{TS.A.H.M} Annual Modeling Session | July 2016

E and I went out to do her annual photos this afternoon. It was the perfect day. The sun was shining bright and it totally brought out her beautiful hazel eyes!

I always have so much fun with her and her own poses! And the best part is...

She's mine! :)

{TS.A.H.M} Summer - Finally! | JULY 2016

Our summer so far is going great! Much better than last. This time last year, we had rain literally almost everyday. Yes, we've had a lot of rain this summer, but we've been able to get suntanned and enjoy our summer. We've even had our weather feeling like 35*C with humidity, which we're completely used to from Ontario.

We've been keeping busy with soccer, swimming, riding bikes, birthday ice cream parties and watching fireworks with the best view!

We're heading to Bay D'espoir soon for a family reunion and 80th birthday (which I will be doing the photos for) and S will be turning 4 soon! My sister is hoping to be there for her birthday, so we'll get her for a whole week AGAIN this year! We all feel pretty lucky!

S has learned how to ride her new 4 wheeler, she finally has the strength in her legs to go without help. Sometimes, she gets stuck and needs us to give her a little push-start, but overall she's free-riding all on her own now. E finally has a bike to ride too and as the saying goes, once you learn to ride a bike, you never forget!

Provided the weather isn't crappy, soccer consumes 4 nights of our week right now. It's literally make dinner early or eat after we get home. E is doing extremely well, she just had to have a bit more confidence when she's in front of someone. She's too nice and doesn't want to "steal" the ball from people. :) S is finally keeping focused and wanting to get in the game. The first week, she just wanted to fun all over the field, completely distracted and wanted to leave early, which we refuse to do. If she wants to sit out the rest of the game, we tell her we're staying until the end. It's getting better, we just try to remind ourselves that this is only her first year and she doesn't have any clue what she needs to do. Once S is focused, she does amazing. 

Someone was getting rid of a dress and once I saw it, I knew I just had to have it! It had E written all over it. Look at her! She is just growing in leaps and bounds this one. E looks like a greek goddess in this dress. I cannot wait to get the chance to photograph her in it!

GAP was having a huge sale, so we got the girls a few summer outfits. These are a couple of them.

So far, this is our summer! We're enjoying to the fullest, because we all know this weather may not last too long!

We're all hoping to go do some adventuring when my sister gets here, so we'll have a lot of updates after that too!

I hope everyone is enjoy their summer!

Cheers! xx


My favourite post lately. I have mixed emotions about being 30 and yes, it IS still a blur. However, this post definitely brings so much perspective and makes me want to enjoy my 30's more than I put it in my head that I would. Maybe 30 isn't so bad after all. :)

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