{TS.A.H.M.} Jar of Happiness | End of the Month Update

When I first thought about what we should do with the "Jar of Happiness", I was slightly worried about keeping up with it. I thought it would be just like anything else and it would "phase" out after awhile. But it hasn't at all.

It's not something we're pressured to do or something we HAVE to do every day. If something makes us happy or we did something special, we add it to our jar. That's it. No have to's, no pressure, no having to worry that it's not getting filled...no reminders. It just is.

That being said, we have put quite a lot of things in it so far. We don't like to just put anything in there, but with the kid's it's bound to happen. And then I thought about it and it's not only about the big things that happen, it's the little things too. I won't put "I drank coffee today and that made me happy"...however, if one day I drink it and there's something more than just drinking it that happened, I will say something like "I did [insert activity] today while I was drinking coffee" and it's a win, win situation. Haha

S can't write yet, so once in awhile, we ask her if something made her happy and one of us will write it for her and she'll scribble to show that she's marking it as hers and that she agrees. :)

I really like what it symbolizes and I like how well it's doing. It's working the way I wanted it to and at the end of the year, I can only hope it works just as much with the "end" result too.

The girls enjoy putting things in there and none of us tell each other what we're writing (except S, until she can do it on her own). I see P writing once in awhile and putting it in the jar too. It honestly makes my heart so happy to see how everyone is contributing and how everyone likes to add to it.

I cannot wait for us to read them together on NYE.

{TS.A.H.M} Perforated Eardrum | January 2017

P has had many ear infections as a child, which got to the point where he needed to get tubes put in his ears at a young age. We went to his friend's trailer one summer and he jumped into the swimming hole and his ear was in excruciating pain. I made him go to the doctor only to find out that it had given him an infection once again!

He went back to the doctor after taking medication for about a week or so and the doctor noticed that P had a perforated ear drum! For those of you who have no idea what that is, it's when your eardrum is torn and water is able to get in behind where it shouldn't. In P's case, there is no eardrum there anymore which has caused hearing loss. There is a slight barrier just behind the eardrum with tiny little bones in it. And if the water gets in there, it could cause a bad enough infection that he could go deaf in that ear!

So, once we moved to Newfoundland, I kept bugging him to see a doctor and after a year of bugging, I finally got him to talk to our new doctor about it. That's when he explained the tiny bones...etc. After that, he said he NEEDS to see a specialist ASAP because he could, in fact, go deaf in that ear if it gets bad enough. I mentioned to our doctor that if P sleeps on his good ear, he literally can't hear a thing. The doctor said it's going to be a two-month wait, so we were kind of worried about him now being in school and that he would be starting a new job around that time.

I told him he could get lucky and they will do it while he's in school. Well, just before his winter break, his specialist called for an appointment on December 29 and P was booked for a SURGERY for January 3 while he was still on winter break (which obviously couldn't have been any better timing).

Since then, he did have his surgery on January 3. They took skin from behind his ear to make a new eardrum for him. P came home literally GREEN in the face because he felt so sick. P was in a lot of pain and discomfort by the third day. He couldn't lift anything over 5 pounds for 2 weeks, couldn't wash his hair, couldn't bend over...etc. He had packing in his ear for 2 weeks which drove him completely crazy because he still couldn't hear anything out of that ear except the sound of liquid.

Now, after everything is healed, he says he can hear out of that ear again after a couple years of not being able too. Thank goodness!

Of course, it wouldn't be P, if he didn't joke and say he was happy not being able to hear out of that ear for so long...now he has to hear my nagging again. Damn right! ;)

{TS.A.H.M} Jar of Happiness

E decided to name our new adventure...

"Jar of Happiness"

Let the adventures begin!

{TS.A.H.M} HAPPY NEW YEAR | Looking Back at 2016

I personally have nothing bad to say about 2016. We had our normal struggles as a family and we had our expected struggles while P has been in school since September. I never look at the new year being this "golden time" because let's face it, it never really is golden. You're going to have good moments and bad moments but it's how we all face it and deal with it that can make it or break it.

This year, we're starting something a little different thanks to a post I saw on Facebook. We will be started our year off with an empty jar and every good thing that happens this year, we will be jotting it down and putting it in the jar as a family. No matter what it is...E gets an award at school, P finishes school, I get more work, S starts school...etc. We're all going to write our happy moments and stick them in the jar. We'll read them as a family New Years Eve 2017 and have a look back on all the great things that has happened this year. I believe it'll help us look at things differently if we have something to physically remind us how our whole year has been. To remind us not to just look back and remember the sad moments or the bad moments in our lives, but to remember the good ones and carry it with us into the new year.

We obviously hope for the best every new year, but we don't rely on it because nothing is ever perfect and we can't always stay happy and smile every day. All we can do is hope for great health, to have/give love and support to our friends, family and everyone around us and to be able to live our lives to the fullest.

Here's to 2017! May we make it the best we can, tell people how we feel more often and spend it with the people who mean the most to us!

Cheers! xx


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