A Blogging, Blogger

When I first heard about the mysterious "blog", I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard. 

"People are writing what their days are like? Daily?"

Two, almost three years of this and finally I decided to join Tumblr. I didn't know anything about it and it took me awhile to get the concept and build 'friendships' and have people 'trust' me enough to talk to me. I was a little annoyed at first, because the people that I did have for awhile - only talked to other people that they had talked to for a long time - 'clicks'. I thought to myself...do I really want to get into this "blogging" thing? Do I really want to be in a "click"? 

Then I started talking to more and more people and started building a kind of friendship that I can honestly say I don't have in real life. People who were dealing with the same things in life, other parents who already dealt with things that I was going through or even things that I just read that taught me something that I could use later or never knew about. Others who had no "life" just like me (haha). 

Even though we all have really busy lives, we would take time out of our lives so that we could hopefully write about something that would help someone else out there.

The day came where I had written things that people in my life decided to read about and not tell me. Whether they did it to spite me or to throw it in my face later - I don't know, but I wasn't upset about writing it because I was writing the way I felt in the moment. I felt bad that they took it completely the wrong way and in no means took the blame for anything I had been upset about (just like if I would've told them what I was upset about to their faces). Needless-to-say, I deleted all of it and changed my URL (twice).

I'm now blogging here, in a different atmosphere and I still like blogging. I have more blogging friends on my Facebook page than I have family/real life friends. It gets things off my chest. People who don't blog or don't understand why people do it - usually don't try to understand. It has nothing to do with "bashing" other people over the internet...its not about making the whole world feel sorry for you because you're having a bad day (at least not what I use it for anyway). Its about you and voicing things and having conversations and dealing with things with people that have already gone through these situations. Its about information. Its about helping others deal with their issues and knowing they aren't alone with what they're going through.

I never thought in a MILLION years that I would be blogging. EVER. Until that first time I tried it and someone actually responded to my blog as a whole and said:

"I'm just writing to let you know that I read your blog posts on a regular basis and I just wanted to tell you that your blog is one of my favorites because you're so real about everything. You don't just candy coat being a parent or talk about how "fantastic" it is all the time and I like that."

THAT right there made everything I was writing about for myself, even better because someone saw the real picture. They didn't see it as me "bashing" anyone or trying to get people to feel sorry for me. They knew I was just writing to help myself and others. To have other people read along and know that even though life isn't always roses, life always changes day-to-day and its not perfect but its not all that bad either.

After that, I haven't stopped blogging. I may miss a couple days here and there, but I always catch up even if its just a quick post.

To this day I have 'met' lots of people and learned so much from other people's struggles. I'm thankful for the constructive criticism and advice I have been given. Its just nice to hear it straight - the way it is for a change instead of hearing the candy-coated version from friends/loved ones when you just want to vent about something. Sometimes you'd like them to give their opinions and not always tell you what you'd like to hear all the time. I find a lot of people are very condescending so you feel like you don't want to talk to them after awhile.

That being said, these are the reasons I started blogging. I do it as a way to express the feelings that I normally can't anywhere else. If people take it the wrong way I apologize. I don't have anyone else to talk to 99.9% of the time.


Moving at Snail Speed

This week is going exTREMELY sllllloooowww. Even though I've somehow managed to get ALL my work done in the span of 3 days, I'm looking forward to the weekend.

The last two mornings have pretty much looked like this. E will be on the laptop playing games on PBSkids.org and I'll be editing photos for clients while S takes her morning naps.

E is pretty good at just sitting and enjoying something for a couple hours to herself. Especially if someone's there beside her for company. She's constantly talking to me and telling me what they want her to do, and I'm getting my editing done. I can't do anything while S is awake. She makes it very impossible at times. That kid is a loud mouth! :p

With S' birthday fast approaching, I'm getting nervous and excited all at the same time!

I have to get myself moving today if I'm going to take the girls outside. I'm crossing my fingers for no rain, but its not looking too "happy" out there today. The sun is shining a little, but it still has somewhat of a 'gloomy' look to it outside.


Its Only Tuesday??!

This month has been one of the most stressful of them all. Once S' birthday is over I'm sure it'll settle down a little more...until E's birthday anyway.

Everything's piling up and I feel like I'm in over my head these days. I was planning a huge photo session at the beginning of the month, planning our daughter's 1st birthday, trying to figure out details for my website and I had two photo sessions coming up (one I didn't know 100% about) that I had to think about as well. Everything has almost settled down now, but I still have the birthday and editing to do now for two sessions.

Oh right, the laundry? Well, that's taken a back burner to everything. I mean, its clean at least but putting it away just seems like more work these days than I have to pile on right now. It seems like every room in the house has something that needs to be done. I'm only one person cleaning and organizing for 4.

I think that I'm going to try and get outside today - even if its just to grab milk & bread. 

I'm watching some cartoons with the ladies this morning and cramps have taken their toll for the last two days. Its very rare that I'm crouched over in pain, but this time I got ever so lucky.

Waiting dor the babes to go for her morning nap and then I'm going to continue to edit this morning.

Definitely not enough hours in a day these days. Normally my days are filled with finding stuff to do...not this week.


Excuse Me While I Go Cry in a Corner


Well, both my babies are hitting milestone birthday's this year. Our oldest is turning 5 in less than two months and our youngest is going to be 1 in a week!! Why can't they just slow down? No matter how long I've watched both of them grow into the little ladies they both are...its never enough and you want them to stay small forever.

My heart can't take them both growing up guys! Seriously!

My year has been absolutely awesome. These two...there is NOTHING I can say that has happened between these two that any parent would hope for. I know most people say this once they become a parent, but everyone has told us numerous amounts of times how lucky we've gotten with BOTH our kids.

E will sit there and make sure her baby sister is all tucked in and make sure she gets a hug/kiss at least three times a day. She'll sit with her baby sister and play with toys and she'll get SO excited when her sister learns something new. 

Just recently, S learned how to shuffle on her bum. She hasn't crawled yet, but she's moving more and learned to get what she wants by shuffling along the floor on her bum (going bouncy, bouncy). The giggle out of E just because she bounced across to the other side is enough to burst out with joy.

Every time I hear them both giggle (mainly because E is doing whatever it is she does to make S start giggling) I look at whoever is sitting there with me (if anyone) and I say "See! This is what I was waiting for...THIS is why I wanted E to have a(n) sibling(s)!"

I can't even begin to explain the bond these two have between them unless you see it with your own eyes, but I can tell you this...even though the fighting will start very soon...these two are definitely going to be the best of friends one day - and THAT I can't wait to experience!


Hump Day Madness

Let me start off by saying that I ran out of coffee yesterday. Yes, I have back-up for this morning, but regardless - I ran out of my precious coffee. O.O Not good!

Yesterday morning started off just peachy. E woke up and S woke up very cranky. E came in to tell me that S had leaked all over her bed (no wonder she was cranky)! So, tired mama had to run a bath at 730 am and washed her from head to toe. I gave the ladies breakfast and my day (even though it definitely had its moments) went pretty well.

By 8 pm I was ready for the ladies to be in bed and P got home just as E was getting out of the shower and helped me put the ladies to bed. S started screaming and after an hour and an hour we brought E downstairs because she couldn't sleep in all the noise and we held S for a little bit and gave her some Tylenol (thinking it could be here teeth) and put her back to sleep. The screaming/ "yelling" started again. I took a shower and the whole shower I heard her screaming. Finally, I was almost done and I called P to get her out of bed.

I made her another 6 oz bottle of milk and P fed it to her and cuddled her and we put both ladies to bed at 10 pm and they were both out by 1005! Needless-to-say, we went to bed the same time.

I was hoping for a sleep-in this morning and I got what I wanted, but its not even 9 am yet and my oldest has yelled at me twice because 1. I won't turn on a light in the kitchen (while the light is beaming in from outside perfectly) and 2. I filled her glass with milk and she came in and told me that I didn't fill it up, because she hasn't drank from it or spilled it! I know what I gave her and I filled it. Finally, her attitude got her a timeout which made her more upset because she couldn't finish her breakfast.

She's finishing her breakfast now and in a way better mood (for now). Little miss S has an attitude, because she hears her sister all day long. Maybe they should both sleep outside tonight (just kidding).


I'm going to finish drinking my "back-up" coffee and hope today isn't as bad as this morning. I'm also hoping to take the ladies outside at some point today.

My best friend is coming over today and we're going to be working on S' birthday decor! I've been SUPER nervous waiting until the last minute, because most of you know how I start planning 6 months in advance (I'm not even exaggerating!) so this was a big deal this year that I have everything planned, but nothing moving! Her cake was ordered back in April? So, at least I know that's taken care of. :p



Cleaning Day

I've been kind of slacking in that department lately. We had quite the dust bunny collection here and there and the bathrooms needed to be cleaned (more so the shower) because the water is almost always gray when the ladies are ending their days and when the hubs gets home from work (more so the hubs).

S took two really great naps today, and E was down for one at 4 while S was awake. I try to put them both down at the same time if E needs one, but often that turns into a disaster because E decides to have a temper tantrum and either keeps S from sleeping or wakes her up and she won't go back to sleep very easy.

I cleaned the bathroom downstairs and then grabbed the laundry to fold it in the living room while S played on her blanket.

Right now, steak is in the oven and the potatoes are peeled and ready to start cooking and the salad is all done.

I'm glad S can't move a whole lot so I can get things done still while she sits and plays. Almost a week and that little munchkin is 1! Ugh.

Both girls are awake now and dinner's cooking. All I need to do is more laundry tonight and hope that it all gets folded and put away tonight...ha...yeah right...


Change of Plans

Originally, this past weekend was going to be me having a mommy weekend to myself. That couldn't have been more the opposite.

This weekend we decided to take the girls to my parents house. After the rain we got on Friday, they had no power, so we were going to pretty much camp-out. 

We all got to enjoy the fresh country air and their wasn't any humidity which made it that much better. 

S learned how to shuffle on her bum (forward) to get the toys she wanted and when we sing "if you're happy and you know it" she claps her hands where she's suppose to (for the most part). The girls got to have Hammock rides and enjoy some time with their great aunt's, a great uncle and a cousin.

Other than having no water, they had a generator that they plugged in for necessities, so the fridge and freezers were running and we had a plug in the garage that we could plug in a kettle so we could have coffee (thank goodness!!) 

We put S in bed around 9-930 and E stayed up until about 1030 so we could have a bonfire and roast marshmallows. Once E was in bed, P and I stayed up with everyone and enjoyed the rest of our night taking pictures of the fire and the huge full moon we had. The moon was lighting up the backyard. Of course I didn't bring all my lenses, so it looks tiny in all the photos we took!

S decided she was going to wake up at 1130 (just as we were going to sleep) and didn't fall back asleep until 3-4 am. Luckily, she didn't wake up E and S slept until 930. E got up for breakfast in the morning and P got up with her. He came back to bed for a bit and E played quietly in the room before I got up at 8-830. It was a rough night full of tears and frustration.

Saturday was a nice relaxing day, but Sunday I couldn't sit down without having someone needing something. Once the power went on, I was either washing dishes, running after the kids, or getting what everyone didn't want to get up and grab themselves. P went golfing with my dad as well on Sunday, so I didn't see him all afternoon.

When he finally got back I was washing dinner dishes and running around like a chicken with its head cut off. When I finally got to talk to P for a second, someone called me again for something else. I was getting pretty fed up at this point because it was about 730-8. Finally, everyone decided to leave and of course it was about 9 and we had to get ready to leave too.

It was a nice weekend, but I feel like once the power went on I was just a server. There was always something that was needed. I couldn't even enjoy my meal, because every time I put something in my mouth, someone was putting food in Sydney's because they didn't want her to "wait" any longer than a minute with no food in her mouth. 

I finally just gave S a bath just to be out of sight for a bit and we went and sat in the living room and I sang to her and kept her warm and just enjoyed some cuddle time.

It was just the little things that built up and by the time we left I was happy to be able to just have some quiet for 5 minutes. We kept E up on the drive home, and S didn't fall asleep either. When we got home, it was 10 and once I unloaded the car and we got the girls upstairs S decided she didn't want to fall asleep (again). We had our showers and once we were finished, we heard S screaming so P went in and set her up again and we let her settle herself. By 11 she was passed out and so was E.

We went to sleep and heard S at 430 am crying but we didn't get up and within 10-15 minutes or so, she was back to sleep.

This morning we slept in until 9 am. Or at least that's when I heard both girls.

After the ladies had their breakfast I put S on her blanket to play a bit and E was doing her thing and playing by herself. I put music on and S was wiping her eyes so I put her for her morning nap. 

I made myself a coffee and E is still playing quietly while the music is playing and I just started not hearing S in her bed at 1130. I have my feet up blogging and finishing the last of my coffee in peace.

I went to sleep with an super sore knee and woke up with one as well. I'm trying to stay off it for a little while, but I think I'll have to take something for it in a bit if I want to take the girls outside today. The weather is going to be gorgeous this week, so I'd like to get out and enjoy it while its not stifling right now.

I have a LOT of photos to edit after this weekend, so I'm going to do that at some point today as well. And I also have to figure out more of S' Birthday details, because at this point, I've lost all hope in doing it the way I envisioned. :(

On a side note, I have three photo sessions in the works right now. Two family, but I'm pretty excited to get them planned out. One is going to be before the summer is out, another in the fall and another we're waiting on a baby pretty much. lol

Overall, it was a busy, busy weekend and I'm tiiiiiired! lol


A Spare Moment (photo-less post)

I'm enjoying some much needed 'quiet' time. I put E down for her nap at about 2 pm and she's still sleeping. S on the other hand was put down at 3 and still stomping around in her bed. She's quiet except for the stomping and banging against her crib bars. E didn't fight me a whole lot today for a nap, which means she needed the sleep. 

I took both girls out to enjoy timmies for lunch today and by the time we got back, we all seemed zonked from this horrible humidity. I'm claustrophobic, so having the strong humidity in my face was making it harder for me to breathe.

We're looking forward to Sunday's weather which is suppose to be 22*C (not too sure what the humidity will be at this point).

Once the ladies wake up, I'm have a bit of vacuuming to do and a bit of tidying as well. I have a basket of laundry to fold and two to put away (thank goodness!)

I think tonight we'll be enjoying dinner outdoors...provided its cooled down a little bit...wait..what IS for dinner tonight?!  O.O


Update [little TMI]

This summer has been pretty low key for us. Even though we're not doing too much, it still seems like its a race to get anything done around here.

P works 12-15 hr days and our weekends are spent either trying to catch up on things or trying to spend time with each other while its there. I'm happy to announce that he just recently got a promotion and a raise with his new company!

I'm loving the summer and even though I may seem like those 'negative nancy's' when I say "I'm hating the humidity its bringing this year", I do really love the fact its warm outside.

S doesn't seem to be okay in the heat. We had our annual family photo session on Sunday evening and she tossed all the milk she had prior to the shoot. It was hot!

Yesterday was pretty bad. We went out to grab a few things and work on our garden (that magically turned into a forest in a span of a couple weeks) and we had to stop for gas. P turned the car off and not even 2 minutes with the air on and I was having trouble breathing.

We worked on our garden yesterday, because after that crazy rain we got a couple weeks ago, the weeds were thick and strong and we literally couldn't see the dirt in our garden, because the weeds completely took over. Even our Tomatoes were mixed in with weeds because they had fallen over.

Even though our garden is very bare this year, our tomatoes are literally making their own plants in other spots, so our garden won't be shy of tomatoes this year - that's for sure!

Last week, my best friend and client did a run through of her session as well as an new inspiring make-up artist Sara Hewitt who is offering her services and partner up with me for my sessions.

© Sweet Spot Photography

© Sweet Spot Photography

© Sweet Spot Photography

On Sunday, I did a 2 hr photo session at Riverwood Park, Mississauga. It was a hot day, but a beautiful day... 

This past weekend as well as my photo session, we had our family session the same day (hey, every photographer needs their own photographer!). It was a beautiful evening (even though it was hot) and we started off the photo session really well. Not even 20 minutes into the session though, S decided to vomit curdled milk all over herself and I being the smart person I am, forgot to bring wet wipes. P went to the car hoping to find some and he found a package with only 3 wet wipes left. Our Photographer was nice enough to give me some tissues she had on her and between those and the 3 wet wipes, she was cleaned enough where she could get photos taken. The smell on the other hand was horrible (especially in the heat).

P had been feeling very off that afternoon, but he was starting to get better until that happened. Then, E had to go potty and we got to the 'public' washrooms and they were locked! Needless-to-say she had a huge accident and we finished the photos to the best of our ability. My hair was soaked 20 minutes in so I can't image my hair looked that great for the photos, but we'll see when they're finished getting edited. Plus, the lake was smelling extra fishy that day, so on top of it all...we were trying not to have a disaster evening.

Overall, I was completely stressed out (like I normally am in little/big situations like this) and I felt so bad for our Photographer who was taking time out of her day to do our session...

© Terri Creechan Photography

© Terri Creechan Photography

Clearly the heat didn't agree with any of us that day (especially S), but we made it through and we're hoping for the best. Our Photographer knows what she's doing, so I'm sure she's taken beautiful images! :)

As for today, we're escaping the heat yet again and even though they had a bit of a rocky start to the morning, both ladies are now down for their afternoon naps. We usually don't give E naps unless she needs them, today is one of those days.

I'm hoping the humidity settles down a little bit next week, because I really don't want to spend the rest of my summer indoors.

I'm hoping for a few new adventures before the summer's out...lets just hope there aren't anymore 'exciting' moments that involve vomit...mmkay?


Photo Session

Here are some sneak peeks from my session on Sunday!

© Sweet Spot Photography

© Sweet Spot Photography

© Sweet Spot Photography

© Sweet Spot Photography

© Sweet Spot Photography

© Sweet Spot Photography

© Sweet Spot Photography

© Sweet Spot Photography

© Sweet Spot Photography

© Sweet Spot Photography


Lots Behind

I feel like I'm a little lot behind on life at the moment. I feel like this summer is kinda kicking my ass at times.

Even though we've been trying to keep busy, there's a lot that has been slacking behind me and I feel pretty overwhelmed at the moment.

Yesterday, I finally got some cleaning done and I'm going to be finishing that up in a couple minutes.

They aren't calling for rain, but its looking like it wants to today, but I'm hoping to get us ladies outside for at least an hour today just to get out in the fresh humid air.

I'm a little behind on my 365 Day Project and even more behind on my other pages in updating.

Once I catch up on my cleaning if I still have some time left while the little one sleeps, I'm going to sit down and update my 365 Day Project

Due to being so busy around here, I haven't really had much time to pick up the camera in a few days, so I'm just going to do randoms this week to catch up. They're all going to be meaningful, but they are all going to be taken the same day and then added.

Other than the craziness around here, we've been taking random trips and just trying to find something to do together every weekend. I've somehow lost my iPhone that I use only for picture taking at the moment so, when I don't have my camera, I don't even have that to fall back on right now. I've been trying to use P's phone to keep up with picture taking, so if there's images I've taken on there, I'll definitely use those for my project.

I'm hoping to get back on track by the end of this weekend (crossing fingers).

This weekend we have a birthday to go to for one of E's friends at school ('husband' to be exact O.O) and then I'll be doing my HUGE photo session that I've been talking about for what seems like forever now and then we're getting our family photos done as well later that evening.

Yay for being busy, not so yay for feeling overwhelmed these days. I had a good cry the other day that helped me kind of pick myself up and get focused a little more, but I'm hoping by the end of the day I'm more than half way there.

I hope everyone's enjoying their summer vacation with the kids - and those of you who don't have a summer vacation, I hope you're just enjoying the summer as much as you can!


11 Months [July 3]

Taken From: Google

  • plays with big sister more now
  • learning  (slowly) how to share (give and take)
  • started shaking her head "no" and sometimes we think she really does know why she's saying it and other times its more to get a reaction out of us
  • her favorite thing to do is to headbutt people (thanks daddy) "glasgow kiss"
  • she "fake laughs"
  • she scrunches her face
  • she officially has her two (bottom) front teeth and she just cut her (top) fangs - but no two (top) front teeth yet - she's looking like a little vampire
  • she's taking teething pretty well (just like big sister) we never know there's teeth until we feel around and they're there
  • she gets frustrated when we don't understand what she wants or if we're not doing it "quick enough"
  • she tries to keep her big sister awake at bedtime
  • she's a "piggy pie"
  • playing peek-a-boo with one or two hands on her head
  • she's always been a good eater and is still a really good eater
  • she has an obsession with phones and noisy things
  • she doesn't throw things on the floor, but she'll show you how she slowly rolls toys off her hand onto the floor until you decide you won't pick them up anymore
  • she "challenges" you under her breath and goes "uh"
  • she has brown eyes still
  • she loves bath time
  • she started clapping her hands
  • she likes to eat sand...over and over again...
  • she knows "bouncy, bouncy", "dance, dance", "clap, clap" and she knows who everyone important to her is
  • we've started planning her 1st birthday
  • she loves attention
  • she's started getting mad when you put her in her bed for a nap/bedtime but falls asleep pretty quick



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