Its That Time Again...

Its Friday! And even better, its Friday before a long weekend! I'm so happy this week is finally over with...almost.

I'm attempting a daddy and me session with my hubs and the ladies this weekend (provided it doesn't rain all weekend like they're calling for) and of course they don't know it yet. :p Hey, they should be ever so lucky to have a wife/mama who takes all their photos! I look back and wish I had more baby pictures than I do. Even my grandmother says it was so much work back then to get a photo taken. Believe me, I know! I read all about it in my course history modules!

Anyway, back to the long weekend shall we? We have nothing too big planned for this weekend, but the hubs mentioned a BBQ on Saturday, so I'm assuming we're going to that, but aside from the BBQ I don't think we have much going on this weekend. I'm not going to lie, I'm glad we don't have much planned. I would like to go to the lake maybe this weekend and just sit and listen to the water (in peace). Maybe take the girls...or not. All depends on what's going on. Maybe the hubs and I can enjoy some time to ourselves (even for an hour). I need some quiet and cuddles and maybe a sunset.

S doesn't seem to want to nap today and the dogs only just got quiet. E wanted to watch and I'm laying here with the biggest headache and cramps and just hoping that this day is over soon.

I may take the girls outside for a walk- I'm not really feeling the park today. Yesterday I took the girls outside and E rode her bike around for an hour and then we went to the small park in our complex and then came home. It burned a bit of time and then S went down for her afternoon nap.

I think I'm going to put both girls for an afternoon nap, so I can try and get one in today too. I can't even keep my eyes open and being a lit sleeper doesn't help with squeaky dogs and a banging toddler who doesn't want to nap.

I'm going to try and enjoy the last half hour that S is in her bed and the dogs (knock on wood) are quiet.



You have no idea how badly I want the weekend to get here. The last two weeks have been a clusterf***k of events and emotions that I'd very much like to forget the last two weeks even happened and move on from the stress of it all.

From the crankiness of this one (above) and curiosity of the new puppy. I think I've had just about enough of this week alone - let alone the last two.

The hubs will be starting his Saturday's at work in the next couple weeks and I really don't want to think about that either. Luckily, E does go back to school next week so that's going to give me a little bit of a break. At least while the babes naps, I can nap. I mean, E is good and can watch a movie while I nap, but its definitely not the same having her home. Its just the one more thing I have to do in a day. The one more thing that I need a break from. She'll be starting 15 minutes later, but she gets out 20 minutes later. So, it'll be a bit of a nice change at her new school for a year (until she goes back to her old school after renos).

Our neighbor will be taking her in the morning and picking her up after school for us. She didn't want her kids on the bus and I wasn't ready to have her take the bus either, but if I had to there would've been no other option. Its also a bonus that her daughter and E will be in the same class too. So, if there's anything going on at the school, S and I can catch a ride with her so I don't miss anything.

Today, I'm hoping to get out of this house. I cleaned yesterday and I still have loads and loads of laundry to fold, but at least the cleaning is done for the week (other than the constant picking up of the puppy). It looks like a beautiful day and it felt like it was pretty humid right now (joy) but at least we can spend the last few days of the summer in the heat. The winter is going to come faster than we want it to. Fall doesn't last that long anymore.

I'm now enjoying my breakfast at quarter to 11 and the 1/4 of coffee left in my mug is cold. It helps that its flavored and I can drink it no matter what the temperature. E's watching Tinkerbell and S is down for her nap, so I may take a small doze on the couch while S is napping and everything is quiet. I think even the puppy went into the crate to sleep...bonus.

I hope everyone's enjoying their Thursday morning. Its almost the weekend (long weekend for us) woohoo!!



Even though yesterday wasn't a complete disaster like Monday, it still had its ups and downs. D is very slowly learning that he can't just pee on the floor whenever he wants, but he's now making himself down the stairs and peeing/pooping by the door. Still no sign of knowing when he's about to, until we realize he's gone downstairs and run down to look for him. Very few accidents are happening in the living room now (thank goodness) but I still feel like we have a long way to go with him even though there is a bit of a light at the end of the tunnel.

Last night, we gave the girls a bath and while E was finishing up, I was playing with S on our bed and as I sat behind her, she decided she was going to throw her head backwards and got me in the sinuses right below my eye. I thought for sure my nose was going to gush with blood, but nothing happened this time. After that, S was cranky and E was hyper and getting through the story was a bit of a mission (can't tell from the photo), is was my 4th attempt at a photo.

After at, we painfully waited for 730 to come and they both went down to sleep and we just lounged on the couch the rest of the night.


Venting Session

I have never cried like I did yesterday. Sorry, let me rephrase that its been a very, very long time since I have cried like that.

Yesterday, I was completely exasperated! I woke up to a whiny baby, letting two dogs out and once I let them inside D peed on the floor twice and pooped all in the span of 1 minute! S is whining in the middle of it all, L won't come to me and E is asking for breakfast! I literally had a breakdown yesterday before 9 am.

I cried so hard I couldn't breathe. I was so stressed out I was shaking. No matter what I did to calm my nerves, something/someone would come and do something and just start me up again.

I'd make myself a coffee, take one sip and D would pee on the floor or E would tell me she stepped in pee or S was whining and I didn't know why, because she was fed, changed and had a drink that she kept throwing away.

Nothing seemed to ease up yesterday and I completely freaked out! And then I have my husband who keeps saying he understands and yet does something that completely pisses me off. I'm so glad you understand. O.o

This morning didn't go smoothly, but its more claming than it was yesterday. Its 930 am and all I've been dealing with is a whiny baby and a poop on the floor infront of the back door downstairs. Oh wait, just as I was writing...E tells me she leaked in her night time diaper because she didn't change it like I asked her to at 830! Big surprise there. The last two weeks can seriously F off! This is going to be the weekend (long weekend) where I run away and P takes the 4 of them and finally understands what I go through, but this time he won't need a whole weekend...he'll only need to wake up and start his day. I think Saturday will be perfect. I'll have a sleepover at my sister's house and he can start Saturday morning without ME for a change. Yeah, that'll be perfect. I can sleep in and enjoy a morning coffee without having to worry about anyone but myself.

Today I think I'll take the kids outside. The dogs can stay here, but after all the rain we got yesterday, I think I need to get outside and breathe a little.

Once S goes for her morning nap, I'll be giving E a shower because when doesn't something happen in this house where I can sit for 5 minutes without a headache brewing.

We just finished watching a recorded Cat in the Hat and I just put on a recorded Super Why. S is down for her nap and hopefully I can get some time to myself without having to clean up dog pee for an hour. 

Here's to a (maybe) quiet day.


Here's to a Better Day {Friday Edition}

Shhhh, do you hear that...ah yes, its the sound of SILENCE. My day has been the absolute worst today. I had my niece for the second time this week and even though the two older ladies were pretty quiet most of the day, they're still responsibility. Just because I don't hear them most of the day, doesn't mean I don't have to listen FOR them all day.

If it wasn't S needing whining for something, it was D peeing on the soon as he's come from outside (after leaving a puddle outside). The only one I didn't really have to do anything with was L. She slept in her chair all day like the princess she is and came down occasionally to go outside with D (not happy about it mind you) and then jumped back on her chair to sleep the rest of the day away. My niece (I) needs something, E needs something

I feel like I'm a Mexican jumping bean this week. I think all week I've had a total of 168 hours in a week, I think I got MAYBE 10 of them to myself (doesn't include sleep).

I hit my breaking point today and I had to just leave all the 'kids' with P and walk straight out the door. The first place I thought of was Tim Hortons and I grabbed an iced coffee and blueberry muffin and just sat there in quiet for a little while. I need that sometimes...even though I joke all the time about coffee solving problems, in moments like this I truly believe it.

I love my family. I do. But sometimes I feel like I'm the one holding everything up and I feel very suffocated sometimes. I feel like if I don't get 200 things done in a day, then what the hell have I done all day??!

I have anxiety. Everyday it feels like it gets worse and worse and sometimes I feel so closed in that I just fall to the ground in floods of tears just to regroup a little from my day. It doesn't have to be big things, it just has to be enough to beat on my nerves enough times and then I just explode. No one wants to be around me when I get to that point - I don't blame them.

It would just be a little easier if I had some help. To not let it get to the point where I need to explode. Sometimes I just need to clear my head too. I can't hold onto everyone and everything and be expected to hold my head up high all the time. There's going to come a point where I need to breathe too.

Sometimes I feel so over-my-head its ridiculous and then other times I feel like I can handle everything and more! Sometimes I just curl up wondering how everything got so bad...and other times I can look back and smile at all of my accomplishments.

We have two beautiful girls - who mean the world to me. They don't deserve to see me so upset and stressed all the time. They deserve the world. Happiness. A real home.

Here's to a better day tomorrow - with a coffee in hand of course! ;)


Thriving Thursday

So, not only do I have two kids and two dogs in my house, I also have my niece here too. A friend of mine may be coming with her son today and my sister is coming because she just got back from Cali on Monday (late) and the girls miss her and want to see her (I do to, but you know what I meant).

I'm going to be running for everyone today, its only 8 am and everyone's been fed.

I got up at ten after 6 this morning waiting for my niece and she got here at almost quarter to. My eyes are bleeding! My girls got up at 730.

Yesterday, E went for a play date. S was suppose to come along, but daddy surprised us when he came home early, so S went for a nap and I took E over to the neighbors. E played in the kiddie pool and played on their little swing set and they found ants and put them in the bug finder. We spent two hours there and then headed home so I could make some dinner. P ended up doing steak on the traeger and I made sidekicks and we had some veggies with it.

Right now, everything is fairly quiet and calm. Until D pees on the floor again or I go downstairs to do laundry and hear that one of the dogs need something or the girls need something! Oh look not even a second after I wrote that, he peed on the floor! I just let him outside and he went, and then he comes up here and pees again! No punting S, keep calm S, it'll alllll be over soon! You can do this S, you can through the rest of this week without freaking out! lol

I wish I was remotely joking.

Good news? I have a farm photo session coming up next weekend! The girls have been asked to be the poster kids for a calendar they're making for their piglets. Check out: Little Pig Farm on Facebook if you're interested in buying a micro pig. They don't get too big and they're great pets to have! If we lived in the country, we would've already bought one ourselves!! :)

Anyway, I should get going- S is now crawling everywhere and the pup peeing is not a good combination! lol



My day started at 7 am when the pup started yipping to go outside. I took the dogs out of the crate and picked up D and he managed to pee the whole way to the door so needless-to-say I stepped in pee and I was "covered" in pee. Then, while the dogs were outside, I cleaned up the floor and my feet and I went outside to try and clean up the pee on the ground with the hose and the hose decided to break while the water was running so I got soaked with the cold hose and the dogs stepped in water so I had to fight both dogs from coming inside so I could grab a towel so I could clean them off at the door.

Once they were inside I had EXACTLY 5 minutes of peace before D peed on the floor. By this time it was almost 8 am. The girls weren't awake yet, so I decided to put both pups in the crate and go have a shower. S was up and talking to herself by the time I was finished and E was still sleeping for a couple more minutes.

By 830 they were all up and ready for the day.

S was whining for breakfast, E was wanting breakfast and literally every.five.minutes D was peeing on the floor. So, I had a whiny baby, a whiny dog, a cranky L and then I'm stepping on toys.

Then, E decides to touch something I've been telling her NOT to touch and dropped it and broke a piece off - so I got even more angry.

In between all the chaos the dog decides to keep peeing on the floor every TWO minutes and I didn't notice until I kneel in it in my clean jeans! Finally I took him smacked him and put him in the crate and haven't heard him since. He knows mama's mad today! Now, I'm patiently waiting 10 am so S can take her nap and I can have some peace and quiet for two minutes without the dog peeing on the floor or hearing whining for at least an hour this morning!

My nerves are shot and its not even 10 am! I told E, if she EVER asks for a pet (OF ANY KIND) again - mama's going to get real mad! And that goes DOUBLE for daddy! He's at work having a grand old time while I'm stressing over 4 kids right now! NEVER....EVER....AGAIN! -.- Seriously. NEVER! We need D and that's the only reason I haven't put him up on Kijiji this morning FOR FREE!

I love him, but its SO not worth my stress levels hitting the roof over it!

Mama needs some mama time!

E is suppose to have a play date today. I don't think I'll be going. Plus, I haven't even had time to edit my photos yet. This week is unbelievable and daddy will be LUCKY if I don't throw a dog at him when he gets home and I go out!
Nap time!


Hectic to say the Least

Hectic with a capital "H" has been my day today. Its only 330 and I'm exhausted. I've barely eaten anything and I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off!

Between the ladies, the dogs, the cleaning and the furnace maintenance this morning, I'm completely worn out!

S has decided she's going to officially crawl today. She does it when she feels like it or if she wants something bad enough- but she does it now. All weekend she's been trying to pull herself up on her knees and feet from sitting position.

L is taking it hard with the adjustment to having another dog in the house. She's staying away from him and not saying much, but when he comes to sniff her or nip at her to play she completely tells him how it is. He learns pretty fast until the next time.

Other than peeing and nibbling at things, he's been doing pretty good. Its hard to judge when he's going to pee, so that's been a little frustrating today (while running after the other 3). I guess I can't really add L in the mix, because she's pretty easy-going and I put her out with D. But its still that extra hand I need per say.

E's playing upstairs, S is playing with a chair and almost pulled it on top of herself, L is sleeping on her chair and D is sleeping on the floor next to me and I'm still waiting to edit my images that I got 5 minutes into so far. I'm looking forward to P coming home so I can edit some while he's here because I can't sit up there and juggle S (making sure she doesn't touch stuff/wiggle around) and D (make sure he's not peeing all over the place) while I'm trying to edit.

...and dinner! I have no idea...wanna come cook for me??!

S needs me...that means that's the time D will get up and pee on the floor. Ugh.


Vacation Day 9

Just a quick post to check in for the night. We spent the day running after the kids, trying to catch up on sleep and helping my parents in their backyard. We enjoyed pizza & beer for our last nights dinner and even though we didn't want to leave the quiet country, we were looking forward to bringing D home and sleeping in our OWN beds tonight.

We're finally settled after a clusterf*** of walking through the door, but we're home. I have lots of bags to unpack, but that's not happening until tomorrow at the earliest.

The dogs were quiet on the way home, E fell asleep for a bit, but was awake for a stop we made to drop off my sister's dog and S talked the whole way home.

S attempted to crawl so many times and moved her knees a couple time and would comfortably fall back on her bum. She's been pulling herself up onto her knees and if we're holding her on our laps, she can stand up from sitting position, but she hasn't tried it on the ground yet.

I'm going to have to write a post entirely for D, but it won't happen until later this week. I'm tired and I'm going to try and enjoy our house as much as a can for a couple days. I have to catch up with my 365 Day Project and I have some cleaning to do.

On a happy note, my husband failed to tell me that the girls had their windows done on Friday, so even though it was stressful walking in at 830 pm with their room upside down, its nice to know that's one less window we have to worry about now. :)

Anyway guys, I'm sorry...I'm going to cuddle with my husband and the pups and watch Breaking Bad and then having a much needed shower and going to MY bed. :p


Vacation Day 8

Today was long and exhausting, but we had nice weather. We're listening to music while P and my dad play horse nutz and my grandmother and mom still around the bon fire. I have L to my left and D to my right sleeping and I put S to sleep at 8. E and my niece are playing in the tent that mama & daddy set up today and the 4 of us (plus the dogs) will sleep in there tonight and have a bit of a camping night. The girls are super excited to sleep in the tent and I don't even know what to expect really. I mean, there's now Coyote's lurking around, so there's THAT. Haha

Tonight is our last night and then we head home- with 3 dogs. I've been babysitting my sister's and bio-mom's  dog for the week while they were away in California. Yeah. They got back Wednesday, but I'm on my mini vacation, so I kept her all week. My sister on the other hand gets back Monday night-late.

I guess I should start getting blankets/pillows ready for is camping night with the girls. S is sleeping indoors tonight, because I don't think its warm enough for her right now and don't have enough blankets to keep that kid warm all night because she kicks them all off of herself.

I'm now cold (in shorts and a tank) and getting eating alive by mosquitos once again. I'll continue my post on D either tomorrow or Monday.

I'm going to end is post by saying I'm sad the week is almost over, but I'll be happy to sleep in my own bed tomorrow night.


Vacation Day 7

I didn't write last night, I apologize! We had too much excitement with seeing daddy after a whole week of him being home and we went to look at puppies last night and we got one. Its getting to the point where P is sometimes not home when the girls go to bed and I'm home alone with both girls a lot and lets face it L can bark and eat ankles, but she can't reeeeally protect us if needed.


Meet Dexter! Our Boxer/Spaniel mix. He's 6 wks old and he loves the girls. He was the only pup to sit beside S and we chose him right away. Their daughter is 13 and fell in love with him and started to cry once we officially picked him out, so I promised her if she gave me her email, I would update her once in awhile for her to watch him grow. I'll write more about him in today's post.


Vacation Day 6

Its 1204 am (Friday morning). I'm making this a quick post and then I'm going to sleep.

I had a nice relaxing day, catering to the girls (obviously). We had tickle fights and the weather (even though it was chilly) was nice. We sat outside most of the day and I skyped with my sister for 2 hrs tonight and we'll probably try Face Time tomorrow.

My night was made when my hubby showed me a photo. Blast from the past and Karma is all I'm going to say. lol Its funny how life turns out. I guess both of us found each other for a reason, because the people that didn't want us had their own funny way of showing their feelings.

I get to see my hubby tomorrow! We also have a surprise, but we aren't sharing anything until we know for sure. I'll be writing a post about it I'm sure.

Annnnywho, I'm one tired mama today so I'm going to bed. Tomorrow I'm going to enjoy some beer and hopefully the sun will be shining and it will be nice to sit outside like it was today.

I hope everyone is having a good week, yay for Friday!


Vacation Day 5

Last night was rough (I also got to watch SYTYCD). I barley slept and I kept getting up and S was talking and rolling in her sleep a lot- so of course I heard it all. It was chilly in the room last nit, because it was pretty cold outside. S decided she was going to wake up at 720. I put her on the floor to play and gave her milk and a couple of munchy snacks just to tie her over while I was still trying to wake up.

E woke up at 8 and came downstairs to ask for breakfast and I gave both girls breakfast at the same time.

I brought the girls outside after breakfast and even though it was chilly, it wasn't like yesterday. We actually got to sit out there (in sweaters) longer than 5 minutes. In fact, most of the day was spent outdoors.

E and I changed the grass and leaves inside "Shadow's" (E's caterpillar) jar and again, she's still checking on it constantly.

My grandmother wanted to go out for a few things today, so I brought S with us and we had a couple of hours out. Later, my mom had to run out for a few things as well, so S and I jumped in the car again and went for the drive.

Once we got back, we had dinner and sat outside for a little longer. I called P after because I saw he was home and talked to him about our day and his day (speaking of which, I have to call him back) and after I got the girls ready for bed. 

S is in bed and E and her cousin are having a TV night in yiayia's bed (even though E really doesn't deserve it tonight).

Now, my mom and I are waiting for Master Chef to come on and then the TV will have my full attention for two hours! :p

I feel like I'm exhausted and haven't had a minute to myself today. S was attached to my hip and E was giving me all kinds of 4 (almost 5) year old attitude.

Needless-to-say, I'm fed up and ready to have mommy-time.

I'm getting worn out and I miss my hubby. Lack of sleep doesn't help my sappy, annoyed mood today but it doesn't change the fact that I'm here on "vacation" and feel like I'm doing more here than at home (aside from cleaning) I do our laundry, clean dishes and I'm constantly up and down. Not to mention, I'm always missing my bed - no matter how long I stay.

We may be staying until Sunday, which is even longer than I had planned, but at least I'll have the hubs here either Friday or Saturday and I will have more time to sit and enjoy myself while he can help out a bit ( he's getting his time this week).

I'm going to end this post now, if not it'll turn into a rant (if it hasn't already) and I'm going to get ready for Master Chef. Eeee, I can't wait!! :)


Vacation Day 4

Phew, the ladies are both in bed after a long, dragging day. Unfortunately, it had rained overnight, so it was wet and chilly this morning and just chilly the rest of the day. E got up at 8 and came in to ask me for breakfast and S ended up sleeping until almost 9!

I sat outside this morning once S woke up, but quickly had to bring her inside, because it was too cold for her. E played with her cousin most of the day and they even got to play outside for a bit when the sun came out. I went out with my mom and S this afternoon just to get a couple things that we needed and then came home.

E hasn't been keeping her 'pet' caterpillar out of reach or out of eyesight.

Other than a few huffy moments, we had a good day today. Just bored from being inside all day. We're all hoping tomorrow will be better. And maybe we can head over next door to the farm.

On a side note, I'm really upset (still) that I forgot my camera cord! I would like to keep up with my 365 Day Project before it gets out of hand. Luckily, I have lots of photos to choose from, I just have to think of a subject for each.

After chasing flies the week, I think we finally got caught up with killing them with a fly swatter- so at least for tonight, we won't have buzzing around our ears.

The girls both had a bath/shower and went to bed at 730/8.

I'm enjoying a blueberry muffin and a coffee and I may watch a movie before I head to bed. Normally, I watch SYTYCD, but my mom was downstairs with me watching her show- so I missed it. Oh well.

Tomorrow's Master Chef and we'll both be watching it together.

Kinda miss P, I hate being away without him, but its been nice being out here - not having to keep up with anything at home. I'm just hoping there's no mess for me to clean up when I get home (hint, hint). He gets time to himself too (when he's home).

I think that's about it for today, I hope I'll have more to write about tomorrow.


Vacation Day 3

Today, E got up at 730 and her and my mom stayed in bed until 8. S and I woke up at 830 on the dot. I changed S and took her outside on the deck to play a little before breakfast. I got E to get dressed and she played in the treehouse* all morning. 

It was threatening rain all morning, so finally I brought the ladies inside and the dogs and let E watch a movie while I put S down for her morning nap. It turned out it rained light, three times today so I just let E watch one more and then she played inside the rest of the day.

While we were hanging outside, E asked if I'd lay in the hammock with her, but what she really meant was me laying in the hammock and her sitting in the other one holding playing with a caterpillar (who she named "Shadow" with my help) and a baby grasshopper that stayed on her hand for awhile. We also found a baby snake and a baby mouse today.

Since we got here we've seen, 10 cats, 5 raccoons, 2 dogs, 50 chickens, 10 cows, 2 horses (one E got to ride), a caterpillar, a baby garter snake, a baby mouse and a baby grasshopper.

S was all about me for most of the day, but after 6 pm it was worse. We ate dinner at 7 and I gave E a shower and S was in bed at 745 and E was in bed at 8. We called daddy before I said goodnight.

Now, I'm lounging just enjoying some mommy time. I'm super tired right now, so I think maybe another hour and I'm heading to bed.

We're hoping to walk over to the farm again this week, but we didn't get the chance today like we wanted and tomorrow is not going to happen either.


Yeah, that sums up my day today (pretty much). 


Vacation Day 1 + 2

When we got here my aunt, uncle and two of my cousins were here, so we visited with them, laid in the hammock, enjoyed a bon fire (roasted some marshmallows of course) and P and I enjoyed a couple of hours eating junk food and driving around the very dark country under the super clear, starry night.

P and I had a rough sleep and were up all night fighting sleep here and there. 1 am, 230 am, 4 am we would both look at each other and ask: "are you still up?" E decided to wake up at 630 am and I don't know when P gave her breakfast, I just know he got up and got her some. They both came back to the room for a bit and then S woke up at 8 am when they all got up and I fell back asleep until 10 am. Even though I was perfectly fine going back to sleep, I got up and tried to shake the tired streak. 

We played "Horse Nutz", laid in the hammock and drank beer. We took the girls to visit the farm and E got to ride a horse and give it treats, pet a cow, pet a chicken, pet kittens/dogs and got two fresh eggs to have for breakfast this week! 

The girls had a nice bath together and then I put S down to sleep and it didn't take her long to pass right out tonight. She napped a bit this morning but didn't take a nap in the afternoon, so I'm sure she'll sleep great tonight. E is enjoying some time with Yaya watching TV in her room (maybe passed out by now) and I'm enjoying the 1st episode (back) of Breaking Bad by myself.

I've taken a lot of photos in the last two days and I still have 5-7 days here! I'm just hoping my sleep is better for the next week, because I won't be able to last all week on no sleep.I'm probably going to go to sleep once the show is over.

On the downside, I won't see my hubs for 5 days. At least he gets some time to himself with peace and quiet and I have the country air, bon fires and crickets to relax with.


1 Yr Milestones [Aug. 3] [revised]

Kinda behind on her milestones but here they are:
  • S sits by herself - we still have to make it padded around her while she sits because she likes throwing herself backwards for whatever reason
  • S is sliding backwards on the floor to get where she wants to go
  • S still doesn't say "mama" but still insists that I'm "nuh nuh" so I'll take it
  • S gets mad when she's not getting attention - no matter what we do with this kid, she's never happy to sit by herself - unless its just after she eats and you distract her with enough toys to satisfy her
  • S cuddles up to her sister when she's sitting with her on the couch and whenever E walks up to her she leans in to headbutt her (thanks daddy)
  • S fights her nap(s) now and if we let her sleep too late in the day, she'll now be up until it gets dark (almost can't wait until it starts getting darker earlier so that both girls sleep better)
  • S doesn't take a soother anymore - we took it away at 11 months officially because she never really cared for it anyway unless it was given to her so she doesn't use one at all anymore (just the teething raspberry which is too big to suck on like a soother)
  • S made an attempt to crawl the other day and then gave up, but an attempt is better than nothing - right?
  • S bounces on her bum to get what she wants if she isn't on her tummy (we're okay with that) at least she's finally moving to get things now
  • S loves going from on all-fours to curling her leg in and sitting on her bum
  • S doesn't complain while we're out as long as the stroller is moving - for the most part she's pretty quiet and content and we're always hearing how quiet she is from other people (just like E), she has her moments but she's a good kid overall
  • S hates eggs! So far its the only food she refuses to eat and won't even give it a second thought
  • S loves Peanut Butter (obviously) we tried her on it at 11 months and she's doing fantastic with it, but I don't give it to her that often and not twice in one week yet
  • S is holding herself up by her feet when she stands on us but not without holding onto us
  • S started spitting things out by holding her tongue out and letting food fall out of it if she doesn't want to eat something (like Eggs)
  • S waves hi/bye all the time now
  • S loves bath time and kicks her feet out of excitement every time we ask her if she's going for one
  • S doesn't use bibs and stopped at a fairly early age - unlike big sister who drooled waterfalls until she was 1.5 yrs
  • S doesn't share food - you eat a piece of something off her plate and she grunts at you
  • S won't go to sleep right away, as soon as we put her down she gets back up and sits on her bum
  • S grabs at everything, if its in her reach there's nothing she won't try to grab
  • S loves mirrors, every time she notices them, she's constantly giggling and trying to figure them out
  • S and L don't get along. L licks her face and S doesn't like it, but S moves closer to L while she's laying down and L isn't impressed
  • S is still a mama's girl - but she definitely loves her daddy
  • S loves necklaces. If you're wearing one, she'll find it - always!
  • S sucks on her two middle fingers only when she's being laid down to sleep and once she's asleep they're out - we've been staying on it during the day and she doesn't do it anymore during the day
  • S dances on her bum like her big sister did - loves music (she belongs in this family, clearly!)
  • S is an eating machine...she's always hungry and there's nothing (other than eggs) that she won't eat
  • S scrunches her face and breathes through her nose while she's doing it just like E did (I also did that as a baby)
  • S sits on my stomach and jumps and gets all hyper and shakes her head with her mouth open trying to eat my face - when she's done getting all excited, she lays down on my chest for a 5 second cuddle and looks up at me and smiles - probably one of my favorite moments if not THE most
  • S wants everything E wants already - sometimes E gets a little annoyed, but they're still really good together
  • S can pick up her food and eat it on her own
  • S loves swings
  • S tenses up her body and her face goes all red and blotchy
  • S gives low fives, blows kisses and does peek-a-boo (when she wants to)
  • S shakes her head "no" when you ask her if you can have a kiss
  • S hates being tickled - she giggles but she tenses up and gets mad
  • S giggles when she sees a picture taken of herself and when you ask "where's the baby?" she giggles
  • S has her two bottom teeth and her two top fang teeth at this point
Overall, S is doing great! She's healthy and has a great personality. Not a day goes by without her either making us laugh or putting a smile on our faces.

**29.5 inches and 20 pounds at 13 months



Today, I've got 3 girls. I've been taking my niece once a week to help my brother out and so the girls have someone to play with too.

Other than my brother waking me up at 630 on Friday's (my own kids never get up that early) my days go well when my niece here other than the little squabbles the two older ones have over toys.

The older ladies are playing in the girls room and S is sitting with me on the couch playing with a toy - a noisy toy at that.

I'm sitting here with Super Why on in the background and still trying to finish my 630 coffee that my brother so thoughtfully brought for me! ;) Even he knows what I'm like without coffee in the morning! haha

If it doesn't rain today I'm going to take the girls outside to run around a little bit. Or we can sit in the backyard and they can stay entertained with bubbles for a little while. Either way, I'd like to sit outside and enjoy some fresh air while its still cool out there.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! The girls and I are going to be away for a week. Its just to my parents place (out in the 'quiet' country), but  I'm pretty excited to get out of the house.


Accomplishment Post

After many weeks of feeling like everything in my life was just piling up and I felt like I was either taking care of the girls or kept running in circles trying to keep a small amount caught up with (forget about anything else). Feeling like I was at a dead end. I heard it from all ends..."maybe if you put stuff away, you'll be able to find it", "what's for dinner?", "can you play with me?", *whining*, "why do I always have to clean up my toys?", "I'm starving"...etc. When you feel like your world is crashing and closing in on you, those things always seem multiplied and you feel like 1. no one appreciates anything you're trying to do 2. Nobody cares and 3. Like its a never-ending circle of emotions.

You start to get angry and frustrated wondering if everyone wants something done so badly, why can't they lift a finger...or two and help instead of leaving everything on MY shoulders.

I finally got things done yesterday. If it wasn't editing for clients, it was taking care of the girls and making sure they were happy, if it wasn't P wanting something it was the ladies wanting something. In the end, I guess I kinda have these moments where I give up on life and pleasing people. Then it catches up to you and you feel closed in.
Yesterday, I got up got the ladies and I ready, went for a play date and once we got home I put S down for the first nap of the day and got some much needed cleaning done. I cleaned the backyard and watered the plants (just a little because its suppose to rain *lots* tonight) and I'm feeling refreshed. Oh! Not only did I get a $#!^ ton of cleaning done in that time, but I also had a shower and got dressed before I heard S wake up. It was great!

I made Peameal & Eggs for dinner last night. I'm hoping that this feeling stays for a little while.


Happy 1st Birthday Chunky Monkey!!

S' 1st Birthday landed on a Saturday this year, so we were lucky enough to enjoy it on the day with everyone! Like E, S has her birthday on a long weekend. Normally its hard to get people to come to birthday's on a long weekend, but we did pretty well this year considering. S enjoyed being the center of attention even though she looked at everyone like they were crazy for taking pictures of her eating! She enjoyed her Banana Cake thoroughly and ate every.bit of it! 

S had lots of fun teasing daddy with her cake too. She kept passing it to him and then taking it away while she shoved it in her own mouth and giggling!

Overall we had a really good day. The weather was beautiful and we all go to sit outside and enjoy it!

Now, we have to start planning E's birthday...


S' Sock MONKAY!!!!

For S' 1st birthday, we've decided to do a Sock Monkey theme. I have my best friend to thank for most of it, because if it wasn't for her I wouldn't have anything done up to this point other than a bunch of written down ideas!

Aside from all the work I've had to catch up on the last couple of weeks, I guess I've almost been in denial that she's turning 1 in (now) 2 days!

I thought it wouldn't be such a huge deal once you have more than one child, but it seems to get worse the further you go. E seemed like she grew up fast, but her 1st birthday didn't exactly fly by like it did with S. The more busy you are, the faster time flies. I'm just glad to be a Photographer and have gotten a lot of the photos I did.

They say you tend to take less photos of the second one, but [for me] that couldn't be farther from the truth. I mean, I COULD be a couple hundred off...but considering E had 10,000 photos by the time she was 2, I'd say S is doing pretty well. ;)

What I'm trying to say is that its just as hard with S as it was with E turning 1. You never want your kids to grow up, even though at the same time you can't wait to grow with them and experience so much more.

Both girls have milestone birthday's this year and it makes me sad that I have to choke down two of them in the same year!


You know that PIER ONE COMMERCIAL with the Sock Monkey? Well, P decided one day to say "S' Sock MONKAY!!!" instead of what the Sock Monkey really says. S smiled for the first time (and giggled eventually) at that and its been an ongoing thing in our house. Now, because that was the key reason that she smiled we figured it was suiting for her first birthday...and it has a cute story behind it! :)



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