A Spare Moment (photo-less post)

I'm enjoying some much needed 'quiet' time. I put E down for her nap at about 2 pm and she's still sleeping. S on the other hand was put down at 3 and still stomping around in her bed. She's quiet except for the stomping and banging against her crib bars. E didn't fight me a whole lot today for a nap, which means she needed the sleep. 

I took both girls out to enjoy timmies for lunch today and by the time we got back, we all seemed zonked from this horrible humidity. I'm claustrophobic, so having the strong humidity in my face was making it harder for me to breathe.

We're looking forward to Sunday's weather which is suppose to be 22*C (not too sure what the humidity will be at this point).

Once the ladies wake up, I'm have a bit of vacuuming to do and a bit of tidying as well. I have a basket of laundry to fold and two to put away (thank goodness!)

I think tonight we'll be enjoying dinner outdoors...provided its cooled down a little bit...wait..what IS for dinner tonight?!  O.O




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