The First Year of School Has Come to an End

Yesterday was a sad day. E had her mini graduation (separate from the SK's because they're going to a different school next year due to renos').

They played a slideshow of the kids from the beginning of the year until now, and they also included a "wedding" that E had while she was in class with another student at the end of the slideshow. Even though they had already shown me the "wedding" video, having it all mixed in with the whole first year of school - just sent tears streaming down my face. E has grown so much in the last year and I thank both her teacher's for all their support and hard work. They did a song/dance before the slideshow for everyone to "Dynamite" and changed the words a little bit.

Sadly, because they will be at another school next year, E's teacher's got bumped off the list due to there not being enough classrooms for the teachers. One of her teacher's will be in the same school, but won't be part of E's school that is moving over and the other one is going to a completely different school.

E was pretty upset that she won't be in their class next year, but luckily she'll have the opportunity to see at least one of them throughout the year in the same school.

Today, E has her final day of JK and they're having a pizza/game day. She was asked to bring in a toy/game so that she could have something to play with. She picked her Care Bear Domino's (haha).

We're excited for a new year to make new memories and I can't wait to see the new and exciting things E is going to experience.

Here's to a great summer!


Half-Way Through 2013

2013 has been our golden year. I'm not the type to say "I hope this year is going to be the year" because there is always highlights to every year that go so well for us. This year though, has been the year to make dreams bring a lot of things to life for us. So many new things experienced and to think its already 6 months away from being over blows my mind. I guess once your kids are in school time flies faster than it did with them getting to school-age.


This year we experienced [so far]:
  • what its like being parents to two children (x2 girls)
  • our first year having to go through the motions of a school-aged child and keeping up with a normal routine
  • what its like to juggle emotions of a 4 year old and problems she faced at school
  • we bought our first car as a family
  • we learned what it feels like to be married for 5 years
  • I graduated in Photography and earned a diploma
  • our daughter's second stage of growth and in making her own decisions by cutting off all her hair for the first time (other than a trim off the ends here and there)
  • and I experienced my dream of Skydiving
...but its not over yet...

In August, we're going to have a 1 year old (what??) and in October we're going to have a 5 yr old (what???!)

Both our ladies need to stop now! :'(

I'm excited to see what the rest of this year brings to our family...but I'm scared of my girls growing up. I just soak it all up for the moment and enjoy their pretty faces while they still want me around and I have them here beside me too. 


Happy Birthday, Angel.

Today you would've been 10 years old. As I have sat back and enjoyed the last 10 years of my life, I still think about you like it was just yesterday. The only thing different is that I don't have you here...and I can now look back and wonder how my life would've been with you in it.

My life would've been completely different...good or bad it would've been different. I most likely wouldn't have your half siblings here and I most likely wouldn't be married like I am now.

Even though I miss you dearly and a day doesn't go by that I forget about you - I appreciate life a little more now that I have that experience in my life. One day I'll make sure to tell your sister's all about you - but for now, I enjoy you all to myself. I still haven't decided on a place for you yet...and maybe I never will. I know now that its okay and I don't have to be ready - ever.

I just wish I could've seen you grow up. If something happened and you were here with me, in the same moment I am right now - I believe in my heart you would've been such a great big brother to your sisters.

You'd be so proud of me, I went skydiving for the first time this past weekend. Everything I've been through in my life, I'm finally started to finish the goals I've had for myself for what feels like forever. I wish you were here to experience them with us.

Who knows. Maybe one day I'll be able to see you again. For now, I keep a memory in my back pocket as a reminder to myself every day. You will forever be missed. I love you.

Happy 10th Birthday.


Living My Dream!

The weather was beautiful the morning of the jump. They were calling for rain, but not until later in the morning, so I was hoping we would get our jump in before the rain decided to put a damper on everyone's day. 

Even though we tried preparing our oldest daughter when we found out that I'd officially be jumping out of a plane, the day of always seems rougher knowing you're in the moment. I was excited up until she started crying and not wanting me to go up.

It made things difficult, so I had to give both the ladies a HUGE hug and kiss and go back with my instructor so I could get everything ready to go and not have to watch her cry.

The first thing we had to do was watch a 25 minute video to tell you about all the legal stuff and the dangers that could happen...yadda, yadda. And then we signed our lives away and got to the light training. The biggest thing you have to know is how/when to arch your back and to put your head back. 

Then my instructor helped me get suited up. He put the harness over my legs and arms and then asked me if I watched the movie and remember to do up my harness all on my own. I said no and he's like 'just kidding' and smiled. The instructors made everything so easy for us and made us not worry about a thing! Except when the other instructor that was jumping with us mentioned that he only falls asleep sometimes, but that its MY instructor who ALWAYS falls asleep! LOL He said if he does and I feel his head bobbing a little in the air, to just give him a nudge! :p I loved it. I think if I was worried about every detail, they would've convinced me not to jump...but I had NO worries about a thing. :)

As we're suiting up I asked if we're jumping now and my instructor said "yep, just as soon as we're done getting set up" and the adrenaline just ran through my body in that moment.

Once we were all suited, my instructor went over what the plane is going to be like and how we had to sit and position ourselves. He also went over (again) when to arch your back, put your head back and that we were going ON 3 and that how far we had to be up before we jumped.

After we went over everything and I knew what I was doing, we headed over to the plane. I still wasn't worried about anything at this point - no knots in my stomach like I imagined would happen. And we walk over to a tiny plane. I asked my instructor if we were the only ones going to be in that plane and he told me "nope, there's going to be all 5 of us in there." We were getting in first and as I look down there are two TINY little rows on the floor and that's where we were sitting. I still wasn't scared at this point, but I started sweating once we sat down because I'm claustrophobic and I started to panic a little being in that tiny little space - sardined against two other people with no where to move. It was cramped, but once we were in the air, our instructors sat back and there was space and I just enjoyed it all. I took in the experience and didn't feel so confined anymore. The 4 of us were talking and I kept looking out the window wondering when I was going to start getting nervous and why I wasn't nervous already. The view was beautiful and I was getting more and more excited to jump out than I thought I would be in that moment.

*size of the plane I was in.

My instructor was telling us about his dog and how his wife was 5 wks away from having their son! All I kept thinking about was when I gave my daughter's a hug/kiss and my oldest was crying. I was just hoping she wasn't crying anymore.

Then we got both turned around and our instructors hooked us up. The girl jumping with me jumped first and then we went after. We moved our way (awkwardly) to the edge of the door where I saw the peddle I had to slam both feet onto, but it was harder than I thought because the wind was blowing my legs back and fourth but I finally got them on the peddle step and looked out to see a cloud right in front of me. All I remember sitting on the edge of the door is how cold it was and how I didn't feel any nerves at all.

We fell out of the plane smoothly and all I remember in that moment is trying to control the wind in my face and feeling the mist from the clouds while the strap of the soft helmet was whipping my chin the whole way down.

My instructor pointed to the cloud that was coming from under us and we went right through the cloud and felt the mist on our faces! It was a really cool experience. Finally, he tapped my arm (forgetting it was to check my gauge) and I shook my head no, because I was finding it a little hard to breathe in that moment. So, he pulled the parachute and all I felt was a relieving feeling that it wasn't so windy and I could breathe normal again. He told me to grab the parachute with both my hands above my head and he lightly loosened something which I was told gives you a bit of a jolt, but really didn't move me at all (...maybe because I'm small/light) and after that he let me steer the parachute a little bit and showed me how to guide ourselves back home. Once the parachute opened, I could hear him and we didn't have to signal for anything and we just had a conversation the whole way down with the most beautiful view ever! I could float up there the rest of my life! :)

My oldest ran to me as I was landing! :')

My instructor told me I was free to go and I literally rolled off him and onto my face in the grass like it was a HUGE deal and everyone laughed! :) *this is after I got up*

All I wanted to do it hug my ladies and make sure my oldest wasn't mad at me still. :)

My bestie got into the photo too! :)

Overall, I would totally do this again! I had a great experience and the instructors here are AMAZING and make you feel SO comfortable with everything.

The only way to explain this experience is literally "A Chance of a Lifetime". I'm so glad I got this opportunity, and I honestly believe that everyone should be able to experience this at LEAST once in their lives! If I never do this again or never get the chance to do this again, I'm going to die happy knowing that I did the #1 thing I've always wanted to do in my life.


Photo Credit: JONA Marketing

Photo Credit: JONA Marketing

On Our Way!
Photo Credit: JONA Marketing

Photo Credit: JONA Marketing

I already have 3 people interested for next year! If you would like to be a part of our group email me at for more details!!

Slightly Productive Wednesday

I had a few things to do, so I decided to drop E off at school and do them early so I had the rest of the day to myself. I spent the morning with our neighbor having coffee and doing a bit of shopping too.

E has her first class trip today, so I made sure everything was together for her. Except mindlessly forgetting her water bottle! Ah well, she's lucky she got a lunch today! ;p

S isn't feeling well, so once we got home she went down for her morning nap. Hopefully she'll feel better when she wakes up. I'm hoping to enjoy the rest of the day outdoors, but now that we've been out all morning and came, I'm not so sure I can go back out again! lol

I'm going to tidy up a bit around here and put my feet up while miss S is enjoying her nap.


Cold & Flu Season

After dropping off E at school, S and I went to the mall for breakfast and then I took S to the walk-in this because she woke up with a flemish cough. I didn't think there was too much wrong with her, but I wanted to get it checked out seeing as when she was 3 months old she had Pneumonia. The doctor said as of right now, its just a cold. She said if it turns into more bring her in again and get her checked.

S is down for a nap and I think once I tidy up the little things from this morning, I'm going down for one too. After being in the office for an hour and a half in the heat and our little walk around the mall I'm pooped now.

We may go back outside later it all depends on how S is feeling when she wakes up.


Weekend Maddnes

Saturday, once daddy was home from work, we ended up surprising E with a new haircut. It was her first actual haircut (going to the hair dressers and getting a proper cut). Then the hubs took me out for a celebratory dinner because I graduated. It was for a late Mother's Day I guess and I guess you could say an early Father's Day dinner as well.

Sunday was a totally crappy day. From S getting up at 6 am and me laying on the couch with her trying to get her to go back to sleep to finally feeding her at 8 am and putting her back to sleep after only a bottle to E getting up just after that and me not getting any sleep after that. P got up at 11 am and I tried to get some sleep, but at that point it was a little pointless after an hour of trying. 

The rest of the day was crap. I was pissed off all day, no sleep and I felt I was picking up after everyone and it just kept going. I did all our laundry yesterday with the exception of E & S' little pile that doesn't need to be washed yet.

I went to timmies at 1 pm just to get out of the house and then after doing more laundry, I decided to go to the park and lay under a tree to de-stress a little. It didn't work much, but it helped have some peace and quiet for an hour.

I ended up going to bed at 915 pm and had a restless night until about 11 pm and then I fell asleep and other than tossing and turning, I had a pretty decent sleep. I needed it, but I was definitely over stimulated and needed to calm down before I fell asleep.

I hope this week will be a better week, but I'm not keeping my hopes up right now.

Today, I kept E home, because I have someone coming for the water heater and I won't be able to grab E from school if they don't come before 2 pm.

Once S is done her breakfast I think I'll be taking the girls out for a bit and maybe get S & I's morning muffin. It'll be weird having E there, considering the last year I've only had S out with me after E's been at school.

Here's to a better day?...or something like it.


To Make a Long Story Short

This morning I had to pry my eyes open after hearing my alarm go off. I left E to sleep while I organized everything downstairs as it needed to be while I had some quiet time to myself.

I made E's lunch and breakfast, made S a bottle and made myself a coffee.

Its raining today, so E wanted to call our neighbor for a ride to school and she offered to grab her after school too. Originally it wasn't suppose to rain ALL.DAY.

I feel like I've been hit by a truck this morning and I was trying desperately to get everything done and get through my morning so I could have some (more) quite time.
Yesterday, I had the chance to nap and didn't. Today, I think I'm going to take myself up on the offer. S isn't sleeping yet, so I have time to write this post. Once she's down for the count, I will be as well. 

Like most mornings, today I tried to make it as smooth as possible and my sweet E decided she was going to change those plans. She fought me yesterday with her hair style, so today I decided to ask her (like I normally do) how she wants her hair. And she said "like yesterday's". And I joked with her and said "oooohhhhh reeeaaalllly?!" and she laughed.

As I'm just finishing up her hair, she complains she doesn't want it like that and she was freaking out because I told her she couldn't have the purple bow in her hair because she wasn't wearing purple today. In the end, I won, but not without its fights.

Most people would say that you "pick your battles", I'm not that kind of person especially (before a coffee or 3) when the "plan" keeps changing every 5 minutes.
Anyway, just as E's getting ready to leave, S decides she's going to throw a huge temper tantrum because I wasn't making the rest of her breakfast fast enough. And to make things worse, when our neighbor came to grab E I had to stop feeding her to get E out the door (which didn't sit well with miss "Princess of the Food").

I don't know why S is super exhausted today, she slept through the night sound. I just think we ALL woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or at very least - "Zombie Mode" and none of us could shake it.

It sounds like S is snoozing now, so I'm going to finish up this post by saying TOMORROW IS FRIDAY AND IT CAN'T COME FAST ENOUGH!

I call today..."THRIVING THURSDAY" -- or better yet..."GETHROUGH THURSDAY"!


A Beautiful Wednesday

This morning I decided to leave to drop E off a little earlier. I still stayed with her until the bell rang, but we didn't have to rush out the door and we could take our time.

It started off rough when I heard S at 620 am. E woke up and I told her to come into bed with me and to just leave her sister for a bit and see if she would go back to sleep. At 630 I heard her flat out cry so we got up and started our day only to find that S' diaper had leaked and she was soaked from head to toe! I heard her at 530 am, but she had fallen back asleep. I just hope that poor thing wasn't sleeping in it all night! :(

I took off everything and asked E to watch her while I ran a bath. I dunked her in washed her and got her out while E was getting dressed.

I brought them both downstairs for their breakfast and while S was drinking her bottle and E enjoyed her breakfast, I brought all their laundry downstairs including the sheets that had to be washed from this morning.

We dropped E off and once the bell rang I talked to one of my mommy friends' and instead of heading home, I took S to the "big park". We did a mini photo session and just enjoyed the fresh air. It was a good thing I decided to bring blankets on our walk this morning, because we would've got there and had nothing to sit on the wet grass!

S is taking her morning nap and I'm editing the session we had today! I'm exhausted and I'd like to have a nap, but it doesn't look like that's happening right now. I'd rather edit my images! ;) If she's not awake by the time I'm finished, I may lay down just to get a bit of a snooze in.

For now, I'm downing coffee #2.


Finally, A Minute to Myself

This week started off a little unorganized, but as of yesterday I changed that (for now). I caught up on  the dreaded laundry, I finished reading my module on the weekend and other than a few dishes that needed to be put away from last night and a few I had to do from this morning's breakfasts - I don't have a whole lot to do today.

This morning went smooth and the walk to school was peaceful.

The weather was perfect this morning and I don't feel like there's a whole lot on my shoulders today. Until E comes home from school anyway. :p

I have a little bit longer before S decides she's going to wake up from her morning nap, so I'm going to get started (while its quiet) on my last assignment.

I'm sad and excited at the same time. I will be taking other courses and continuing to learn different things, but I think I will take a break for a bit just to get myself a little more adjusted. Even though I'm glad I went back to school and finished (just about), it was one of THE most stressful things I've had to do. Trying to juggle the girls (first and foremost), being a wife, keeping the house up-to-date and just trying to get through my days and study hasn't been the easiest. I didn't expect it to be easy, but I thought I would have it a little more under control than I did I think.

I'm just going to continue doing my 365 Day Project and continue to give my clients the best out of my work and after the summer, I'm going to get back on track with school.

OMG! I graduate in a week!!! :)


10 Months [June 3]

Taken From: Google

S has finally gotten to that 10 month mark! Even though we're over-joyed, we still take that step back and wonder where those 10 months have gone.

  • sits on her own without falling (unless on purpose) we still keep a pillow there just in case
  • she scrunches her face and tenses up while holding out her fists
  • says "dada" with no issues, says "nuna" for mama and she also copied me when I said "gentle" but she hasn't said it again since, but it was awesome to hear
  • if someone wants to take something away from her and she doesn't want to give it to them just yet, she pulls just as hard to get it back into her "zone"
  • S will tell you when she's mad or doesn't like something
  • she's very strong willed
  • she loves swings
  • if you leave the room and then come back into the room and say hi like you're so excited to see her, she gets all giddy and makes noises with her throat because she's even more excited to see you
  • she picks and chooses when she wants to nap - its usually harder to get her to nap in the afternoon than it is the morning, but sometimes it switches
  • she won't nap if you don't tire her out enough
  • S still loves E so much - she glows when E comes into the room
  • S' favorite thing right now is hair - either she wants to pull on ours or she gets a kick out of E's ponytail swinging around and wants to grab it and giggles
  • she really likes necklaces now - she notices them more
  • she eats her toes
  • she has two front teeth (bottom)
  • she HATES getting dressed - you lay her down and start touching her arms...she turns into a little gremlin
  • she also knows what her bed is - she'll arch her back now when we go to lay her in it
  • S loves Pasta & Bread (two very bad habits I have myself) but she still loves that Sweet Potato, hates chunks of potato and hate carrot chunks too (unless they're softer)
  • she's getting better with textures but she'd totally rather have our food than the baby food - she almost eats everything we do (besides the obvious Peanuts, Honey, Citrus...etc.)
  • she doesn't like being held down anymore (ie. sitting buckled in the chair, buckled in the stroller...etc.) she'll stop being fussy once we start moving...but she doesn't like sitting in things anymore to just sit, She likes sitting free on the floor
  • she's a rollie pollie and when she gets on her stomach she pushes her face into her blankets and pushes her bum in the air...but she still hasn't attempted to crawl
  • I put her on her knees while sitting on my lap and say "bounce, bounce" and she bounces on her knees
  • while S is on her bum she'll jump and get some air between her bum and the floor and LAND it (gives mama a heart attack! Thus the pillow behind still)
  • she's not a shy kid - she won't gab in front of people much, but she'll cuddle with people (mainly who have boobs) and just sit and play with you
  • she still a total mama's girl and she doesn't like sitting with daddy unless she's "in the mood" poor daddy (NOT) E is a total daddy's girl ;)
  • she's grabbing things off tables now while sitting in her chair - reaching for EVERYTHING we still don't move a thing - the same as we did with E
  • she laughs at us when we get mad - I think we may have our work cut out for us soon
  • unlike her big sister, she doesn't need bibs anymore...maybe the odd one, but I haven't put her in one since 2 months ago
  • she peeks around people, like she's peeking around the corner - she shifts her body
  • she'll try to eat your face if you get too close! (not even joking)
  • she loves her food
  • S is now 18 pounds, 10 ounces & 28 inches long.
  • we're officially planning her 1st birthday *wah*


1st Wedding Milestone

Today the hubs and I celebrate our 5th Wedding Anniversary. Even though we have a long way to go and this is only the beginning, its our first "big" milestone that we've hit. We have so much more to figure out and so much more to fight and make up about but I think both of us pretty much have each other figured out at this point. We both know how to push each other's buttons, we know each other's facial expressions, we know when to leave each other alone and we know how to say sorry when we're wrong (most of the time). :p

You never really know how hard a marriage is until you're living it. It can be the best thing in the world and then all of a sudden you feel like life is pulling you all sorts of directions and don't know where to go.

Its even harder when you have kids added in the mix. Luckily, both of us are fairly easy-going and we both know what we want our kids to be like and we both have the same values and end result. We never undermine each other in front of the girls, we never fight in front of the girls and we try to not make everything a big deal (even though sometimes its not as easy as it sounds).

People are always commenting about how they wish they had a relationship like ours and how cute we are and how easy we make it. We're not doing anything special, we just work hard for it every day. We made decisions before we got married and we're trying very hard to follow through with them. We make sure to take those extras moments we have with each other - and do things together. We try not to put off what we can do today for tomorrow. Our worlds revolve around the 4 of us and even though its not always perfect, we must be doing something right these past 5 years. We both push each other's buttons, sometimes on purpose, but we wouldn't learn from our mistakes if we didn't have those moments. We know that no matter how bad our days are and how much we may dislike each other in that moment, we both love each other and we fight for what we have.

There's days (like everyone else) that we would love to throw in the towel because that would be easier than the stormy weather - because we don't, we love each other more for sticking through the tough times and the girls both know that we love each other because they feel it. We don't just tell them, we show them.

We're not perfect by any means of the word, but we wanted this life and we're working hard for what we want for this family and for what we want in life.

I can't wait to see what life has in store for both of us (all of us) but we're ready for whatever life needs to throw at us!



The ladies decided that they were going to wake up at twenty to 7 this morning. S being the first one awake and when I walked into their room, E woke up instantly (unless she was already awake before I walked in). We were all ready to leave by 730. Way too early in my books! Especially for our "Friday". E has a PA Day tomorrow.

S is down for her morning nap and even though I don't have too much to do today, I still have a few things to take care of. Folding my mountain of laundry is top of my list, but its going to have to wait until later.

I have a mommy day today and our girls have a play date after school then I have my best friend coming overnight.

We managed to make it to the school this morning without getting rained on, but this afternoon is looking like its going to come down in buckets...10-15 mm I believe they're calling for.

I love the rain, but not when I have things to do.

To those trying to outrun the Tropical Storm in Western Florida, I hope everyone stays safe.


Busy Morning

Taken From: Google

Already I feel like I've moved mountains today. We took E to school and then I ran to the mall for a few things I needed. I may need to make another trip at some point today because of course I forgot something.

I'm also going to spend the day catching up on some things. Tomorrow is suppose to rain in buckets so I don't think I'll be getting too much done then. Plus, I'm having a play date with one of the mom's from the school I met recently, so that's going to make the rainy day a whole lot better. :)

I ran out of disposable diapers two days ago, so I decided to put cloth diaper on S for the night and see how it went. She woke up soaked. I had to bathe her and change all her sheets this morning all while trying to get a tired E ready for school. I love cloth diapers, but when I told myself I wasn't going to do it for overnight...I should have stuck to it. I don't have enough patients to try and figure them out for night time. Daytime? I'm a pro! ;)

Its not calling for rain today, but it honestly looks like its just going to pour any minute. S is fighting her nap and once she actually falls asleep, I'm going to start my Hump Day Cleaning! lol Wow, that sounds really bad! ;p

I hope everyone is enjoy their morning so far. I can't say mine is too bad anymore, just had a rough start earlier.

PS. I'm a little behind on S' "10 month post", but I'll get to as soon as I can!



I had something written here all day, but didn't really feel like putting anything official on my blog today. I got the ladies in bed today and I felt like today was one of those long days. S had a doctor's appointment and then I picked E up from school. After that the day just seemed to want to drag on forever.

Tomorrow, I need to completely organize this place and get organized. I'm not really looking forward to that, because I'm exhausted. My body is fact, everything is exhausted.

I need to have a shower and go to bed. P came home, said hi and fell asleep. My wrists are killing me from holding S most of the day.

Ugh...I already don't want the morning to come. Yeah, I'm tired...goodnight. :p


My Day in a Nutshell

This weekend I got to do a photo session and then afterwards we spent the rest of the afternoon with friends at their place. We enjoyed some adult time while the kids played together.

iPhone Photos by: Melanie Thomson-Desouza

This morning, I got E up a little later and S decided she was going to wake up as well. It was a little overwhelming because S was cranky and wanted her breakfast, E wanted help with a bunch of things and we had to make sure we were out of the house on time this morning because I was walking our neighbor's kids with mine.

Their kids are so well-behaved and I'm thankful for that, because the walk to school went so smoothly.

First nap on the other hand, did not. S decided she was going to fight a nap from 930-noon. Finally, at noon she had a full diaper (#2 included) so I changed her, gave her a little bit of Tylenol for her teeth and she went for her nap. Needless-to-say, I haven't got anything done today because I've been trying to get S down for her nap.

I'm hoping to do a bit of cleaning now before she wakes up for lunch.


Its That Time of Year Again...

Taken from: Google

This month is always jam-packed with something to do around every corner. Its the start to Summer and the promise of memories.

This year, this month brings HUGE milestones for us:

  • Our 5th Wedding Anniversary
  • I'm Skydiving for the first time [ever]
  • J would have been 10
  • E is done her first year of Kindergarten this month
I can't wait to experience new things and see what the next half of this year brings!



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