{T S.A.H.M} Sight Seeing | 2015

This past weekend P and I spent a few hours together without the kids on Saturday. We did some sight seeing and just enjoyed a lot of fresh air. It's a huge difference living here smelling fresh ocean air everywhere we go...and pine trees (pine trees are everywhere!) as opposed to smog from Ontario.

The view we were looking at was down the street from E's new school. That is pretty much the view she will be looking at when she's out for recess.

Above was the beach we found. Most beaches here are full of rocks, but we have one about an hour and a half away that is full of black sand. We're hoping to make our way there before the summer ends. It's in sort of a cove-like area.

Then we traveled to a river and just sat and dipped our feet in. Because of this place, we bought water shoes! :p P and I walked over to those rocks and just sat there looking at the view together. We're still Ontarians who aren't used to sharp rocks below our feet! I'm sure someday we'll get used to it, but for now water shoes are just fine!

Later that day, we brought the girls to the lake close to our house. Here they call lake's ponds and ponds...ponds. They have a lot of ponds, but they also have lots of lakes! :) This one is a smaller, more private beach that not too many people know about. When we get there we usually see maybe two there before us or two coming in after us, but nothing more than that each time. It's perfect for the girls to swim around in, but also close to home if they get tired and need to get home.

Sunday E was out with her poppa so we took S out to explore the city a little bit. My B.I.L took us to see Fort Amherst. To get there, you have to walk alongside the harbour.

From the east coast trail, you can get pretty far! One day, I'm going to walk some of it and take a look around!

We finally reached the Fort and the view was amazing! And to think about how old it is, really is astounding.

*photo credit* - My B.I.L

Overall it was a really nice day. We took the ladies to the lake again for a couple of hours and just like that, the weekend was over.

{TS.A.H.M} On Our Way | 2015

P and I decided that the best way for us to move to a different province was to drive out. We made sure to have our going away party & meet-ups with all our friends & family and the next day we sent the girls on an airplane with poppa two weeks before we left so that they could enjoy some time alone while us, too could be alone and get last minute things finished.

P and I finished everything and left July 13 and we were preparing for two full days driving.

We drove from Mississauga to Quebec which ended up taking us 13 he's in total to the location that we choose. We were counting on 10.

It was a long long day and we needed the sleep. L did really great in the truck with us, with a little help of Gravol to calm her nerves.

We had a gorgeous view from our hotel room and we took a few pictures and continued on. At this point, we were expecting another 13 hr drive to get to the ferry. We traveled through New Brunswick & Nova Scotia!

We finally got to the second hotel at 9 PM and ended up going to a different one down the street then planned because we didn't know where to go...and later realized it was literally on the other side of the street from where we were. We didn't care as long as it was clean. We asked the lady at the desk if there was anywhere to order pizza and she ended up ordering for us. It finally came (over priced & no spices) and we ate and went to bed. I ended up being up all night with some kind of sickness...I don't know what it was, but P never got sick, so I'm assuming it wasn't food poisoning and just the heavy cheese so late at night. Whatever it was, it was awful. Luckily, I felt good enough to head out for the ferry and we both got up and ready to go. The ferry was literally a 5-minute drive from the hotel, so I was pretty excited to get going.

When we finally got there to check in, the lady asked us if we had checked our tickets. We wondered why, but when we told her we had, she said that it was dated for THURSDAY, not Wednesday. -.- Luckily, she was able to change our tickets to the evening ferry, but the cabin's we purchased weren't available and we had to get our money back (P is never living this down BTW).

So, we had 6 hours to kill which was kind of brutal because there really wasn't anywhere to go from there, but it was better than paying for another hotel.

We found a mini beach just beside where the ferry docks, so we went to stretch our legs and walk L around too. There, we found a yellow crab (I call Banana), these HUGE jelly-looking things that we figured out were Jelly Fish out of water (which we both had never EVER seen before) and they were all different sizes! We saw small itty bitty ones to big large ones bigger than our hands. P  & L napped in the truck - I can't when I know that people are walking by...it's weird. After that, we went to Tim Hortons and sat there for a little bit using WIFI.

When it was finally 5 PM we were able to sign in early and once we were in we could park the truck, grab food, use WIFI, read magazines...etc. It wasn't so boring once we were in waiting some more.

Once we were called to board the ferry it was very new to me. I had never seen how everything works, nor enjoyed the experience!

L had to be put into a canal or stay in our truck all night, which I was so sad about, and when we walked it to bring her there, it was two shelving with dogs in their carriers. It broke my heart, but before we started moving, P and I made sure she wasn't freaking out. I heard a couple of the other dogs, but L seemed to be pretty relaxed. I guess it helped giving her Gravol before putting her in there. I wouldn't leave her without it. I was too tired for coffee, and we were both too tired for anything. We were annoyed about not having our cabins, but at this point we just wanted to get across.

We finally got off the ferry at 7 AM (Newfoundland time) and we felt this overwhelming excitement come over us and at that point our goal was just to see the girls. We missed them so, so much and even though we were enjoying the new scenic view, all we were doing is counting the minutes to when we got to see them! At this point it was already going on almost 3 weeks!

We were all exhausted from barely sleeping a wink on the ferry and our backs were super sore from the chairs. At this point, we think L got better sleep than we did. Finally, we got to the house and the girls both came out to see us! We were just in time for dinner and the girls had to have us sit and eat at the kiddie table. And of course, the first sunset in our new home was breathtaking!



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