20 Months

S had her well visit today and she did so well with her needles too. I was expecting them to be horrible because she's older now, but the first one didn't faze her at all and the second one she shyly dug her head in my chest and whined a bit with a couple tears down her face and then it was over - all thanks to Binkey Bear. :)

Other than all that jazz, she's 31" and 22 pounds, 10 ounces. Only gaining 1 pound since 16 months. Even though she hasn't grown much either, we still think she's going to be taller than E one year at least. She's already up to E's chest in height.

At this point we put E in a big girl bed and probably could've put her in 5 months earlier looking back, but S is definitely not ready for a big girl bed - and neither is E! :p We're almost positive S would ckimb out any chance she got and would poke her sister in the face! :)

Both ladies are doing well and are healthy. S just got over a 5 day fight with a fever, but the doctor's said it was nothing from the ear infection we thought it was.

Yay for the weekend! We're heading to the International Centre tomorrow morning to support The Parent Bazaar's mom-to-mom show! :) Can't wait to meet the woman we're sponsoring personally! :)



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