{TS.A.H.M} Christmas Holidays | 2016

Christmas has been pretty eventful and a little chaotic, but we got through it and we're all ready to start fresh with another year ahead.

We wish you all the best in 2017, stay happy and hold one another tight - you'll never know when it'll be your last!

{TS.A.H.M} December 24 | Bye, Bye, Snowbelle

December 24

Snowbelle leaves tonight, so we're all kinda bummed out. BUT she did come through with the Candy Canes! The girls did a great job planting the seeds. She also didn't go back on her promise that the girls are allowed to hold her on Christmas Eve ALL DAY, the only rule is that they don't fight over her and they can't bring her outside the house. She also made them reindeer food to sprinkle on our front lawn so that they can find us tonight AND she laid out all our Christmas pj's for all of us to wear today...mommy has to wait until she's done work today though! :(

Merry Christmas EVERYONE!

{TS.A.H.M} December 23 | Growing Canes

December 23 

Snowbelle wants to show the girls what she can do! She asked the girls to plant these candies and by Christmas Eve, they'll have Candy Canes! Whoa!

{TS.A.H.M} December 22 | Playing Games

December 22

I think the girls are getting tired of playing with Snowbelle because she never takes games seriously! 

{TS.A.H.M} December 21 | Sliding

December 21 

Snowbelle wanted to try "Sliding" down the banister!! I really hope the girls don't get the idea and try it themselves!

{TS.A.H.M} December 20 | Naughty Children

December 20

Snowbelle was not impressed with both the girls attitudes yesterday! We caught her reporting back to Santa last night 
with this to say:

" Hi, Santa!

I am just writing to report that I am sad today. 

EMILY and SYDNEY weren't being very nice to each other today and EMILY came home and wasn't too nice to her parents today either! 

Both MOMMY and DADDY had to tell them that they may not get their presents on Christmas because of their attitude!

I hope they feel better tomorrow and they are getting along much better.


{T.S.A.H.M} December 19 | Too Many Cookies

December 19

Snowbelle dug into a whole lot of cookies we spent the day baking and got a tummy ache! Serves her right for eating too many cookies.

{T.S.A.H.M} December 18 | Penne Necklace

December 18 

Snowbelle made a penne necklace for herself. Maybe the girls will want to make their own too when they get home!

{TS.A.H.M} December 17 | Indoor Snow Angel

December 17 

Snowbelle made a snow angel last night and enjoyed some marshmallows and elf milk too. Apparently, she almost blew away from the heavy winds! It's a good thing she didn't.

{TS.A.H.M} December 16 | Photocopy Thyself

December 16  

Snowbelle photocopied herself last night! Daddy said she could've photocopied her butt, so I guess we can't complain much! 

{TS.A.H.M} December 15 | "Do you want to build a snowman?"

December 15 

"Do you want to build a snowman?" Snowbelle brought snow in from outside and made snowmen in our living room! I told her that she better clean up her mess tonight! Happy 2nd Snow Day in less than two days! 

{TS.A.H.M} December 14 | Spoon For Thought

December 14

Emily and I looked high and low and we couldn't find Snowbelle ANYWHERE! Emily suggested we look in the cupboards (which was an awesome idea) so we were looking through everything. Just as I was going to give up the search, I went to grab a spoon for my coffee and just about jumped out of my skin! Who lays in the cutlery drawer, really?! *phew*!

{TS.A.H.M} December 13 | Hide-And-Go-Seek

December 13 

The girls looked high and low for Snowbelle this morning. Emily couldn't find her anywhere and when she was down in the basement, Sydney yelled "I found her!" Snowbelle decided to play hide-and-go-seek in daddy's stocking!


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