what we're having. From now, it's only 8 weeks away! By August we will know what thos little peanut is going to be! I'm so excited!

Praying for a boy, but so happy no matter what it is. E wants a brother and S wants another sister. And P and I are hoping for a boy so that we have less drama in the house. The girls are great but they're always whinning or complaining about something.

"She looked at me the wrong way!", "she won't give my toy back!"...etc.

I love them and would do anything for them but man do they need to get over the fights. AND they aren't even teens yet! S wears E's dresses now and she freaks out how much more when she's in high school?

S loves having that sisterly bond with E and sharing interests so I think having another sister would make her feel comfortable. E knows what it's like to have a sister so she wants to experience things from a different angle.

S said specifically she won't like her brother if she has one. I get it, she will, but she is very set on a sister at this point, haha. E would be happy either way in the end.

We're a little more calm this time around seeing as we know this whole process. Yes, every pregnancy is different but I think I've been trying to embrace it a little more than I did the first two times. Now that I'm pretty much over the sickness, I'm now enjoying my days more and able to get out and do some things.

I found a baby swing on a buy and sale here for $40 so I got it early. We borrowed one for both girls and I didn't want to buy one now seeing as this is our last. The only things I'm willing to invest in, is a 4 in 1 crib, stroller + carseat, bottle maker, clothes, and blankets. Other than that, I'd rather borrow or get secondhand.

A friend brought a garbage bag full of maternity clothing (so thankful!) I'm good for the pregnancy as long as I don't grow bigger than them all.

Today, I'm going to E's school play. She's in "A Mid Summer Nights Dream" by Shakespere and she's got a main part as Helena!

Tomorrow is her last day of school as we are going on vacation Friday! Eee, can't wait!

{TS.A.H.M} Announcememt Shoot

The secret is finally out! We got our images a few hours after I wrote my last post, so I waited until Pat got home from work and we got to announce it on our 9th anniversary! 

{TS.A.H.M} Dragging Weeks + The Flu from HELL

Aside from feeling sick 90% of the time, I've been doing pretty well consodering.

E got the flu and then it literally hit me overnight and this past Friday I had the worst of everything. My head was in a bucket, my head felt like it was going to explode (or implode) and my back ached and my mouth ached. Everything that could hurt did.

I had E massage my back while I was face first in the couxh crying for most of the day. And then I had fighting kids most of the day. I was just a mess!

The weeks feel super long to me right now and when you're feeling crappy, the last thing you want is days to drag on.

Today, I'm 10 weeks, 2 days. I say 'only' but when we think about it, I'm already in my third month! The baby the size of a plum already.

I'm still waiting for the hospital to call me for an ultrasound. I'm not impressed. I'm hoping I can get one soon because I'm going on vacation with the girls in less than 2 weeks. I'd like to see/know something.

We got the girls photo shoot done the end of May and we're just waiting until we get the images back to announce this baby. 

Today is also our 9th wedding anniversary! 10 years I've been stuck with him...can't seem to get rid of him no matter what I do! ;)

P has been working a lot and even had to stay overnight a few nights here and there. It's been tough but we're managing. 

In a few days I'm going to start packing for our own trip. The girls and I are going on our own and P is going to stay back this time to work.

The girls are very exciting and I've got a bit of anxiety flying with the girls on my own while I'm 2.5 months pregnant. It's only because I've been so sick and tired all the time, I just want this trip to go as smoothly as it can.

Did I mention we're on a 530 am flight? Yeeeeaaahhh. 

I'm crossing all fingers and toes.

{TS.A.H.M} Mild Cases and a Long Weekend

I've been doing well considering. So well, that I decided to tempt fate and dry and have a hot coffee at my MIL's on Saturday. I managed to finish the coffee but my stomach was far from impressed.

The girls spent the night on Saturday, which P and I enjoyed watching a movie and the quiet. P had the whole long weekend off but we decided not to do anything too crazy. Sunday I had coffee with a friend from work and spent about 4.5 hours talking and catching up. Then, Monday I went out with another friend from work and spent a couple hours catching up as well. Other than that, we didn't leave the house much between Sunday and Monday.

Tonight, P is staying the night in Clarenville and just texted me the room he's in. They gave him a room to himself! We were expecting at least two to a room, but they all have their own rooms. I also just found out they may be there for two nights now instead of one. He called to say goodnight and he's going to have some guy time for the rest of the evening to unwind.

Today I woke up feeling crappy again. I was pretty much lounging on the couch until E got home from school and then I got up and took both girls out for a nice walk. We went out for about 45- minutes and then we came in so I could make some supper. They're playing outside now while it's cooking.

I just need to take it easy these days. I pace myself and then I can get more done.

{TS.A.H.M} Snacking + Maternity Clothes

After Tuesday I've seemed to level out a bit. I mean, I'm not 100% but I have been able to get some light cleaning done, made homemade spaghetti and get some laundry washed (not folded). Our bed is a mountain this morning and I'm going to get caught in an avalanche of clothing at some point today.

I've been able to eat which has been great. Some (more than others) turn my stomach for a little bit so I have to lay down and take a breather but I'm up in no time doing something else. I get the death stare from my husband when I come up with a full basket of laundry from the basement. And if he's home and catches me doing too much, he's not too happy with me then, either.

I've been making sure to snack more often now that I'm feeling better and now I can stay on top of things if my stomach is starting to bubble. I still have a weird motion, lightheadedness that doesn't feel too great and it literally forces me to sit down throughout the day. Grapes, apples...whatever I can get in my stomach. I eat a very light breakfast right now because I can't stomach too much so early in the morning (even though I'm starving when I wake up). And now that I'm feeling sick when I wake up, I'm not able to take my prenatal vitamin until later in the day or even the evening. This time around, the vitamin isn't upsetting my stomach but it's very hard to stomach when I'm already feeling gross. 

I ended up shopping for a few maternity clothes from Thyme Maternity (online) mainly because I wanted some fresh clothes to start the nice weather but none of my pants feel comfortable on my stomach now seeing as all I really wear are jeans and leggings/yoga pants. Two weeks before I was done work, I noticed I couldn't do up my jeans, so I had to wear black pants the last two work weeks I had left. :/

I literally have three pairs that fit me comfortable at the moment, two of which are pajama pants and one is a pair I've had forever that I literally clean the house in that I took the string out of a long time ago.

I bought a pair of leggings, shorts, two shirts and two bras for now. Hopefully, this weekend, P and I can go to the mall and get a few more things in-store. Because pants are a must right now. The Walmart closest to us doesn't have a maternity section, so I have to go a little farther for some comfort.

Aside from that, I'm going day by day at this point. Thursday was really the best day I've had in awhile.

We're booked for the girls' announcement session! Their shirts came yesterday and I'm super excited to finally be able to announce it. We should be able to announce it by the second week of June latest! Eee.

On ANOTHER note, today is a PD day for E and they have their cousin over today. The girls are already driving me nuts and they've only been together for an hour! S is a Mexican jumping bean, banging against every wall she can and bouncing around the floors and E has done nothing but complain and whine about anything and everything. And the best part is, P is gone ALL day. He won't be home until the girls are just about in bed...YAY!

I was planning on having the girls go outside but so far it's a rainy morning. Every time I plan stuff, it rains. EVERY TIME. I'm really hoping it clears up and ends up being warm. I need them to go outside today or else I'm going to end up in MY room for a time out until they go to bed.

Plus, the neighbour (lovely lady) downstairs also has her kids living with her (I don't know how?!) but that's been a real enjoyment as well... -.-

One HELL of a day today it's going to be. I'm honestly going to lose my S***.

{TS.A.H.M} Another Bad Start to the Week

After having a great Mother's Day weekend, I welcomed Monday. Except that Monday morning came and I was sick as a dog almost all day with my head in a bucket. The last week was brutal and I've been having to be "that mom" who lets her 4-year-old watch movies all day because I can't get myself up off the couch long enough to even go to the washroom myself, let alone play or make the kids a snack, lunch, supper...etc. It's not so bad when E comes home because she can do some of the things I can't do. Plus, if she has to throw on some KD for supper, she can and I'm there on the couch able to watch her. 

Today, I'm actually sitting up at the computer so that says a lot more than yesterday. Before I got out of bed I was already ready for the day to end. Let's hope it stays like this. 

I missed a great spring day yesterday. Today is rainy, but it's supposed to be the same temps as yesterday, so I'm going to attempt to take S outside, even if we're just on our front lawn enjoying the fresh air. I don't want to say that too soon because yesterday I wanted to go outside and I was a mess!


Aside from being sick, I've been dealing with the leg cramps still. Definitely not as bad as last week because I've been stretching out, however, yesterday being on the couch all day didn't help them and feeling like crap-i-ola I wasn't able to stretch. So, that's something I'm going to do when I get off the computer.

Itchy skin hasn't been too much of an issue either, I've been applying unscented location after my showers literally DOUSING myself in it, so, it's been helping. I find after being sick all day, when I finally get food into my stomach to stay, I get really bad indigestion. I already have Acid Reflux from E, but adding indigestion from the pregnancy too is just awful!

Right now, most of my weekday mornings consist of praying that I can get E out the door for the bus and have S stay in bed until at LEAST 9 am. So, far, she's been sleeping in and it helps me able to sit and just let my stomach settle before I have anything major to do for the day.

At the moment, my Smart Food craving went out the window once nausea started to kick in. Other than being hungry while I'm not feeling well, I haven't wanted much of anything specifically. Bananas tend to help when I'm feeling okay enough to eat them, but sometimes they completely turn my stomach too. I try to have one for breakfast in the morning to 1. settle my stomach and 2. give me something healthy to start my day off with even if I end up not being able to have anything else after that.

P should be home earlier today, so when he gets home I think if I'm feeling okay we'll jump in the car and head to the grocery store so that I can get a few snacky foods to help with my stomach. Granola bars, veggies, fruit...everything we just ran out of plus maybe some groceries too...not that "I" will eat much, but I'm starting to hear E say "there's nothing to eat"...so that's a sure sign right now that there probably isn't.

On Mother's Day, we decided to announce to the family that we're having our third and final baby. We haven't announced it just yet to "the world", we're waiting for a photo shoot to get done to announce it at the end of May, beginning of June. Everyone seemed very excited for us but everyone also seemed to bring up TWINS like there's something we don't know about. I'm almost positive there is only ONE in there...but if there's two...I think we're going to both fall over AND if it's two girls, I think we'll just go and have a heart attack at the same time.

Even the girls are saying twins...uh...no. ONE is just fine.

I'm going to attempt to get this place cleaned somewhat today. The girls cleaned their playroom yesterday and they have their bedroom to clean today. They aren't as bad as my sister and I growing up but it still drives me up the wall to see it. Mainly stuff on their dresser instead of their floor (thank goodness).

P gets mad now when I try and clean the whole house in a day. He says the way I'm feeling, I should be vacuuming one day and doing something else the next. It's easier said than done when I'm O.C.D about getting things done all in the same day, plus, cleaning one thing doesn't help much at all with the rest of the clutter. I physically can't clean the house top to bottom right now. I know that. And I know my body by now to know that if I push myself, I'm going to end up in bed and if I'm doing alright I'd rather not ruin that.

Well, feel foggy now at the computer so that's my sign to get off and sit down on the couch. That's my news for the morning. S is still sleeping so I'm going to take advantage of the quiet right now.

{TS.A.H.M} Brutal Week

I know I haven't written in a long time but after Sunday I started my official "morning sickness" but I've been literally on the couch or bed ridden!

For the most part by 6 pm I'm usually starting to feel myself but not all the time. Thursday, all day I was down.

I've literally been going through sickness, lightheadedness, right legs cramps, heartburn, and backaches, itchy skin. Literally all in the same day. If I'm not feeling sick, I've got leg cramps, if I have the leg cramps subside I end up having heartburn, if I don't have heartburn, I'm back to the room spinning again which in turn makes me feel nauseous all over again.

Today, I decided to eat some baby cookies before I got out of bed and eat something very, very small for breakfast. I did some leg stretches and even though I feel a little gross, it's nothing compared to how I was the rest of the week. I'm going to watch a few movies with S and hopefully be able to keep up with the sickness and eat before it strikes and I'll have to keep stretching once in awhile too. I've been putting heat and ice on it and the ice has been bringing down the swelling to my leg and relieving the pain as well as Tylenol.

Well, that's it for now. I'm going to try and relax before the computer starts making me woozy again.

{TS.A.H.M} Garbage, Recycling + Rain

I'm not going to lie. I woke up a little foggy this morning. I was tossing and turning all night, pulling muscles left, right, and center. I woke up in so much pain in my shoulder. I even let E sleep in until 730 because I had to put the recycling out and I didn't want to get up right away.

I put the recycling out and chased it THREE times (6 bags) across the street! The wind is so heavy it won't even stay covered with the construction junk they left on our lawn a few months ago!

NOT something I wanted to be doing this morning. Today is one of those days I threw on a movie for S and I'm doing NOTHING today. Absolutely nothing. And to boot, I may not even make supper tonight. The kids can fend for themselves and eat chocolate if they want! Ugh!

The only thing that is going to get me through this day is the fact that tomorrow is my first ultrasound! I went to the doctor yesterday and got a call by the afternoon. I get to see our little pea on the screen tomorrow!

A new thing I've learned recently though is that no kids are allowed in the room? That is going to be a problem if P can't take off work and I have to bring S with me. Do they honestly expect me to leave my almost 5-year-old in the waiting room by herself? It's not like it's that easy to get people to watch your child when everyone is working during weekday mornings! Ugh, I'm just literally irritated all around today!

Anyway, those are my rants for today. Clearly, I'm not having a great day. I'm going to need a nap or something to get me through this brutal start to the morning!

{TS.A.H.M} Here We Go Again...

I barely woke up this morning and I already felt sick. I managed to get E out the door this morning and watched her get on the bus. S asked me to watch videos online and play on PBSkids and I was okay with that. 

It's now 12 and I'm finally feeling well enough to sit up and I got something in my stomach and some water down. 

I'm just overly cranky today and short-tempered, mainly because I don't feel the greatest. Hopefully I can just cuddle with my monkey now and I can now get in with my day feeling good.


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