Hump Day Madness

Let me start off by saying that I ran out of coffee yesterday. Yes, I have back-up for this morning, but regardless - I ran out of my precious coffee. O.O Not good!

Yesterday morning started off just peachy. E woke up and S woke up very cranky. E came in to tell me that S had leaked all over her bed (no wonder she was cranky)! So, tired mama had to run a bath at 730 am and washed her from head to toe. I gave the ladies breakfast and my day (even though it definitely had its moments) went pretty well.

By 8 pm I was ready for the ladies to be in bed and P got home just as E was getting out of the shower and helped me put the ladies to bed. S started screaming and after an hour and an hour we brought E downstairs because she couldn't sleep in all the noise and we held S for a little bit and gave her some Tylenol (thinking it could be here teeth) and put her back to sleep. The screaming/ "yelling" started again. I took a shower and the whole shower I heard her screaming. Finally, I was almost done and I called P to get her out of bed.

I made her another 6 oz bottle of milk and P fed it to her and cuddled her and we put both ladies to bed at 10 pm and they were both out by 1005! Needless-to-say, we went to bed the same time.

I was hoping for a sleep-in this morning and I got what I wanted, but its not even 9 am yet and my oldest has yelled at me twice because 1. I won't turn on a light in the kitchen (while the light is beaming in from outside perfectly) and 2. I filled her glass with milk and she came in and told me that I didn't fill it up, because she hasn't drank from it or spilled it! I know what I gave her and I filled it. Finally, her attitude got her a timeout which made her more upset because she couldn't finish her breakfast.

She's finishing her breakfast now and in a way better mood (for now). Little miss S has an attitude, because she hears her sister all day long. Maybe they should both sleep outside tonight (just kidding).


I'm going to finish drinking my "back-up" coffee and hope today isn't as bad as this morning. I'm also hoping to take the ladies outside at some point today.

My best friend is coming over today and we're going to be working on S' birthday decor! I've been SUPER nervous waiting until the last minute, because most of you know how I start planning 6 months in advance (I'm not even exaggerating!) so this was a big deal this year that I have everything planned, but nothing moving! Her cake was ordered back in April? So, at least I know that's taken care of. :p!




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