Family Photo Shoot!

We got our family photos taken last week! I love them! We needed some updated ones! Here is a sneak peek from our session!

A huge thank you to Swift Sparrow Photography for coming out to do a session for us! If you don't already like her page, head over there and give her a big like and let her know that you're coming from Sweet Spot Photography!


Potty Training {second time around}

P and I decided to start S on the potty. We started E at a year old just to let her get the feel of it early on. E being the first born, it was a real hard process to go through. At 2, E had the potty down pat and would even nap without a diaper and then all of a sudden at almost 3 years old she regressed and that all went down the drain. We finally have her trained with an occasional accident, but she's still sleeping with a pull-up. 

We put S on the potty the other night for the first time and she sat on it and wasn't sure at first. She kept wanting to sit and stand, sit and stand...and finally she stood up and kept pointing to the potty saying "pee pee & poo poo" but I wasn't sure if she had to go or she was just repeating after us and was putting it together that the potty is where she had to go so I let her examine it. Finally, she runs into the kitchen and I catch her peeing on the floor. I put her back on the potty and cleaned up the mess and by the time I was done she was asking to get off again. I took her off and she started peeing in front of the potty. I put her back on and cleaned up the mess again. Leaving her there for a little while longer, she wanted to get off again. I took her off and she ran to P and as I was looking to see if there was anything in there, she slipped on the floor in front of P and I went to check and she had peed again! I ran her to the potty seat, cleaned up the mess and her feet and we waited again. E sat distracting her and after awhile she wanted to get up and I had put on another diaper. After taking her off the potty, I noticed that she finished in the potty, so we all showed her and made a big deal out of it! Especially E who loves experiencing her little sister's milestones!

I tried putting her on this morning and even though she sat there for about 10-15 minutes reading her books, she didn't do anything. Once she gets up from her nap, I'll try again! S has been showing signs that she knows what she's doing and that she's uncomfortable in her wet/soiled diapers. So, we figured it was time to try. When E is on the potty we make sure to show S and say: "See! E goes on the potty too!"I'm praying this experience is a little easier than it was the first time. Everyone I spoke to said it usually is because of the oldest child being the role model. I seriously hope that's how it goes with us too. For now, we're just starting off slowly and getting her used to being a big girl, sitting on the potty.


1 yr, 5 + 6 Months & 5

S is growing in leaps and bounds. I remember this time last year I was so worried that she wasn't meeting her milestones the way she should and now she's moving forward so fast! S isn't much of a thrill-seeker that we thought she would be, but she still tries to push the limits with us more than her big sister ever did. S will open up the cupboards just to hear them close again, but she (like her big sister) doesn't pull everything out of them. She is another one that we don't have to put safety locks on everything. 

S just started to learn how to throw out garbage, so the only thing I'm constantly worried about is having random things thrown out - but I have yet to have to save anything out of the ordinary.

S picks and chooses whether she wants to nap or not, but she'll lay down in her crib just playing or talking to herself for a couple hours so I can get stuff done. Even if she isn't napping, I still have that couple of hours to get some cleaning done without her at my feet constantly or I am able to get work done without having her feed the constant attention from me.

We recently taught her the stairs. Most people thought this was crazy and thought we should wait as long as possible, but this being our second, we thought she should know how to do it properly considering she had a slight fear of the DOWNstairs. P tried to show her how to go down and she freaked! So, we wanted to teach her that they aren't something to be scared of and how to do it properly. Since showing her and her constantly using my parents stairs and falling off the first step a few times, she has yet to attempt them at our house. I thought this was kinda strange, but at least I know there's a railing here if she does try them. I'm always having the downstairs blocked by the gate, but the upstairs I keep open. S does however, try to climb on her toy chair. When she finally finds the courage to get up there, she's holding on for dear life whining to get down. I'm always asking her, if she doesn't like it - why is she up there...she just smiles. lol

Other than that, she's definitely the life of the party. S is constantly making us laugh and even though she's the cheekiest of cheeky, she has such a contagious personality! I started calling her our "vain child". She loves making cheeky faces at herself in the window's reflection, she's constantly kissing mirrored doors...its ridiculous! lol

S is always needing to be with me. No matter what I'm doing, she's constantly bringing toys as close as she can to me and even though there may be piles of toys in every part of different rooms, she's always having to sit with something right where I am. Above is a photo I took while I was making dinner. S had slid the book box we have in the living room to the kitchen doorway just so she could have some company. I'm that person too. I like to be independent doing things, but I like to know that somewhere in the background there's someone I could talk to or "sense". She's definitely got that from me.

E is also growing super fast. She'll be 6 this year! She's my quiet, easy-going, always asking questions kinda 5 year old. But she's super emotional and even though she's very independent she needs constant re-assurance of herself. Right now, a few kids pick on her and tease her and she's already started saying things like: "Ana is prettier than me" (Frozen Character) or..."They said I look funny in that, so I don't want to wear that anymore"...we're constantly explaining that she's SO beautiful and kids are mean sometimes. It bothers me that I'm already having to deal with this nonsense and she's only in Kindergarten! E is already having a personality/looks complex. I never remember having any issues like that. I remember having one girl pick on me constantly, but that was Kindergarten and after my mom told her and her mom off - it was all better until middle school. But even then, if I got picked on by stupid people, I ignored them. I never let it get to me because I knew who my friends are and I didn't care what people thought.

E is super emotional, so she'll just start crying and when I ask her what's wrong she's just so beside herself because of certain things. I'm just glad she wants to talk to me about things and that I can help in some small way at least.

If this all continues, I'm really not looking forward to the later years...but at least I can build her up for those years...and prepare her for what could come. As long as she can find one friend who'll help her through those times and continue to talk to us, everything will be just fine.

I can't promise I'm going to be nice to those who are picking on her though...

*on a side note: we haven't taken S to her 18 month check up yet, but when we do I'll update that.


"You Just Don't Photograph a Peacock in B&W!"

Today we have another snow day for bus students. I wanted to keep E home today, but our neighbor was bringing her kids, so I figured she didn't have to stay home and they wouldn't be doing too much anyway because most of their class is bused. 

We're waiting for my bestie to visit again for a couple days and she's bringing along a prop that I will be using in one of my sessions on Saturday! I will also be shooting a 3 on 3 hockey game! P mentioned to a guy at work that I will be coming along and that I'm a Photographer, and he mentioned it to his friend who has built a crazy rink in his backyard - so his friend said its a great idea and that they would pay me for my work! I can't wait!

Our morning has been pretty good so far. I'm even thinking of taking this little munchkin outside in the fluffy snow because she really hasn't been in it yet because of the temperatures outside the last few weeks. S loves watching from the window but knowing the way she is, she will frown when I dump her in it. Guaranteed! lol I will get complete "eyebrows" if I sit her in the snow.

After this storm passes, poor L won't be able to be found! :p She's been loving the snow more and more though. L gets these funny 5 minute moments where she's running around like a crazy dog, snow flying everywhere and she's pretty much barking at herself and last but not least, she'll do a run and slide to get to the door! Its the funniest thing!

The girls have been bonding more and more the last few weeks. S has her moments where she wants to hit to get her own way and E has her moments where she just wants to play in her room without her sister stealing the toys she's playing with. Its all normal stuff, but the girls have more fun together than any time they're by themselves. For the most part, I don't even have to ask E to play with her sister, she just does. E will even turn around and ask me if she can play with her sister in their room so I can make dinner! E is that kid. I'm thankful for that, it helps in the most stressful moments.

S has also been getting more friendly with L. S wasn't completely sure of L when she started walking and was cautious about everything. Now that she can walk like a pro, she bugs L lots and wants her to play every 5 minutes when most of the time, L just wants to be left alone! :p

S also frowns with the eyebrows, when she wants the dog toy that L is playing with. She still doesn't understand fully what toys only belong to L and what toys only belong to them Most of the time, she's trying to shove a Lalaloopsie in L's mouth and L will just look at me like "is this kid for real?!" :)

Overall, its been fun the last few weeks. My bestie has been coming over fairly often to help out and hang out with all of us and she even made it a point to make really yummy cookies a few days ago! Today, I think we'll be watching disney movies and have a "Pinterest" day. :p

Alright, I guess I should kiiiiind of explain the title..because clearly it has nothing to do with this post.


Last night, I was bitching and complaining about what images should be B&W and what should be in colour! Seriously, certain photos should NOT be put in B&W...they should just be left alone in its original state. Provided you are taking a proper photo. A lot of people use B&W to try and hide horrid colouring of an image. If that's the case, then you aren't doing it right. If you have a coloured image and you can pretty much just make it B&W and NOT have to change very many things...then that's a real image...but that doesn't mean that EVERYTHING should be B&W!


I hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far! I know we are! We just hope that the good ol' Groundhog was wrong and that we will be seeing Spring a little earlier than 6 weeks!


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