Cleaning Day

I've been kind of slacking in that department lately. We had quite the dust bunny collection here and there and the bathrooms needed to be cleaned (more so the shower) because the water is almost always gray when the ladies are ending their days and when the hubs gets home from work (more so the hubs).

S took two really great naps today, and E was down for one at 4 while S was awake. I try to put them both down at the same time if E needs one, but often that turns into a disaster because E decides to have a temper tantrum and either keeps S from sleeping or wakes her up and she won't go back to sleep very easy.

I cleaned the bathroom downstairs and then grabbed the laundry to fold it in the living room while S played on her blanket.

Right now, steak is in the oven and the potatoes are peeled and ready to start cooking and the salad is all done.

I'm glad S can't move a whole lot so I can get things done still while she sits and plays. Almost a week and that little munchkin is 1! Ugh.

Both girls are awake now and dinner's cooking. All I need to do is more laundry tonight and hope that it all gets folded and put away tonight...ha...yeah right...




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