Looking Forward to the Holidays

This week has been pretty rotten for us. The week started off where P was viciously sick on Monday evening, I was sick a little (after hearing P for 2 hours straight) and S woke up sick as well. By 3 am it seemed to all settle down and we all got sleep, but P needed to stay home from work and I kept E home because she was up with me keeping S company while I was changing sheets and trying to let my stomach settle in the process.

If E didn't get up, it would've been a little difficult. Needless-to-say I got very little sleep and the next day I was running after everyone trying to meet their needs as well as keep this place as clean & tidy as I could.

We literally had a Lazy.Sick.Day. P barely got off the couch due to weakness and dehydration, S was okay, but feeling very cuddly and attached to my hip and E was either helping me or watching movies with daddy.

Hopefully these sick days will be gone from this house for at least a year. Its not often that I get sick (stomach flu), but this year has been pretty horrible for the other 3. Luckily, I've been getting by with nausea and slight stomach bugs. Nothing to shake a stick at compared to them, but it still puts everything on hold when you're feeling down in the dumps.

Also, Monday afternoon my computer completely reset to original settings so I lost EVERYTHING. Luckily, the important original documents and my images were all backed up or in my email safe. But any programs I had went bye, bye. So, on top of everything I've been spending my free time adding things back to my computer.

On the upside, S is feeling 100% better as opposed to her sniffles and teething. She's still taking teething pretty well and isn't waking up at night (fully) or for any length of time. Today, mama finally tackled her hair and got her first piggies in by me. I never did E's hair - it was always my mom or someone else who was interested until E was at that age where she would sit still. 

S doesn't like people holding her down or making her sit a certain way, but I did a pretty good job considering - and she sat pretty still for me except for the occasional head turn to see what I was doing. After her nap I'm going to have to do it again, because when I checked on her she had pulled them out (or they had fallen out).

Is it Thursday yet? E has no school Friday, so tomorrow will be her official last day before the holidays. She's having a little Christmas Party in her classroom and she's going to bring her Santa Hat/Reindeer Antlers with her and she's going to be decked out in her favorite colour - Red. :p

I'm using today as my cleaning day. I want it all done by Friday...cleaning, laundry, organizing...etc. I don't want anything else to do (other than the light stuff) until after the holidays.

Alright, time for lunch and then I have to get on with the cleaning! Blah.


Winter & Holidays

This week is feeling a little more holiday-like. Holiday slumps are not the greatest, but when you're surprised with large amounts of gratitude and help, it fills your heart with so much joy. We didn't think we'd be able to give the girls a Christmas this year and because of some very generous people, we're able to. And we've finally got our situation sorted out, so we'll finally be getting the money we were suppose to get 6 months ago!

We can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that everything will be okay in the next few weeks and even better in the upcoming months.

I have a couple sessions booked for the Spring and hopefully I can get some more people interested too. Slowly, Slowly everything is starting to look up on a more positive note. Every time we seem to need it the most, it comes out of somewhere most unexpected. Somehow we pull through and make it work - together.

We finally got our winter snow this week. Most places already got snow at the end of November but we didn't have anything more than flurries. Saturday we got 20+ cm of snow and since its only been flurries here and there. S hasn't been out in the snow yet, because her winter coat floats on her, I can only imagine what her snow pants are going to be like. L is liking the snow more than the last few years. She gets in these funny 5 minute moments and starts flipping out in the snow and prancing like a deer.

This weekend we spent the weekend with friends. Saturday we took the girls to Chuckie Cheese for the first time and E played with her friend A the whole time while us adults talked and put S on her first little rides and ate pizza.

S was super excited - more than we expected. If we took her out, she would walk back to whatever ride she just got off of and say: "uh, uh" while pointing to go again. S not only liked this car ride, but she loved the little hot chocolate mug that spun around slowly. She went on both of them about 10 times each. :p

Once we were finished at Chuckie Cheese, we spent the rest of the night with my mom, step-dad & sister watching movies and eating (more pizza). :p

Sunday, we got invited to another friends house to decorate Christmas cookies. They also invited "Santa" to come and surprise the kids. E was SO surprised and it showed all over her face, S on the other hand was put in front of him and she freaked out! This wasn't the first time trying to put her on Santa's lap, but she didn't like the thought at all yesterday. At least we got a picture with her NOT crying at P's work Christmas party! :p

E had a lot of fun and of course got upset when the night was over. Overall it was a great weekend! I can't wait until next weekend!

P is also going to make the Turkey this year. I'm made a Turkey dinner and all the trimmings for the first time this year for Thanksgiving - I don't want to make it twice. :)


Tis the Season

I did the ladies winter session this past weekend. I really wanted them both in their Christmas jammies for the session, but it was too cold for S to wear just her jammies (even though I layered her up too). S slept through most of the session so it was mainly just E and I - but we had so much fun! I got this gorgeous image of the two them when S woke up and I'm going to get this printed out and framed.

Also, a couple weeks ago P had to put in his vacation time months in advance and we were under the impression that he got two weeks after a year, but it only happened to be one. So, he surprised me and took off our Anniversary Weekend included so that he could take me for a two night stay in Montreal. I've only ever been in passing and to the museum while we were in Ottawa, so I haven't really experienced it. It'll be a nice weekend away and he'll still get to enjoy the rest of his holiday at home.

This past Tuesday, we also went to P's work Christmas Party and the girls had a sitter. We went to Spencer's on the Waterfront and its a place we've never been before. A new experience for both of us. It was really nice - the waiters were top notch, the food was awesome and they even had live music for us. We had an excuse to get dolled up and go out without the girls and just have a good time together. I met a few more people since the Golf Tournament in the summer and our table was HILARIOUS! Of course the hubs is always on top of everything and always has something to input. :p

Last night E got his with some sort of bug, but it was only a one time thing. By 10 pm we put her to bed and she slept all night. She went to school today because she seemed fine and felt fine but she always has pizza day today (which makes me a little nervous). I'm expecting a phone call today...bonus if I don't.

They're calling for 5 cm on Saturday so we'll have more than the 1 cm that fell a few days ago and hasn't completely melted yet.

S is down for a nap but I hear her kicking and playing up there. I was hoping for a nap today, so I'm hoping she passes out soon so I can nap with her. I'm finally caught up with house work and everything else that needed to get done, so I can finally nap when I need to. I sent out my Christmas cards this year (on time). Last year I couldn't even get them out. And then we had a mix up (this year) with E's school photos, so they told us to keep the photos we have (for free) and they'll send out our original package ASAP. Once I get those, I'll be sending out her school photo after Christmas. The plan was to put them in the cards.

I hate when you can't do something and you're forced to rely on other people, but those people are NEVER reliable. I'm waiting on a lot of things right now, some for personal, some for business and you know the saying "the squeaky wheel gets the oil"? Yeah, well...that's gotten me NO WHERE.

Other than that, its been a pretty quiet life. I'm looking forward to the holidays and having P home for a few days. And I won't have to get up at 7 am to get E ready for school either. If the alarm doesn't go off, she usually sleeps until 8. I remember this every time the alarm goes off...especially in the winter months when its just so warm and cozy in bed and to get out of it means you have to pry yourself from your pillow and get cold. Blah. The only bonus is that you get a coffee for all your hard work. :p

Okay, I'm going to nap now. I'm exhausted.

I hope all of you are coping with the weather. Its not pretty out there today.


1 Yr, 4 Months & 5 Yr.

We waited on S to get her 15 month needle, so that both girls could go together. E needed to get her 5 yr booster & Chicken Pox and was terrified, so we took them both so E wasn't alone and S was getting hers at the same time.

I kept reminding her that her ears probably hurt more than what this needle(s) were going to feel like.

E is perfectly healthy weighing in at...wait for it...34 POUNDS and she's 41"! lol She's finally gone up and over 30 pounds. This kid wouldn't get to 30 pounds no matter how much she ate. E can officially read books all by herself with minimal help (Mercer Mayer books).

S can officially walk today! 16 months to the day! She started trying to walk here and there and taking two steps yesterday and all of a sudden she has the attitude "I got this!" And man is she on a ROLL!

S is perfectly healthy weighing in at 21 pounds, 2 oz and she's 30"!!! LMAO! I think S is going to outgrow her sister...unless she starts to slow down now and slowly grow like E has done for the last 4 years! :p

Other than walking, S hasn't done too many more things since my last post, so I'll leave you with this photo from today's visit!


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