1 yr 2 months [Oct. 3]

S is 14 months!

  • S is now walking along tables, couches, chairs...etc.
  • she explores but she isn't getting into things so much
  • S loves being able to make it to wherever her sister is sitting, laying...etc.
  • she isn't too much into toys right now, because she knows that there is more out there than just sitting and playing on the floor unless her big sister is playing with something
  • S is into hitting - she finds it funny as opposed to doing it to hurt, but we've had to start staying on it
  • S still loves looking out her window after waking up in the mornings or after naps. She points to the window after I take her out of the crib and makes sure that we look outside first
  • she still refuses to say "mama" on a regular basis - since saying it, she's only said it a total of 4 times - I think she's just enjoying the agony she's putting me through by not saying it lol
  • her blanky is her best friend
  • she's just getting into "watching" stuff on tv's/computers - she finds it funny
  • S dances to any music she likes wherever its coming from - she shifts her body back and fourth in the car if she likes a song on the radio {ie. free bird}
  • S now has 3 teeth on the top (the 4th (top right) is coming through still) and 2 on the bottom - she keeps shoving her fingers to the back of her mouth, so I'm assuming there's some coming through soon back there, but we don't see any as of right now
  • her favorite food is still pasta & bread - but she eats just about everything still - except eggs of course
  • S gets in fits of laughter when she's tired - I'll go to grab her while she's standing on the back of the couch and say: "I'm going to get those legs" in a high pitched voice and she gets all shaky and excited and she'll fall down on her bum giggling [...annnnnd repeat]
  •  like the other ladies in our family, she carry's on the tradition of "The Scrunchy Face"
  • nap or no nap, S takes two 1 hour "quiet time's" / day
  • while S is strapped in her chair, she stands on the floor and moves the chair - I swear she's going to walk the living room one of these days! :)
  • she doesn't like dogs in her "personal space" or anyone for that matter
  • S just started making the "kiss" sound (mmmpt)
  • she's still a mommy's girl, but she still feels the need to say "dada" all the time lol
  • she waves hi/bye by moving her fingers in and out directed at herself
  • she spits food out that she doesn't like or doesn't feel like eating and she drops things on the floor occasionally
  • nothing ever stays on a table - paper, toys, converters...etc.
  • if she wants something moved out of her way while she's crawling on the floor, she throws it back behind her
  • She cheeky, spunky and knows what she wants in a nutshell

Apples, Pumpkins, Wine & Fun!


We decided to take the ladies apple picking because we've been talking about going to the farm since she went Strawberry picking back in June! We always try to go at least once a year to grab fresh fruit, but I wish we could get over there more often. Things always seem to pile up and then we forget about it for another 3 months! 

Normally when we "remember" to go, its the end of October and everything has been picked by the farmers. This we decided to go earlier than E's birthday and they still had picked just about everything. We managed to pick some Spy apples that we can make apple sauce with or pie if I wanted to. But I go there mainly for the Macs! The pears were picked too or else I would've picked some of those as well.

After we picked our apples, E wanted to go on the hay ride around the farm. Its normally just for driving around to the fruit people want in certain areas, but E has been going around and doing a full circle every year since she was 1.5 yrs old. This time, I told her to enjoy it with daddy while I stayed back with a very tired S.

After she enjoyed the hay ride, she asked to play at the park they have there. That is pretty much the reason she wanted to go. A farm to pick veggies/fruit and she wants their park! I know, a typical (almost) 5 year olds mentality! :) I managed to get E holding S on the seat of the old tractor they have there in the middle of cranky pants napless day! 

I told E once she was done at the park, mommy wanted to get some pictures before we left. Even though it was an overcast day seeming to threaten with rain, they called the rain on Friday, so we wanted to get to the farm before it decided to pour all day Sunday. E was facinated by the different shapes of gourds. Now that she's old enough she notices things she's seen before and can appreciate those little things now. I think she would've bought the whole bushel if she could. :p

I simply cannot go to the farm in October without getting the girls in the middle of pumpkins and get cheeky faces out of them in the process! Look at that face (and those teeth!!) This will be the first time I was able to get a teethy shot without it being forced! I love it and the pick lady in a sea of pumpkins!

They are always enjoying each other's company and I got to catch a glimpse of it with my camera yesterday. E is forever teaching/ showing her sister something and together they learn from each other. My heart is full with these two!

Overall, we had a fantastic day trip. We also made a stop into their winery and bought a couple bottles that PROBABLY won't last too much longer. 

We danced and sang in the car, enjoyed some quality family time and it was a beautiful day all 'round.

As always, we can't wait for our trip back!


Fall Bucket List

I've been seeing this go around since October 1. I have a few I can check off already, but this is a really long list...who else is on the bucket list bandwagon?


Outfit Post [FINALLY]

Finally, my sneak peek of Fall Outfits that I bought for the little! We bought quite a few, so posting them all would've taken WAY too much time! But here are a few outfits that I chose to show off :

I love the new fall colours they have out this year. The only problem is that when I'm looking for orange, browns & reds to put on the kids of fall...they're nowhere to be seen now. I'm really loving the "coral" colours though.

Anything goes with Polka Dots. I don't care if they're spring, summer, fall or winter colours. Its being bought! :p

I bought these along with cute little gray and pink booty slippers. These are about 2-3 sizes too big for S right now, but I had to buy them!

There has been lots of "mint green" for fall. I usually saw that colour as a winter colour, but they've been changing things around a lot. I have to get used to it, because I'm not big on mint green. I'm loving the blues.

Another adorable find. Gray and blues are the best on whatever kid you have. It started with "boys" colours and I'm finding every year they're making more and more colours suit girls. I'm loving it.

Jean blue and coral is another one I never thought about until this year. I love the bright colours with the dark colours.

Another style I'm liking is the "jeggings" with the onsies. With S' chunky legs, the jeggings look ADORABLE!

Those are just a few outfits I bought for fall/winter. If there's any more that I can put together that I missed, I'll post later.

*all outfits were purchased at Carters/Oshkosh


Hello, October!

Okay, so I'm a few days behind on this post...but most of you saw this image on the 1st for my 365, so you know I'm not behind on the image! ;)

I've been trying to get a lot done this week when I find those bursts of energy I know only lasts a short time these days. A random head cold slowly sprung on me this past weekend and even though its staying steady and not so heavy, it still feels like it wearing me down on top of it all. Not to mention my monthly decided to spring on me at the same time. Isn't that always the way?

If you know me (at all) you would know "red" is a colour I have loathed for a very long time. Dating back to high school. Don't ask me why, because I don't know. I just can't stand the colour. I do however, love it when its mixed in with yellows, oranges, browns and greens. I love everything to do with fall, and our oldest is lucky enough to not only have a Thanksgiving birthday, but she gets to enjoy the beautiful colours of fall for her birthday by being almost dead in the center of the month.

E has been helping me gather leaves for either pictures or to bring to school and it wouldn't be a good leaf if it wasn't perfect every time. Every leaf she finds is crisp and full of colour. The artist in her comes out in fall and I love every bit of it.

E recently told us that she wants to be an artist. She's definitely my kid. I've never been too serious about the sciences and maths, but give me an art class and I'll be there every.single.day full attention. And now look, in the end I chose Photography on top of all the drawing and painting I love to do as well. I may not be very good at drawing/painting, but I love everything artsy. E seems to be going that direction too.

I tell E all the time, as long as you love what you do -do it all the time! If you love to draw, draw until you can't draw anymore. If people have something to say about it, keep doing it anyway. I'm always getting told I take too many photos, but I would hope that something I plan to give to others is something that I can't get enough of and have a passion for. Isn't that what a great professional does? Lives and breathes what they love to do and to give others?

If I didn't have a passion for it, then I wouldn't expect people to trust me with putting their memories together. Its a lifetime commitment, I would hope that I would do nothing but that.

I'm a mom first and foremost, no matter what I'm doing but I also make sure to give my best to whoever's willing to give me the chance.



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