{TS.A.H.M} Back to School | Grade 3 | September 2016

E started grade 3 on Wednesday! She was super excited to go back and see all her friends, meet her new teacher and be back in a routine. It won't last long, but she's on a high now that she's back. I love having a routine too. Summer is great and we always have so much fun but by a certain point we're all ready for our routines to go back to normal.

E has her best friend, another girl, and boy that was in her class last year, but everyone pretty much got split up this year to different classrooms. It gives her a chance to meet other people, but on the other hand, she misses her old classroom "click" too.

Fall is definitely in the air already. The weather definitely changed overnight. We're hoping for a few more summer days before the frigid cold hits for good.

I hope everyone is enjoying a fresh year so far. I loved seeing all the back to school photos floating around my pages!


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