A Much Needed Update...I know.

Yes, I know! Super behind on any update. I can say I'm updated on my business blog...so that counts for something, right?!

The girls are fine, we're fine but things are moving fast these days. I've got a bunch of offers on the table through work, I've been partnering up with companies to work with and talking on the phone LOTS. A company even called me a couple weeks ago asking if I would sponsor their company and they're a big company, so that brought me lots of excitement as well.

Things are really picking up the last 3 weeks and I'm booked a lot for April and I also have a winter session coming up in a little over a week! 

I just ordered a crap-load of props that I'm itching to get in the mail, as well as other big items that I won't be announcing until I actually use them in my Newborn Session in April! :) Busy, Busy, Busy!

Aside from all of that, the girls are doing well. S' 18 month appointment needs to be booked soon and I've completely slacked on her monthly updates. As soon as she has her 18 month appointment I will do an update on everything she's doing now. Its going to be a huge change from her 15 month update. She's talking a lot now and she's making things more known when she isn't happy or if she wants something. She can say things like Purple, Yellow, Ball, Sister, Daddy/Dada, Mama, What's that?, Yia, Yia, Grand-dad, Lilly...you name it she's pretty much got it down pat. She still can't say a LOT of things, but her vocabulary has grown much faster in the last 3 months than anything else. She's a pro walker now and she's "the boss of any situation". Her favorite shows right now are Cat in the Hat & Peg + Cat. I feel like that's all I watch during the day unless she's down for her naps. Her favorite food seems to be Cheese Sandwiches. She's a little picky right now when it comes to meat, but when she feels like eating it S finishes everything. 

S doesn't like Strawberries and I'm not too sure if it was because they were a little bitter or if she really doesn't like them. Once they're in season, I'll try again. S still refuses to eat eggs. Nothing I do will get her to eat them, except the first bite that usually goes down because she doesn't realize that they're eggs.

A lot has changed. Its kinda sad.

As for E, she's onto kids chapter books. She came home from school and said "I think I'm ready for these mommy". If she can read Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs & Ham from front to back without an issue, I'm sure she can do just about anything at this point. Friday she has another Pj & Hot Chocolate Day, so she's pretty excited about that. I don't blame her, I want to go back to kindergarten just to enjoy those things too!

I don't really know what to say about E, because she's constantly throwing something new at us and we can't keep up with those milestones anymore. The words she uses, the facial expressions she throws out...I just can't. lol I will forever remember all these moments and see her face in my head every time something similar comes up, but I can't even write it to explain it the way it should be explained. She just...blows our minds. Seriously. That's the only way to describe our (now) 5 yr old!

Between the two of them, they love each other dearly, but S is going through the "I'm going to hit my sister and get a reaction out of her and then laugh about it" stage and E is "I'm going to tattle tale on every.single.thing that my sister is doing because she's bothering me" stage. Its not often, but its at the perfect moment while I'm trying to make dinner that these moments happen. The rest of the day I hear nothing from the two of them, as soon as I go to make dinner that's when the "arguing" starts.

Aside from those little tedious moments, the girls have recently decided that they're going to do yoga together. E showed S the moves she learned in school last year (randomly I might add) and they're forever doing yoga in our living room! They're either pulling out all my blankets and throwing them onto the floor to do it, or E pulls out my yoga mat and starts doing...well...THAT and S just decides "sure, I'll do that too!" :) Our days are filled with fun and laughter 99.9% of the time.

I haven't had time to breathe, but its not a bad thing. Its not like I'm overwhelmed and don't know what to do first. I'm organized and moving forward and I feel refreshed at this point. The girls seem to be helping out on the days that I really need to get my work done and the days I don't, well...we still have our crazies, I'll tell ya!

Even though I've been hibernating for the winter, I've got work everyday that I've been getting done and the girls haven't been neglected so I guess that's a good thing? :p The girls are happy, we're happy and P just got a HUGE promotion  for the second time in a year that he's been working there and he just got another awesome raise too! Things are moving forward for both of us and we're on a roll right now.

My main computer died a couple weeks ago and I didn't know why until I got my dad to look at it (he's gone to school for computer programming) so I'm thankful for being a computer programmer's daughter while I'm building to be a Photographer, because it saves me a crap-load of money before I have to take it in to get it repaired and pay for them to tell me what's wrong with it. :p

Anyway, that pretty much sums up our New Year! Things couldn't be any better and I'm very thankful 2013 is behind us! It was a horrible year, but 2014 is looking fantastic so far. 

I met some new friends/clients and I look forward to seeing what this year has in store of all of us! Its been a long time coming. I'm so proud of my husband...its taken him 7 years to finally find something that is perfect for him. I couldn't be anymore proud of him in this moment than I am now. The other employees love him and are constantly fighting over who works with him everyday and he's working hard everyday to build for all of us!

Here's to 2014!


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

   We started off our holidays with art & baking. E felt the need to be creative (and in our house its something that is completely welcomed) and I felt like I wanted to bake. I always want to bake, but this year I put my mind on baking from scratch and baked a couple things I was mighty proud of this time around.                                                                                                 

Right before Christmas we got an Ice Storm that covered everything with a sheet of ice. The trees and berries were tucked in the ice as well as the ever green needles - and then of course there were icicles hanging on everything. Nana surprised E with tickets to Aladdin for Christmas, but she didn't know about them until she was outside the theater with daddy which was the same day as the ice storm. We asked if she wanted to wear her Jasmine dress to "wherever she was going" and we told her it could ONLY be Jasmine. Of course, if she could go anywhere in a princess dress, she'll take us up on the offer. :)


The day before Christmas Eve we had P's work buddy C and daughter stay the night. E and A slept on the couch and had their little girls night until 1030 pm with us and then they talked until they both fell asleep. S was attached to A's hip and was so fascinated by her. She followed her everywhere she could. :)

Christmas Eve (evening) we had our Christmas dinner with P's dad & step mom and the ladies got to spend some quality time with them and open gifts from them a little earlier.

At the end of the night P and I were exhausted. We didn't make it past 10 pm. We made sure E put out milk & cookies and Santa brought the gifts and we went to bed.

Christmas morning, E was up at 730 (surprisingly) and S woke up just after that. We all got up and made our way downstairs.


The look on S' face tells you that she really didn't understand why she was being forced to open gifts when that was the time she was suppose to be eating breakfast! lol S was taking cues from E and watching what she was doing and then started unwrapping things. She wasn't fully awake yet, so I had to pull a little and then she got the idea and pulled harder. It was pretty fun to experience her first Christmas actually being able to open things AND with E. :)

Once we opened our gifts the girls played a little with their new toys and I got stuff ready so we could head to my mom & sister's house. Before we walked out the door I wanted to snap a couple photos of daddy and the ladies in front of the bare tree, but S wouldn't have any of it. She was having a rough morning, so we quickly rushed through the photos and headed out.

Once we got to my mom & sister's house, we sat around for a little while and then everyone wanted to open gifts (more so E who couldn't stop asking every 5 minutes) so we got everything set up in the TV room and opened gifts together.

E's big gift from my mom  & step dad was an Easy Bake Oven this year. S got a bunch of noisy toys. My sister got me some lotions and an Ellen sweater and my mom & step dad to me an Elf on the Shelf because my sister told them I mentioned it throughout the year and P got a bunch of clothes for work and otherwise. P and I also got a Crock Pot that I mentioned I didn't have and never used. After we opened gifts we just sat around waiting for dinner pretty much and took pictures here and there from our phones. We closed off the evening watching Christmas movies, stuffing our faces with chocolate and Boxing Day we did the same thing.

Overall we had an awesome Christmas and we got more than we ever ask for.

As for New Years Eve, we put the ladies to bed on time and grabbed a couple drinks for ourselves and curled up on the couch and played Splinter Cell until about 30 minutes to midnight. Then we watched the crowd at Niagara Falls freeze their butts off while we were home all bundled warm. :) We rang in the new year with a kiss and quickly went to bed because we both couldn't keep our eyes open long enough.

Today, we're spending it home with the ladies. S is having a much needed nap, E is playing quietly to herself, P is watching the hockey game and I'm updating my photos/blog. As well as doing laundry in between.

Now, I'm going to sit and enjoy some time with the fam and figure out what we're going to be doing the rest of the day and what the hell I'm going to make for dinner! :)



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