{TS.A.H.M} Spring + House Hunting

Spring has been teasing us a little bit this year. Mind you, we've had a very forgiving winter. Most people question why we moved here, but they also say that the winters can be pretty bad. So far, we've had a little more than Ontario for some of it, but mostly, we've heard that Ontario got it worse this year. 

We've had gorgeous days here and there, enough where we've been able to get outside and kick the ball around or even go for walks on the trail. However, every now and then, it'll snow just to show us how lucky we are to have those really nice Spring days right now.

We signed both girls up for soccer this summer. E did so well last summer, and she's very excited to start again. This is obviously S' first summer, but she's very excited. As you can see from the images above, she had to try out her new cleats and shin pads!

If the weather is nice, E is either playing with all her neighbour friends or she sits and reads. She gives a strong definition of the saying "Book Worm", but we're okay with that. In the summer months, she would be gone literally all day. We'd look over the fence here and there just to make sure she was okay, but we usually didn't see her until she was either hungry or it was time to come inside for dinner. 

We're in the process of looking for a place to call home. We found the perfect place, but unfortunately, the tenants decided they wanted to stay. We've been in a bit of a fog the last couple days now, but we're trying to move on and find something else. It's hard to see potential in anything else now because we literally found the perfect place for us. It's going to burn for a little while, but we know we'll find something else. I'm still hoping for some kind of miracle and maybe JUST maybe they'll write saying they've changed their minds, but if we lived there, we wouldn't want to lose it either.

We're looking at a place tonight, similar to what we found so we're hoping that something comes of that. We also have another place to look at Sunday if tonight doesn't pan out. We just want a place of our own and we're ready to start making the most of the province we just moved to. I know the girls are so ready for their own rooms and they've both been discussing bunk beds for a little while now, especially E.

Aside from the daily life stuff, the girls are doing really well. Not to mention, they are fighting less and less most days. They still bicker a lot about silly things, but when it's just them together they're just so kind to each other and there is always so much laughter and fun. It's moments like this that we completely pat ourselves on the back for the kids we're raising. Other days, we question everything. I think we'll be fine. We've just hit a huge bump in the road right now, but we'll be fine as long as we're fighting together.


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