New Toy

Today, S and I dropped miss E off at school and then we decided to stay out for a little longer. We walked around the mall, got a few things and came home. I bought this little toy for her today and the giggles she was having on the way home was the biggest thank you for that toy I could ever ask for.

I put her down for a nap when we got home and she definitely needed it. Not only the heat has been wearing her out, but those silly teeth. She hasn't been complaining too much, but we're assuming her little wake ups here and there are night are due to her teeth - but they don't last long and she's back to sleep. The last two nights, she's slept all night.

I got E a new hat, because the one she has (even though its looks so cute on her) doesn't match anything she owns. There wasn't too much selection, but I found a cute one that suits her, so hopefully she'll like it. I'm sure she will, she's pretty good that way.

I was going to take S out to play a little after lunch, but it being 28*C feeling like 36*C with humidity...I don't know if its such a good idea today.


Bye Bye Bathtub

S is officially out of her infant bathtub. It took her awhile to be able to sit up on her own, but we remember keeping E in that bathtub a little longer than we needed to, because we were a little bit paranoid as first time parents. If S was sitting up around that 6 month mark like E was, then we probably would've had her in a big girl tub since then...or at least much sooner than we were able this time around. 

I've got mixed emotions about it. I couldn't wait for her to sit up and be able to at least sit by herself so I didn't have to hold her up all the time, but now that she's out of that annoying shaped tub, I'm sad because that means she isn't an infant anymore. Luckily, she's later with her other milestones, so she isn't too close to being a toddler yet. She's not even crawling yet. 

E was crawling early...she did everything early. She was a determined one. S is totally opposite when it comes to that. She's perfectly fine taking her time and staying a baby longer. She's also a super mommy's girl. Its a nice change from E being such a daddy's girl at this age. E says she's a mommy's girl, but even though she loves me lots, she's not even close to being a mommy's girl. lol

I'm hoping S won't be our last babes but just incase, we're sucking up everything that she does and isn't doing longer. I'm happy to say we didn't miss a thing with E and we enjoyed every moment we could while it lasted. But if S is our last, it makes me sad that she's growing so fast. S isn't as speedy as her sister that way, so we can enjoy her that much more as a baby.

Our little is going to be 10 months in a few days...10! If we don't start planning her 1st Birthday soon, it'll just fly right by. 

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- ThrivingSAHM

Internet Down

I don't know what's up with our internet today. I can only get onto Facebook on my computer, but on my iPad I can get onto most of my apps (ie. Facebook, Blogger, Touch...etc.) I can't get into my app store though. 

Right now, I'm using all I can before it clonks out on me. I'm going to try and take my photo for today before I can't get on it at all.



A Strange Day

I spent most of my day trying to fight away people who kept coming to my door. The girls have been in their beds since 2 ish and never slept because these people kept ringing the door bell. They finally left at 4 and after a fight with E, she finally fell asleep and it didn't take S much longer to fall asleep (if she's even sleeping).

I've been pushing for E to have at least one nap because she's not feeling well and needs to go back to school tomorrow.

I finally have some peace and quiet for a little while...but now I have to figure something out for dinner. Jooooy. =/



So...I'm sitting here at almost 830 am enjoying my morning peace?! S had a rough sleep last night and I heard her crying here and there, but she put herself back to sleep. This morning, S started stirring and crying so I got up to go to the washroom and by the time I was done, she was passed out again (no...I wasn't THAT long) lol

I checked my emails and Facebook and browsed a little thinking that it wasn't going to have long and here we are...enjoying peace and quiet. :p

I decided to keep E home one more day. I'm hoping she doesn't have any sort of fever when she gets up.

Right now, I'm just enjoying the silence while I have it.

Its going to be raining all day (according to the weather) so its going to be a pj day I think. It would be an ultimate miracle if both girls or at least one of them sleep until 9...that hasn't happened in a little while. Yeah, that's asking too much! ;)


Long Drawn Out Weekend

Again I've been slacking a little on my posts. That's a good thing I guess - that just means I've been out doing stuff now that the weather has been beautiful. Even though the objective is to write a post or more a day, its not always possible to keep up with it that long.

I like to have a blog. It keeps me grounded and I can look back on it later and remember all the little things that I either stressed out about or the funny moments that I just wanted to remember so I jotted them down.
This weekend we stayed pretty busy. Saturday was a long day for the hubs, but also for us because this weekend the girls just decided to change their routines and wake up every hour (just about) for the whole weekend. Even Sunday night S decided she was going to wake up here and there.

I decided to keep Ehome today, because she's been under the weather since Friday. She had a minor temperature this morning and then it got a little worse later on in the day. Depending on how she's feeling, I may keep her home tomorrow. She sounds/feels horrible and I know when I feel horrible it takes a LOT of effort for me to do anything. I hope she's feeling better by tomorrow, but we'll see.

On Sunday we went to a friend's trailer and enjoyed the afternoon with them. S took a nap with T (their little one) and napped for about an hour and E played with her leap pad, played with toys here and there and had blown a few bubbles. Once the two little ones were up from their naps, we took them to the park and enjoyed the sunshine some more. We had a tour around the park, ate ice cream and enjoyed the company. I also tried Chicken Fries for the first time ever - they're pretty addictive. :)

Today, I've spent most of the day cleaning and catching up on certain things that have fallen a little behind lately. I have the girls laundry to fold and put away and then I have our laundry to finish as well.

Right now, I'm finishing the bathtub and then I'm going to vacuum the bedrooms and bathroom and do the floors probably once P gets home so he can distract both ladies while I quickly get that done.

I have a little follower today, and its hard to clean the floors with someone walking behind me constantly.

I haven't enjoyed any of the fresh air today, except with it seeping through the windows, but its nice to smell cleaner and fresh air. :)

Any who, I have some stuff to finish up while S is down for her afternoon nap and E has randomly decided to do some arts and crafts, so maybe I will get the floors done and get the rest of the day to relax?

Fingers crossed.


Why am I up at 3 am? [rant posted from last night]

If it isn't E crying and choosing to be overly obnoxious tonight, I hear S rolling around stirring or the neighbor's banging their elephant feet all night next to us.

At this point, I've had 0 sleep tonight and its either stay up and suck it up or keep tossing and turning all night and be even MORE miserable. -.-

My kids do not do this, but when they do...its honestly enough to DRIVE ME UP THE WALL. I'm not even kidding. When I'm tired, its the WRONG time to start being obnoxious and get louder the more I try to calmly tell you to keep it down - constantly.

I've now got a head cold from hell, my face is pounding in every spot imaginable, and I'm now on 0 sleep at 3 am!

I can't do anything but yell at her to go to sleep and just sit down in my living room and cry. I'm so overtired, and I'm sick of hearing her cry and complain about everything possible tonight. P works tomorrow and I'm alone with both girls (one who's been up ALL NIGHT and the other who'll be up either before 7 am the way things are going or at 7) sleep deprived, cranky and on edge.

I'm so OVER tonight!

I think I've told E about 100 times since we've gone to bed to "GO TO SLEEP" and she only gets louder.

Anxiety...yeah...that's an understatement. -.-


Worst Mom Award Goes to...

Okay, so not only did E fall out of our bed when she was a baby, but S has now done it (yesterday) and they were both around the same age when they did it. Also, I can't seem to put the dog outside without forgetting she's even outside until I hear little yelps coming from outside. :/

I'd love to blame "mommy brain" on these things, but its gotta be more than that...right?! Maybe if we have a third I will learn from both of them? Probably not.

I only just sat down about an hour ago, but I already have to get back up in a little while to head out again. I totally regret not just bringing E home with me when I was at the school this afternoon. I helped our neighbor sort the ice cream sandwiches they were raising money for and we delivered them to each of the classes. E was surprised to see me, but I was holding the ice cream, so that seemed to get her hyped. I asked her if she wanted me to bring hers home or if she wanted it - and I don't even know why I bothered to ask her that question. Maybe because if she said to bring it home it would've been this mind-blowing experience that I really wanted to have. :p

S has gone this day so far without a nap. She's cranky and I really don't want to take her back out again. She's going to be forced down for her nap after we get back, because she won't last until 6  let alone 730 for bedtime. :/

OMG. Is she ever cranky now! She was so good out and about, but once she hit home she's SO overtired.

Temper Temper...

After a nice relaxing annoying day (which lead to no cleaning) - it all got turned upside down more because of 1 tiny event. I walked to the school for nothing. I won't go into details, but I was so sure the neighbor forgot, because she didn't come to our place to pick up E's carseat.

Then, as I'm heading to her house, E was under the impression that she was going to have a play date today. But that was only because mommy wasn't home magically and she couldn't stay alone.

Needless-to-say, the events that took place after that were pretty ridiculous and both girls are down for their naps. I'll wake E up about 5 just so that crabby-puss gets warn off a little and S can nap until 6 like normal. She was in her bed, but I got her out to go get E from school O.o

Chicken, Sidekicks & Salad are for dinner and whoever doesn't like it can starve.

[Mama has spoken] lol


"Mama Doesn't Race in the Morning"

This morning E was very energetic and decided she wanted to race me - before my coffee? Does this kid not KNOW me??! She beat me, she was happy...mommy didn't even try. The end. lol

I got invited to a "mommy" get together. Even though I'm embarrassed to say it, its my first one. Only because I really don't make too much of an effort to meet and greet with other parents - especially in the morning. If someone talks to me, I acknowledge them and make small talk, but I'm just not that type of person to go up to other people and start including myself in their conversations.

I've chit chatted with a couple moms around the school here and there, but its mostly our neighbor because I see her almost everyday and we live like 5 doors down! lol

It'll be nice to have some new mommy friends, there are some I really don't want to get to know and then there are others where I kinda wish I could just have a conversation while dropping off or picking up E.

It has now taken me almost two hours to finish this post. S just wouldn't go to sleep and fought it hard today. Now, I need to try and get some housework done, before she decides to have a short nap and wake up again.


Quiet Morning for a Quick Post

Clearly this morning is going well if I have time to write a quick post before little wakes up or has to wake up.

We're all ready except for S obviously and I'm still not dressed for the day yet. I could care less about straightening my hair today, but its only because its not sticking up like I just got electrocuted! lol

It should be a good day today. Not calling for very much rain until later this evening and I'm finished my assignment, but I really don't want to hand it in this early...I feel like I almost rushed through it even though it took me 6 hours to do. I'm going to go through it today and see if there's anything I can add.

Its also going to be a chore day. I took a picture for my 365 Day Project yesterday, but I haven't edited it yet so I'm going to do yesterday's and today's later on as well.

Ahhh, I love the sound of quiet in the morning. Especially when I can just relax and enjoy my coffee in it all. :)

I have to get S' breakfast started and get her going this morning because before I know it some mornings its  quarter after 8 and we're rushing around like mad men. lol

I hope everyone has a good day like always - its almost the weekend! Yay!


Skydiving Chance of a Lifetime

Check out my latest blog post! I'll be jumping for Charity in June!


Quick Post to Start Off My Wednesday

This photo pretty much says everything I'd need to post. I'm going to make this post quick and simple due to the fact S is down for her nap and I'm determined to get my Mod at least read through before she wakes up. I need at least 3 hrs to have to myself. Now, if only she'll sleep. :)

We didn't end up getting nearly as much rain as was expected last night, but it still looks like it wants to pour any minute. We're suppose to be getting lots of rain today, so if that happens E's getting picked up by our neighbor.

This munchkin woke up in the best mood this morning - in fact, both our munchkin's woke up in good moods this morning. See those puffy eyes? Yeah, I had those same exact ones when I woke up too.

I'm on my second cup of coffee today and I'm about to study my face off. What a perfect way to start my day on a rainy dreary day.

I'm waiting for the down pour to start anytime now.

Anyway, I'm probably not going to get to the chores I need to do today, but if I'm lucky and finish my whole mod today - I'll start on what needs to be done around here. If I start that now, I won't study. I hate choosing. But sometimes you have to - to get anything done.

Yay for being Wednesday already and Yay for getting all our garbage out of the garage yesterday! We were going to just pile it anyway, but it was garbage exemption this week - BONUS. And its next week as well...guess who's going to be taking full advantage of that one as well.  -->this girl<--

I hope everyone's enjoying their short week. Here's to studying and LOTS of coffeeeeeee.


May 2-4 (a little bit of TMI...)

I'm slacking a little in posts, but we just had our long weekend. Even though they never seem quite long enough, we seemed to fit a lot in.

P worked a short day on Saturday and it felt like we got the 3 day weekend we needed anyway. We played at two different parks with the girls and spent most of the afternoon outside.

Sunday morning, P randomly decided he wanted to take us all to African Lion Safari for the day. We got our bathing suits on and by 1 pm we were finally there. We watched the Elephants in the water first and then we went on the safari drive. We weren't too sure if we were going to go through the Canadian animals and then we figured 'why not?' and went through. As we were rounding the Buffalo's, we saw one acting kinda strange. It looked like it was pooping, but then it didn't seem like the normal poop - unless it was very sick. lol

We kept watching this Buffalo walk very slowly, then lay down. Get up, eat a bit...then lay down again. Then we saw what looked to be 2 horns sticking out of its butt. Right away, P said this thing is having a baby...and I wasn't quite sure. Then we saw more and they were definitely legs sticking out! P put on the indicator lights to show we were stopping and we watched this thing have a baby. We ended up telling one of the "zoo keepers" and she thought it was amazing that we saw that. 

We enjoyed the rest of our day, more so this time than when I was fully pregnant and we didn't have air conditioning in the truck. lol I can laugh now, but I will never go through a safari again without air conditioning in the dead of summer - even more so pregnant!

The girls had a super late night on Sunday. We left the park at about 6 pm and decided to stop by my parents house which isn't too far from there and hung out for a bit. We also had to grab groceries so we decided to shop there and then drive the hour hour instead of driving the hour and still having to shop. The girls were getting cranky and we didn't get home until 10 pm.

Monday, both girls were pretty cranky but didn't get up until 8 am. P let me have a sleep in and enjoyed some time with the ladies. I got up at 1030 after tossing and turning the whole time and felt like it was a huge waste of a sleep in. After that, we decided to just stay home and get our backyard back up to par. Since P has started his new job its been 12-14 hr days and 6 days a week. Other than the house and the girls...I don't have much time for anything else - especially by myself.

We decided to plant more tomatoes this year, but nothing else at the moment. My Bleeding Hearts are already bloomed and my Lilacs (even though there aren't any flowers yet) are looking very leafy and alive. The other plants didn't seem to come back up again, so we pulled them out and we're going to find more to put in there. Strawberries did horrible last year and I was told they would be back this year and full. Yeah, the rain ended up drowning them and all we had was a dry, dead plant.

The tomatoes did really well last year, but now that we have one or two Possums living in our backyard, I'm worried that we won't get any this year.

Last night we ate dinner in the backyard for the second time this year. I have a feeling we won't be using too much of it this year. But I'm hoping to.

This morning I got the girls together and got E to school. We had a good morning. P has a super early day today which was very surprising - so it'll be nice to have him home again today. Provided its not pouring (like they're calling for) we can both walk to get E later. If not, driving's nice too. ;)

When it comes to the new car - I still haven't gotten over that "new" feeling of having it. Maybe its because P has it all day/everyday and when I get in its still new to me. The car freshener we use is Coconut and every time we get into the car it smells fantastic! :)

Anyway, I'm going to attempt to study today while S naps. I have lots to do before July and I'm hoping to get two mods done this week.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend - I'm looking forward to the next one already! :)


A Friday Before a Long Weekend

Today, everything went smooth. I had both girls ready before 8 am and we were even the first ones at the school. Even though we're never late, it was still something I didn't expect.

Once the bell rang, I took S to run some errands and we both enjoyed the morning and the fresh cool air. We only came home for little to nap and then we plan on going back outside.

Even though it was a great day, I couldn't get anything out of E but a fake smile today. She was in a great mood, but just wasn't feeling photogenic today I guess. It doesn't help that mommy has a camera in her face constantly. =)

I got a couple things for the girls today and a few tank tops that I desperately needed for myself.

What an awesome day it is so far. I hope the long weekend stays like today.

Happy May 2-4 Weekend Everyone!! xx



Aside from amusing herself with a water bottle before her first nap this morning and wearing this cloth on her head before dinner, I got lots done today.

I vacuumed the whole house (3 stories) top to bottom, washed the floors, folded laundry, put away laundry, did the dishes, cleaned the bathrooms, put new sheets on the beds, made dinner, showered E and put both ladies to bed. All by 730 pm. I'm pretty impressed with myself today. After having lack of motivation these days, I was on a roll!

There are a few things I haven't got to, and I have a bit more laundry downstairs in the dryer I need to fold/put away. Other than that, everything's done I can finally relax and I'm going to spend the rest of this week studying. I'm hoping to get 2 modules done this week and that will leave me with TWO more! =D

Tonight, I'm going to put my feet up - fold the rest of the laundry and enjoy the rest of my night with peace and quiet!


Hopeless Romantic

I can't get enough of this song right now. Its the only thing in my head these days. Ha. The only SONG in my head these days. :)

The beat, the words, the feeling...and if that's not bad enough - E sang it almost perfectly on the drive back from my parents yesterday. That kid amazes me everyday.

If she's anything like me she'll be that "hopeless romantic" type. She loves her music - forget about those kiddie songs. She's 4. :p

E is going to be 5 in a little less than 5 months! Holy crap! Talk about mind blown. If THAT'S not bad enough,  S is going to be 1 in a little less than 3 months! O.O

E keeps complaining that S is getting too big, too fast. And we keep reminding her that's why we tell her all the time not to grow - to stay little forever!

Wearing her heart on her sleeve...oh most definitely. I think there's a lot I can learn from her.


Where Do I Start?

After our extra long weekend, last night we got to sleep in our own beds which was definitely nice. Coming back to the city however was not.

All the unfinished stuff I dropped around here that never got done before we left is now piled up and I now have my work cut out for me today.Once S goes down for her morning nap I'm going to be cleaning the crap out of this house.

E wanted to go with our neighbor today, and is having a very tired, weepy morning. She managed to miss her hand as she was trying to lean on the table and banged her head on the edge. S on the other hand is thoroughly amused by a water bottle this morning. It crackles and she giggles. That definitely makes for an 'easy' morning - at least from her end.

It was pouring at 6 am and all of a sudden by 8 its bright and sunny. Its going to be 24*C today, so that's something to look forward to...well...maybe not if I'm going to be stuck inside all day cleaning. Hopefully I can get it all done by 1 and then I can enjoy some time outside with S before we have to grab E from school.

Monday was a PA Day for E and we let her stay 'home' from school another day. Since P has started his new job, we haven't spent too much time with him - and most of the time he gets home after the ladies are already in bed depending on the day. He ended up having a couple days off work this week, doctor's orders - so we spent it not at home.

Back to reality. Just going to try and get everything done today so I can enjoy the rest of the week.

On a side note: S is now saying "Dada", "Yaya" & "Nana" but has still yet to say "Mama". I guess its cause she's with me all day long...

I'm all caught up with my 365 Day Project which you can also find here.


Happy Mothers Day!!

Wishing a Happy Mother's Day to all those who get called: mom, mommy, mama or even to those dad's who work as mom's everyday!

Here are a couple things my daughter did for me for Mother's Day! Its my first Mother's Day with my munchkin in school. What a treat this is! :)

-Mother's Day 2013-


love the one you're with - Emily Griffin

Author: Emily Griffin

I started reading this book a little while ago and like many of us full-time parents, time seems to be against us. I really enjoyed what I read and I hate how I'm not much of a reader. I usually wait until someone suggests something, I buy it, start it and then whatever I've read stays there collecting dust for a year until I try again. I'm planning on picking up the book and starting it again this weekend. Seeing that its Mother's Day and I'm hoping to get a little time to myself.


What I Want For Mother's Day

I saw this on FB and thought I'd share considering Mother's Day is just around the corner...

Original By: Mary Carpenter

Photo By: Photo8

A Weird [quiet] Saturday Morning


This morning was a different one. It started of with me needing to get up for water at 4 am. I rarely ever get up (even when pregnant with both ladies). E fell out of bed after P woke up and P put her back to bed and finished getting ready for work. Then, at 620, E came in and asked me for breakfast - I told her to jump into bed with me and I heard S at 630, but left her because she wasn't complaining she was just playing with her toys hanging on her crib. 


Next thing I know its 715 and S was ready to get up. I look over to E passed out beside me. So I shooed L (the dog) out of bed, and I quietly left the room and closed the door to let her sleep. I went downstairs to get S sorted out and when she was finished I let the dog out and just before I let her in, I heard E coming down.
Its not very often E will actually fall back asleep in our bed and sleep until S is finished what she needs to do. 
P is working today, but hopefully not too long. And then we can finally start our weekend.

Yesterday, E couldn't wait to give me my Mother's Day surprise. I kept trying to get her to give it to me Sunday, but she kept insisting that she show me. She's definitely my kid...can't wait to surprise someone. She put tissue paper in a cup and once it dried she put it over another cup so it hid the dirt on the outside. She also gave me a handmade card that she made at school (I'll be posting those on my Mother's Day post tomorrow).

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend, so far we are too. Its a chilly one out there today, hopefully it warms up later - you can't always trust those weather reports! #hopeful


A Possum?! Where's the Possum?

The last couple of nights we've been seeing Possum's in our backyard. Last night was the first that ' I ' was able to see. I ended up turning off the light for a couple minutes and when I turned it back on, there was one right in the middle of our backyard. To my surprise, I looked back to the spot it was and there was another one. Both babies, but we're going to have to get rid of them. First we saw Raccoon's and now Possum's. What next?!


Happy Friday

This morning has gone smoothly so far. S decided she was going to sleep in until 8 am which helped a lot with getting stuff done. E has her first "trip" on a school bus today. She's visiting the school she'll be going to next year (for only a year) and gets to meet some new kids. I don't know what she's more excited about - going on a school bus or seeing the school and meeting other kids! lol

Yesterday, E brought home a plastic cup with mud in it. I tried not to look at it too long, because I assumed it was a little plant or what is going to be a little plant. E covered it with her hands and told me "its nothing" and I tried holding back the giggles, because I then figured out it was for Mother's Day. :) Our neighbor told her to put it in her bedroom by the window so the sun gets to it and I pretended (and still am) that I have no idea what this "nothing" could be. I also pulled out some construction paper from her backpack and asked her what that was, she held it up to her chest and gave me another "nothing", and continued to tell me that she did "nothing" at school that day. lol

E wanted to show me the "nothing" this morning, but I told her to wait until she can show daddy what it was first. And I told her she may want to show me Sunday instead because its Mother's Day and she can surprise me with the "nothing" then. lol She said: "oh, yeah!"

Of all things, she had to bring home a plant! The thing that I can never keep alive for the life of me. If I can plant it, I'd rather put it in the garden when we start our garden this year so that I can enjoy it that way. lol Talk about pressure! ;)

On THAT note, my Lilacs are starting to bloom! They did a little bit last year, but we planted them that year. I can't wait to enjoy them and smell them coming through our windows soon!

It rained a bit this morning, but its suppose to rain all day. Its chilly too. I had the windows open this morning to let some air in and it got cold fast. 

A great day to lounge around and do laundry. Yay! *insert sarcasm here*

I can't wait to hear all about E's trip later! They're there as we speak.
I hope everyone has a great weekend! All I wanted for Mother's Day is a "Mommy Mug".

On Another Note...

Today has been a pretty productive day. Other than the ONE laundry basket I have to put away I'm all caught up! Tomorrow, I'll be washing more laundry and getting the rest caught up so I don't have to do it again for another week (hopefully). I literally felt like I was up to my eyes in laundry today. What a horrible, unsettling feeling!

I was happy it was clean at least, but its the folding and putting away that sucks (mostly putting away).

E was showered early today so I didn't have to do that before bed. S doesn't need one tonight because we haven't gone anywhere today.

I'm enjoying a nice coffee while S feeds herself her bottle and E is watching Beauty and the Beast before bed.

I'm ready to put my pj's on and put my feet up and watch some recorded shows that have been piling up (Survivor being one of them). I only missed one episode, but I'm dying to see it.

I don't want to hear talking anymore tonight...I just want to enjoy some silence. Mommy Time.

Its Friday tomorrow!


A Typical Thursday Post

My bestie spent a couple days at our place this week. We walked most of the day yesterday and enjoyed the weather. We spent some time at the park after E was done school and both ladies enjoyed their swings. I've been refusing to put the air conditioner on because I'm trying to enjoy the cool indoors while its been slightly humid outside. Its brutal walking in after a walk that's left you sweaty, but once you cool off, you realize that its nice enough inside to not need the air on at all. 

Today, is a nice cooling Spring day. Its suppose to get up to 24*C today, but with the little bit of rain this morning, its looking almost droopy outside today. The tree that hangs in the back of the house makes everything look/smell like a rain forest. I normally hate the smell of "wet worms" but today smells a lot more fresh and forest-like than wormy.

I'm catching up on housework today (mainly laundry) because it hasn't been done since last week now. I have lots to fold and put away and of course I'm not looking forward to it, but it either gets done, or I throw the towel in for this week (no pun intended). 

I've been a little anxious feeling this week, but its been much better than the last couple weeks. I just get so overwhelmed with things sometimes and (most of the time) its my fault for letting things just pile up (mainly laundry). I swear we all have way too many clothes than we need and that more than anything is overwhelming in itself.

Freshening everything up today should help my little funk (which I've been having more and more these days). I hate when I feel like I can't pick myself up off the ground most days. I have to push motivate myself or things just don't get done. Part of the reason I started my 365 Day Project to begin with. Other reasons are pretty much self explanatory.


Zombie Fam Jam

These just came today! I'm itching to put them on the car now! Just patiently waiting for the hubs to get home and that's the first thing I'm doing! lol


Randomness on a Beautiful Day

Today is beautiful! We all woke up on the right side of the bed, we had everything done and ready to go by 810 and I had enough time to sip on my coffee before we left to bring E to school. We had a nice walk this morning and we all enjoyed the breath of fresh air.

Once the bell rang I had no other plans for the morning, so I decided to go for a bit of a walk with S instead of going home right away.

We enjoyed the walk and S enjoyed looking at all the pretty colours around her. She said: "Dadadadada" & "Yayayayaya" the whole walk.

There isn't much else to talk about, other than laundry and cleaning but no one wants to read about that.

S is doing better with her teething, but she'll get in certain moods from time to time where she doesn't want to be put down and just wants to cuddle. I'm okay with that. When I'm not feeling well, I like to be cuddled too...sometimes. :)

I ordered "zombie family" stickers for our new car the other day. We're hoping they get here this week, or at least the beginning of next. Everyone hates the "stick figure family stickers" but how can they not like the uniqueness of "zombie" ones. ;) We like to be different. Stand out a little. Not be like everyone else and their 
cliche's. Either way, I think people will get a chuckle out of it - even if its for a second when they realize they're different.

I should get some stuff done now that S is napping and before my bestie comes for a visit! *yay*

Enjoy your Tuuuuuesday afternoon guys!!


Lucky Elephant Photography

If you're living in and around Fort Launderdale, FL. and you're looking for a photographer - go check her out! She's super friendly and she's fantastic to work with!


A Little Post that Means so Much

This has been floating around my Facebook today, so I thought I'd share on my blog too. This is for all us parents who work hard everyday for those tiny feet and tiny hands. To those who have lost too early and those who have been through it all and have lived the journey a long time ago.

Bitter Sweet

Yesterday evening we decided to stop by our grandfather's grave. It was a beautiful day. In the car I mentioned to E that we were going to visit Grandpa's grave and she smiled and said "so we can see if he's okay". I thought it was a little strange, but I found it sweet and figured she was just being kind. Once we got there I wanted to get a photo of both girls together, but E didn't want to. I didn't think anything of it and I was asking her if she would give me just one photo with her sister and she kept saying no.

All of a sudden, she bursts out in tears and says that she doesn't want grandpa in the ground. Tears streaming down her face. Of course I started to cry, because I was the one who thought of going in the first place and now she's super emotional about it. I'm assuming by her comment in the car, she thought we were actually going to see him.

P asked if she wanted to go and through the tears she said "no, I don't want to leave Grandpa alone." For the first time she finally understood what it means to die and I didn't know if I should have felt good that she finally knows and understands or bad because it was so heart wrenching.

We finally left, but she wasn't in the best of moods (more so) the rest of the day. She kept asking why he's in the ground and she wanted him to get out. We promised her that he was sleeping and that he was in a comfy bed and he was okay. But she still didn't like him to be in the ground and cried when we were leaving because she was going to leave him alone.

It broke our heart to see/hear how she was feeling and I didn't know it was going to affect her so much. We're always talking about it, but she didn't fully understand - until yesterday.

Through the tears, I finally got a photo - but I will never forget that day. Ever. We just kept hugging her and making sure she was okay, but there really are no words to describe having to explain something like that to a 4 yr old who just clued in to what it meant to die.



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