Excuse Me While I Go Cry in a Corner


Well, both my babies are hitting milestone birthday's this year. Our oldest is turning 5 in less than two months and our youngest is going to be 1 in a week!! Why can't they just slow down? No matter how long I've watched both of them grow into the little ladies they both are...its never enough and you want them to stay small forever.

My heart can't take them both growing up guys! Seriously!

My year has been absolutely awesome. These two...there is NOTHING I can say that has happened between these two that any parent would hope for. I know most people say this once they become a parent, but everyone has told us numerous amounts of times how lucky we've gotten with BOTH our kids.

E will sit there and make sure her baby sister is all tucked in and make sure she gets a hug/kiss at least three times a day. She'll sit with her baby sister and play with toys and she'll get SO excited when her sister learns something new. 

Just recently, S learned how to shuffle on her bum. She hasn't crawled yet, but she's moving more and learned to get what she wants by shuffling along the floor on her bum (going bouncy, bouncy). The giggle out of E just because she bounced across to the other side is enough to burst out with joy.

Every time I hear them both giggle (mainly because E is doing whatever it is she does to make S start giggling) I look at whoever is sitting there with me (if anyone) and I say "See! This is what I was waiting for...THIS is why I wanted E to have a(n) sibling(s)!"

I can't even begin to explain the bond these two have between them unless you see it with your own eyes, but I can tell you this...even though the fighting will start very soon...these two are definitely going to be the best of friends one day - and THAT I can't wait to experience!




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