{TS.A.H.M} Summer Update

We traveled to Bay d'Espoir July 20th weekend to enjoy Nan's 80th Birthday and her eldest daughter's 60th birthday. It was quite the family reunion and finally, after 37 years they had all the 12 siblings together under the same roof, with Nan.

Some cousins, grandchildren, and siblings were missing this weekend, but they had a lovely turn out of 150 friends + family who came out to celebrate together.

We ate, we drank, we danced and we had a whole lot of laughs together! We will definitely be talking about this weekend for a LONG time!

I love family gatherings. I love feeling all the love and support for each other. They all never once made me feel like I wasn't part of the family, and just being around them made me realize how much I missed their company!


E had her first sleepover in our new house with her best friend. They ended up staying up until almost 2 am and I got them up really early to head over to Middle Cove Beach to meet up with a friend and her son from Ontario who now lives in Yellowknife.

The girls have been playing outside all summer on the deck, making up their own games and using their imagination - that is when we aren't exploring the island. :)

The beginning of August, my sister came for another visit from Ontario. We lucked out with the weather because it was calling for rain the whole time she was here. It poured one day she was here and we ended up going to the mall and running around a bit. E got invited to her first wedding, so she went the day it poured.

We planned a little road trip almost every day, so we could see some new places and she could experience and see them with us.

We traveled to:


We got a little, lost traveling to Bellevue Beach, so this was a little "detour" we took and stopped at to stretch our legs a bit.



Our favourite beach. This place will forever be one of the reasons to push our move here. This is our go-to beach. Even though we've seen so many breath-taking places, this one is our number one to go to as a family. :)

E's best friend ended up being there the same day we were (unplanned) so E played with her the whole time, jumping in waves, S stayed with us playing in the sand and doing Yoga on the beach! :) I ended up burying E in the sand and then asked P to continue so I could take a picture of both girls buried. :)


S turned four on August 3. FOUR! She asked for a "Belle" birthday party this year, so P and I planned and made it as special as we could for her. She told me what she wanted her cake to look like and she even said she thought that Belle would come for a visit. We told her that we would have to call her and find out if she's available...

...she was available! :)


Was just had an Avalon Mall and running around day because it was pouring. We got E ready for her first wedding. And we took S out to spend some of her birthday money. My sister wanted an East Coast Lifestyle sweatshirt too. :)


On the last FULL day that my sister was here, we planned a boat tour. Neither one of us have been on one and we thought it would be something pretty awesome to do, especially in Newfoundland. Out on the Atlantic Ocean, the ocean breeze on our faces and maybe we could see some whales while we're at it.

I was feeling SO sick at this point. We hit Deadman's Cove Waterfall, we were just sitting there rocking and I asked the guy if he had a bag. Once I was finished, I was feeling a little better, but between P and I, we weren't feeling the greatest for the rest of the day. I literally got in the door and collapsed on our bed and ended up sleeping for 2 hours! Once I got up, I asked my sister where P was and they said he went to sleep on  S' bottom bunk too! So, we both passed right out! :)

After that, we made plans to go to The Fish Exchange in St. John's for dinner. My sister really wanted to have some seafood being here in Newfoundland and figured we'd try a new place.

I called to see if we could make a reservation, but they told us they were booked at 6 PM for reservations and the next one would be 9 PM, but that we could just go walk in.

We got there, and the lady said we could sit by the door/kitchen (as you walk into the restaurant) OR we can wait. We had never been, so we didn't want to sit outside the restaurant we pretty much wanted to enjoy the experience and atmosphere. We asked how long the wait was going to be, and they told us 30 minutes. She also asked us if a booth was okay and we said that was fine.

We got to sit in a lounge with a couch and coffee table and waited there where the lady gave us drinks and bread. A LOT of bread. The host came upstairs before we got drinks and told us it would be about 30-45 minutes. So, already, it was later than they first said. We got the girls drinks (part of their meals) and my sister bought a drink, but P and I were waiting until we got seated.

We had gotten there at 530 PM, it was now coming to 645 PM. By this time, the waitress had given us our third bread basket. She saw us getting pretty impatient and told us it shouldn't be much longer. It was almost an hour and a half, and we kept seeing people being seated downstairs who were waiting at the door, but no one was coming to seat us. P and I even thought they were waiting specifically for a booth, and right now we would've just ordered where we were seated. At this point, we're getting really irritated. P wanted to leave, the girls were getting antsy. The host came up to tell us that someone was paying and that the table will be ready soon. The host  came back again and said that they had left so they were just cleaning the table and that it would be 5 minutes. In the meantime, we're watching this table and no one is cleaning it. It was cleared of dishes, but no one wiped it down. The waitress we had upstairs saw us looking at the table and how it hadn't been cleaned off, so she said she's going down there to clean it for us (not even her section) and finally after 15 minutes we had our table. By then, it was an HOUR and 45 minutes. We were starving, the girls were antsy as ever and my sister was already past hungry.

I felt really bad for the waitress upstairs and our new waitress who had to deal with the looks on our faces. But we remained very nice to them. Our new waitress offered us bread and I politely told her that we had been waiting a LONG time upstairs and had received enough bread and that we were all ready to order.

We ordered and our food took about 20 minutes. 2 HOURS AND 5 MINUTES we waited in a fairly empty restaurant for the first 45 minutes. Unacceptable. After everything, the food wasn't even that great. It was good, but not for the price we paid. We could've just walked next door to the Keg and paid the same thing and got something we all would've enjoyed.

I don't think we'll be going back just based on how long we had to wait to be seated. Definitely, wouldn't recommend bringing a hungry family to eat without a reservation and do not get seated at the lounge because you may be forgotten for awhile. :/


On my sister's last day, we wanted to keep it simple for her before her flight, so we just sat at Manuels River for about an hour with the kids just enjoying the beautiful sunny day and went for ice cream at Berg's just before we had to take her to the airport.


After we dropped my sister off at the airport, we decided to spend the rest of our afternoon  at Topsail Beach. The girls (+ L) enjoyed the water and got soaked in their clothes, but it was a hot day and they had fun. :)


On the last day of my week off, we all took a family drive to Mistaken Point. After checking their website and Facebook page, it had said nothing about having to book a tour, so we drove 2.5 hrs. to find out that we couldn't see Mistaken Point without a tour booked and that there were 14 people ahead of us.

After that, we decided to go to St. Vincent Beach (which we were going to do after anyway) and enjoy the rest of our afternoon there.


I had to work, but Nana + Papa decided to have an outdoor movie, setting up lawn chairs and a projector. The kids all had popcorn and got in their pj's.

We have done a WHOLE lot this summer. Even though we're sad that summer is coming to an end, we're going to continue to explore and see/do new things. Plus, we have a WHOLE new adventure this year with our third grader!! We hope everyone got to enjoy their summer too! 2.5 weeks and we all get back into those horrible routines! :p

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