Mother's Day 2014


Mother's day weekend was pretty busy. P had to work Saturday, so I took the girls outside to play and spent most of it outside before daddy came home and then we both took them to a different park when P got home.

Sunday was spent running around, buying summer clothes for the girls and we spent 10 minutes at the lake before both girls got cranky and we ended up leaving and heading to P's first softball game of the year! 



Sorry for being M.I.A the last little while. I'm finally getting super busy and meeting new clients. I've been to many different areas having people travel to do their photos! I just met 2 families from London, Ontario and I can't wait to see them all again! My last session was a little boy and we did photos by the lake! My next session is a Newborn baby girl - we're just waiting for her to come into the world. Oh my, I'm super excited! :)

Aside from all that, I've been editing and sending out discs to families for the last month and this weekend was suppose to be when the little princess was going to get her session done. And I'm finally getting paid sessions, which is a huge deal. People are asking me to travel to them, because they like my work and they're even asking to buy more on top of what I'm giving! I even had a lady write to me on Twitter asking if I could book a session for her and her family who will be coming to Ontario in the summer (from VANCOUVER)! I think its safe to say that my business is finally starting to take off a little bit and that I'm getting my name out there...slowly. I've met a bunch of lovely companies who offered to give me free product and in return they just want the exposure and is willing to give me the exposure as well. I have people coming to me and even though I still have to go around myself - I don't have to chase too many people anymore alone.

As for the kids, 
E just got her little SK GRAD photos from school and I just about died at how grown up she looks! Plus, she's in a RED gown, so that made her even happier! :p

S is just growing in leaps and bounds. She's feisty at times (more when she wants something she can't all the time), but she's such a great kid and she's got such a great personality. Much different from her sister who is pretty easy-going and quiet.

S has now found her voice, so she decides she's going to do a little scream or high-pitched voice once in awhile.

Our snake died last week, E took it pretty hard that day and then she was fine. P decided he wanted to get a fish tank and some fish. We talked to someone about setting it up and by Tuesday, the fish were in and doing well. 10 days from when we got them, we can think about adding some schooling fish (minimum of 3-5) but once we do that, I think that'll be it because we already have 4 at the moment. We may make it an even 10, but that's our maximum.

We have 2x sunburst platy's and 2x blue platy's. Apparently they're good, strong fish to have to start. They were telling us that buying a $20 when we're at the beginning is not only dumb, but its not fair to the fish if we don't know what we're doing. So, we started with them.

Eventually, P would like a salt water tank, but that entitles money that we don't have at the moment. lol

We're all doing great, and we're all very excited that the nice weather has finally come. I think once I finish the disc I'm working on, I'll take S outside for some sunshine maybe even head over to the mall! :)


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