Smooth Sailing- sort of.

We've been kind of taking advantage of the weather here. Its been chilly in the mornings, but by the afternoon, its 19*C (this week). I've been pretty confused on how to dress the girls, because the weather just changes on a whim right now.

I took S out to do a couple fall mini sessions and I'm not going to lie, she made it mighty difficult. She either didn't want to look at the camera and was too busy watching people go by, or she was too busy enjoying the beauty that nature has to offer...fall leaves. Granted, the second time around it was my fault for the leaves! :)

Overall our week has gone fairly smooth, but I haven't had anytime to just sit and write a post...or 3. D is settling down now, but it still takes some time and he's still getting into lots. They say raising kids is hard? So far, this puppy has shown me more stress than both my girls combined! I can't wait until his puppy stage is over.

L has been getting into trouble sometimes too. My little fluff-ball is learning from doofus!

I have to include my input on Dexter's series finale...DON'T WORRY! No spoilers here, I know what its like to accidentally read something. I'm just going to say...BULL****! 

what a crappy, disheartening, happy ending! I cried though the whole thing and I don't know whether to be happy, sad or completely pissed off!

For those of you who saw it (without giving it away for anyone else who may be reading along) what are your thought on it all?

THAT being said...we still have the Breaking Bad finale to watch on Sunday! I have a feeling that whether or not we're upset about the outcome, we won't be disappointed. No one's ever happy about the ending of a series, but it can definitely go down with a BANG!

I have a feeling he's going to go completely ape sh**! I think he has nothing left to live for, so he's just going to go on a rampage now. For those of you waiting until Sunday for the series finale...what are YOUR thoughts on what you think is going to happen? I'm just hoping I won't be sickly disappointed.

As for the weekend, I'm not too sure what's going on but I'm hoping for some quality time spent. Perhaps some quiet. With lots of photos taken of course! ;)


12 Month Check-up

S had a fairly good day today. She woke up at 7 but I didn't have to grab her until 8. She decided not to nap in the morning and then she had a doctor's appointment at 215 which meant she would miss her second nap as well.

S is 29.5 inches and 20 pounds. The doctor thought that she would be more than that seeing as she was 18 pounds at 10 months. S is healthy and right on track. She got two needles in her arm today. She took the first one fairly smooth and only whined about it and it was over. As soon as the second one went into her arm she freaked out and her face turned tomato red and she was hyperventilating and was crying so hard she looked like she was struggling to breathe at the same time. S was fine, I sat with her for a couple minutes in the chair and just calmed her down.

We had to make a couple stops on the way home and the first one she slept maybe 10 minutes. I managed to carry her from the car to the back of the store before she woke up. That never happens. After that, she just enjoyed the car ride wide awake in a pretty good mood.

Once we got home, I got dinner in the oven and E, S and I went up to my room for some quiet time and I uploaded these photos and we just enjoyed some girl time. S decided she was going to explore the room and found a roll of toilet paper and managed to unroll whatever she wanted and was putting it above her head and playing with it. She tore it up and it was in a huge pile on the floor when she was done with it. We all went downstairs after that and daddy came home shortly after and I finished dinner.

P got the girls bathed and put them to bed and now we're going to enjoy some much needed adult time. Oh...and Survivor is back...just in time for our other shows to finish (ie. SYTYCD, Master Chef...etc.)


Its Monday

We were out in the country this weekend visiting my parents and we spent most of Sunday in front of the bonfire, because walking outside of that 'ring of fire' was pretty chilly.

We ended up going to bed Saturday evening at 3 am and once my head hit the pillow I was out. Sunday morning I was just in a horrid mood. P woke me up at 830 and reminded me he was leaving to go Paint Balling and after being up until 3 am its like SURPRISE! You're going to be left alone with both girls and both dogs...again. I won't go into details...but needless-to-say my weekend was far from relaxing and its now Monday morning and I really just want to stay in my pj's today and not do a thing.

P didn't bring all the bags out of the car, so I don't have my camera or my iPad today. Kinda forcing me to do nothing today, but now I feel weird not having my camera. I haven't been without ever.

This morning was kind of a weird morning, S woke up when E opened the bedroom door, so E ended up laying in her bed until I got out of bed. I got E to get dressed before we went down stairs and then I got them organized for breakfast after that.

Once E had her breakfast, I sent her upstairs to brush her teeth and make her bed. This year, I've been making her lunches the night before, so its one less thing I have to do in the morning. Its actually a HUGE difference since starting that. My mornings have been smooth sailing.

S was tired, so at 8 again so she could rest, but she hasn't gone back to sleep. I'm going to grab her soon to play for a little while and then I'll put her back down at normal time.

D is getting better (in general) so it has been a little bit of a relief that way. The only thing we have to curb now (other than him occasionally peeing in the house still) is the barking. Next weekend, we'll be getting him a bark collar. We've never used one, but a lot of people have suggested it and I'm kinda desperate right now.

Today I think I'm going to enjoy time with S and watch TV when she's napping. I really don't want to get out of my pj's today, so I don't think I will. Normally I'm dressed by the time E goes to school, but I really can't be bothered.

I'm going to grab S and finish my coffee and maybe enjoy some breakfast while I can.

No pictures today, hopefully I'll have them done by tomorrow - plus, I need to update my 365. I'm now a few days behind.


Friday Post!

Its here, its here, its here!!! Friday! Again, I'm a little behind on my 365, but I'll be catching up with that later. E is ready for school and now watching recorded Cat in the Hat while I relax and drink a much needed coffee. 

The dogs are calm this morning and sharing a chair both eating bones did I get so lucky? No idea! S is still sleeping and so is my bestie who came yesterday for a visit. 

We all went to sleep at a decent time, but coffee is always needed when you're up earlier than 2pm. Haha.

Its a cold one today and apparently they're saying we're going to need to pull out the winter stuff on the weekend! WTF??! No matter the weather, I just hope there will be sun. Sun makes everything better!

This weekend we're heading to the country with the dogs. They'll be able to run and burn off all the energy they've built up in the week and I won't be going too crazy either. They both love running and being free out there and they love playing with their dogs too. B (Brinkley) is a Rough Collie and they have P (Phoebe) a shitzu. B is almost 2 and P is almost 13. 

Together the 4 of them have a great time playing, fighting and running. Most of all they love sleeping! :)

I'm going to bring my technology with me this weekend, just so I can update my 365 (mainly).

Did I mention is was Friday!!!?

E's been waking up with dry cough and snuffy nose, but by the afternoon she's great. The weather changing is bringing a lot of people down with it. I'm just glad we won't need the air conditioner on this weekend, but from the sounds of it, we may need the heat! :(


Your not so Typical Hump Day

This morning was mighty easy. The dogs stayed in their crate until 830, E is off to school and S is still sleeping. I'm sitting here watching Cat in the Hat by myself (its more like background noise) while I write this post.

I managed to finish my latte this morning instead of drinking it cold at 10 am. Today is suppose to be another smoldering day. I don't think I'm going to go anywhere today and I'm possibly going to spend the day in my pj's!

I'm tired. I want to go back to sleep, but I know once I do, S will get up and I'll be even more tired from trying and only getting a couple of minutes.

If she's not up by 9, I'm waking her up. She needs her morning nap and may not take one if she sleeps too long.

This week is going too slow, but when I look back, its already Wednesday-so how slow is it reeeaaallly? My sister came for a visit yesterday, so my day pretty much flew by.

D has been a pest and at this point, I don't ink he's going to give in and I'm a little worried about that. We gave him a month to sort everything out and "fit" in per say, but so far (except for learning VERY LITTLE) he's not giving up. I refuse to give in, because I have two kids and I don't need him being shifty and unpredictable. He bites EVERYTHING, he pees EVERYWHERE and he can't sit still for a minute unless he's in the crate. I can't do anything unless he's in his crate, because I can't do things around here and follow him every 5 minutes. I can barley get dinner started with S being mobile.

Right now, its not worth it to me to have to stress over a dog. Our lives were busy, but not stressful until this dog came into our lives and now I feel like everything is upside down. Completely. D either learns and conforms to the way we do things or he's gone. 

Anyway, I need to get S up or she won't nap properly today.


A Lighter Week

Here I go again...behind on my blog posting! I'm sorry guys! Its been tough juggling everything these days, so I've been doing the most important stuff first which seems like I'm still juggling everything (if you could imagine). S is mobile now, so I've been making sure she doesn't get into things as well as the puppy not biting, stealing L's dog food and peeing on the floor. I don't know what we were thinking by getting a dog just before our youngest starts her toddler process as well. I mean, I know why..but it was stupid. Completely stupid.

At least I'm caught up (for now). I'm going to have to do the two loads of laundry I have today/tomorrow or else before I know it I'll have nine that I can't do just in one day. Other than dishes and keeping up with the vacuuming/cleaning floors, I think I pretty much have this week under control.

This past weekend I got a nasty head cold, just after S got her runny nose. It seemed to only last until Sunday night when I took a NyQuil and I woke up Monday morning like I had never had a cold. I still sounded a little stuffed, but I could 

breathe completely through my nose. Last night before bed I was playing with the girls in my room when S wanted to get down and 'explore'. S decided that she wanted to look out the window for the first time by herself. She crawled to the window sill and pulled herself up. E wanted to look out the window with her. 

When E was finished and wanted to do her own thing, S walked along the wall to get to my desk. Not too far away from the window, but she made the effort to walk along the wall. Considering she just started standing, I'm pretty impressed that she's walking while holding stuff already. It just seems like she's learned to pretty much do the hard stuff, now she's willing to work the rest out - and quickly. Since S was a baby, she's always wanted to look out the window after she woke up before going downstairs. I just think she likes spying on people...but lets hope not. lol

E still makes it clear that she wishes she was new again and would stay small longer. And I still make it clear that she now knows what we feel like about her almost being 5!

Today, is going to be very warm. This morning at 830 it had already started to get muggy, I don't want to know what it feels like now. I was thinking of going outside at some point today, but if its going to be hard to breathe, S isn't going to want to sit in that kind of heat and go for a walk. We'll see what its like when she gets up.

The girls got a shopping spree on the weekend. I'm going to do a post of the outfits when I have some time to take pictures of them all. :)



Today was a busy day. We got the house organized for my MIL to be here for the weekend and once again organized the spare room from the disaster it was to somewhere she could sleep....anyone could sleep. 

P went to pick her up and should be here anytime now.

I spent all day on my feet and finally at 1030 pm I was able to sit down after a LONG day. I also ran out and did a bunch of arrands, only to find out that the main thing I went out for- P was about to get anyway! 

To make a long story short, I'm exhausted and I'm ready for a nice relaxing evening now. The girls were in bed at 8 pm and the dogs were put in their crate after I was done cleaning and organizing the basement/ laundry.

Good news? I found the suitcase I was looking for with all of E's old 12-18 month stuff!!! Yay!! Even though it was all cleaned before packing it away, it was smelling a little "packed away" so I threw them in the washing machine after I was done everything else and S will have some more clothes to wear. It makes me sad seeing all of E's old clothes! But I'm glad I kept them....all the stuff that made the cut (after stains and rips...etc.)

Riiiight, S is now up at 1040, maybe I won't catch a break tonight...


Thursday Post

Today I felt like matching the girls outfits - down to their socks! :) It was a pretty good morning except for the fact that the dogs had me up at 615 this morning. I got up at 630, let them out and then put them back in so I could get another half hour of sleep before I had to get up and get the ladies breakfast started before they woke up. E got up at 730, so I had some time to put things together and make sure she got dressed and started eating before I took S out of bed who was stirring at 7.

E was off to school  and I've just been trying to relax. Yesterday I did everything but sit down for 5 minutes until the ladies went to bed. Today, I'm not planning on doing too much. I may take S outside, but its started getting chilly outside and she's looking like she's got a bit of a runny nose. Not too sure if its a cold waiting to happen, but either way school starts and one of the girls are already starting to show minor cold symptoms.

I think S is finally settling down, so I'm going to try and nap on the couch while I have some time to myself. Even if its quiet time for an hour. I need it today.


Guess What?

Someone's mighty proud of themselves!
S has officially been working those legs and getting herself to stand position. She's only done it twice on the actual wood floors in the living room but it hasn't been straight up, its been with her bum sticking out. This has been the only way for her to stand up fully this week. S isn't the only proud one around here. :)


1 yr 1 month

Outfit from: Joe Fresh

S is 1 yr 1 month today.

She can officially crawl as of a couple weeks ago. She's starting to pull herself up on tables, but only to her knees. Last night, she pulled herself to her feet and stood up for a few seconds, but with her bum sticking out as opposed to standing up straight. She casually sat down after that and crawled away. She hasn't done that since.

She's more vocal and constantly letting you know what she wants. She can't talk yet, but you definitely know when she's upset or when she wants something specific.

Yesterday she said Aunty T for the first time (twice). The first time we thought it was a fluke and then I said and she copied me right after. Now that she can crawl she's been checking out all the new nooks that she can find. I haven't found her under the kitchen table yet or in a cupboard, but I'm sure she'll figure that out soon enough!

For now, she's just chasing E and the dogs! Haha

She's not into TV. At this age, E would sit and watch something for a little while, but S looks at it because it moves and then she's off finding things to explore.

She's into most things, but she likes touching stuff under the table and the computer cable. S also likes taking the toys out of the toy bag herself.

S will stop crawling all of a sudden and get up on her feet and push her bum in the air and then continue to crawl. Aunty T taught her how to hit her mouth and make noise, so for the last week, she's been imitating us or just decides to do it on her own.

S loves water bottles. She loves crunching them and biting them.

S has been growing like a weed, a lot faster than E but at least we can enjoy an outfit (still) for more than a month before we have to change her wardrobe. For S' first birthday, she got a beautiful outfit from my friend K and I put it on her this morning (picture above). Its a little big, but it looks so great on her! She was given the same kind of outfit but different pattern from our neighbor, but its 18-24 months- I can't wait to put that on her!

S is a very determined little girl. Unlike E, she is very stubborn and won't give up on anything. She gets mad and frustrated easy (like mama) but she continues to do whatever she's trying to do.


Up and on the Run

E doesn't start school today, because her school is transitioning from our old school to a new school while they're doing renovations on their school. Instead of having the JK's take their first day by themselves, they decided to have the SK's with them for a Lemonade Party seeing as they never got to see their classrooms before school started.

E met a new friend and played with her almost the whole time. Of course, E had an attitude walking out of the school because she didn't want to leave but we came home, had lunch and now both ladies are down for MUCH needed naps. E probably won't nap TOO long, but S didn't get her morning nap so she's cranky!

I'm sitting enjoying my first coffee of the day -.- and trying to get my brain back to normal after being overwhelmed with parents/kids in the new classroom! S got to colour while we were there as well. She wanted to get down a play with all the kids, but it was too crazy in there for me to let her down to play. If she walked it would've been a little different.

First day of school tomorrow. I'm looking forward to having S go down for a nap and I get that quiet time by myself back, but E's been a HUGE help this summer on top of being difficult any chance she got. I'm going to miss her during the day. I'm not going to miss however, her bad attitude when she gets home from school.

As for D, he's adjusting better, but I'm still fuming with him these days. I told P that he has a MONTH to straighten up or he's gone. Its not fair that my temper is flaring and I'm more stressed than usual over a dog. If he can't fit in with us and our rules, then we're going to have to find him a new home. Its going to break E's heart and mine...I mean I hate him right now, but I was very much a part of him being here, so I obviously want him. Its just too much. I can deal with the nibbling on everything and the trying to steal L's food-  but I can't deal with him peeing on the more so on purpose because he now knows he's done something wrong and runs away. L finally warmed up to having him and even though she gets pretty annoyed with him, she's always poking him to play and tug with her. Its pretty darn cute! :)

I'm going to enjoy my coffee and enjoy the fact that there is only L and I lounging in the living room for at least an hour! Quuuuuiiiiieeeeettttt tttttiiiiimmmmmeeee! ;)


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