{T.S.A.H.M} Grade 2 | 2015

 Unlike Ontario, E started school on Wednesday as opposed to the Tuesday after Labour Day. A week before school started, every day she would say "I wish school started today." Every day, almost every minute of the day...or, at least that's what it felt like.

The first day was pretty much, spent mingling and trying to make the kids comfortable. E said that she mainly played outside and had lunch in the 6 or so hours she was at school. Which is usually the case any time I ask her! :p She also told me that they had an assembly. I was like, "Oh! A welcome assembly?" and she quickly gave me a scrunched up face and said "No! They literally spent the whole time teaching us how to cross our legs!" saying it as if she was so weirded out by it, because in Ontario, their assemblies weren't spent teaching them how to sit properly (you learned that in your classroom, if you didn't already know it). She also explained to me that she met a new boy in her class, and while pointing at me says "who I'm NOT in love with!" and I said "well, that's a good start!" :p She also told me about a girl who she said "hi" to and she just gave her a dirty look and looked away. I simply told her that, some people don't know how to act out of shyness and that she should continue to keep saying hi to people and not to get discouraged, because it was, just the first day of school. She was a little upset too, because the friends she had made throughout the summer didn't want to play with her at playtime (recess is snack time here), because they're a year older and had their own aged kids around now. I told her to give it time and that once she starts making some more friends, that she'll be too busy playing with them to worry about not having anyone around to play with before.

S and I went out to meet E for the bus after school and the bus was running late being the first day of school and all traffic congestion. Finally, the bus gets there about quarter to 4 and I see our next door neighbour's son, the other neighbour's two daughter's and then another little girl further down the street get off the bus and I'm all excited to see E and the doors close!

I was like, where's E?! My heart sunk completely! The bus drove away and our next door neighbour offered to drive me up the street to catch the bus. I left S with her husband and just as we were almost to our driveway, we see the bus backing up again and E gets off. I jump out of the van and I grabbed E and she just fell apart in my shoulder. Apparently, she was chatting with a friend (I babysit) and didn't notice our neighbour's son get off at the stop and the bus left! Luckily, she was on the bus and told the driver she missed the stop, but man was my heart pumping!

We got her backpack about a month before school started and realised that it was slightly too small. So, the first day of school I found someone selling one that was perfect, so I surprised her when she got home (that cheered her up a lot!) Even though it was a frozen backpack, it was still something she liked. :)

E's second day went okay (and she got off the bus!). Apparently the teacher said something about playing outside with people and E told the teacher she had no one to play with outside. So, the teacher assigned someone to play with her and the little girl was reluctant to stay with her. She was pretty broken up about it yesterday when she got home. My heart goes out to her because my family moved a lot in my life and my sister and I never got to make friends very well and I was always that awkward new girl who didn't know anyone until middle school and once I graduated grade 8, I moved to a new high school and wasn't with anyone I knew all over again. As soon as I made friends, it always seemed like I had to move again.

I think when those moments happen, she really misses the friends she was able to grow up with for 4 years. She pretty much had moved classes with everyone she knew and friendships grew enough for her to be able to have someone there to talk to every year.

P and I promised that we wouldn't make the girls move a million times in their lives and that they will be able to make friends and grow with them, the best we can. So, right now she's just adjusting and it's only the third day of school. I give it no more than a month and she will be talking about all kinds of people she plays with.

Last night, I mentioned it was Friday and she had a short week and she was so upset about it. So, at least I know she wants to be at school and that even though she feels alone, she doesn't want to stay home!

S loves saying bye to her in the morning and seeing her get off the bus in the afternoon. This morning she gave E a huge hug goodbye! :)

E is a very shy, awkward kid when she doesn't know anyone (she takes after me). It takes her some time to open up, but she does try to talk to people and make friends and right now, that's all she can do. I hope today goes much better and that she'll have a fresh start on Monday!


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