{TS.A.H.M} Cravings + Obsessions

Honestly, popcorn! But not ANY popcorn...it has to be Smart Food White Cheddar! Seriously! I could eat a whole damn bag the minute I buy it. I try sharing so I don't come off as a complete pig but I'm starting to think people are actually noticing! (i.e. T at work! ) LMAO! I'm now the popcorn queen.

Mommy doesn't share food!! I love this stuff anyway but the minute I started buying four bags at a time, I knew there was something a little off, lmao! I mean, it could be worse right? I could be buying chocolate and ice cream *cough*

It started when I was buying them for a SNACK after work in the evenings because P and I sit and watch a show or a few depending on how long they were and we would munch together. Now, I buy them and I'm not so forthcoming to share the bag. I even go as far as to buy him his faves just so he leaves them alone. AND I glare at the girls when they want to add their sticky fingers in the bowl or bag.

Aside from Smart Food, I really haven't had any other cravings that stand out. I love milk, but I always happen to drink more when I'm pregnant because I just crave it more often, which sucks because we already go through three to five 2 L cartons a week!

*Randomness* /rant Have I ever said how much I hate boxes! I hate, hate, hate them. I hate folding them, I hate arranging them, I hate trying to get them in recycling bags...HATE them! I also HATE when garbage day AND recycling day gets missed and we have no room to store said bags! HATE! I just spring cleaned, can you imagine how much crap I have waiting to go out this week? HATE!

/end rant

{TS.A.H.M} Spring Cleaning | Conversations with a four year old

Our room has been a little neglected lately. I find that I'm cleaning and organizing the rest of the house and our room seems to be the place that everything is just dumped or has collected stuff. I even find the girls clothing in OUR laundry basket. Yesterday, I decided that I would pull everything out of the closet (there was stuff still in boxes from when we moved in) and just put everything in a nice place or DONATE what we don't look at or use anymore. I have three huge garbage bags of garbage and just stuff that I didn't seem to want to get rid of before we moved here apparently and then there was clothing that we just seem to move from one place to another and don't REALLY want to wear it. They are things that we keep "just in case". You know that stuff. Hoarder stuff lol. The stuff that bugs me the most is the jerseys and stuff that just hang in the closet that is just there for decoration. We don't have a good storage area, so, for now, it's going to have to do.

Once I was done spring cleaning our bedroom, I started to feel really nauseous. Completely feeling overworked. I mean, I didn't do much lifting of heavy things because well, I can't right now with my shoulder. But I started at 11 AM and didn't finish until about 5 PM. So, maybe a break in between would've been a good idea.

On a good note, our room is completely finished and we can actually walk around our bed now. Disaster free zone! I was getting sick of seeing it but the rest of the house was always a priority. Cleaning day every Wednesday was the dusting, disinfecting doorknobs and cupboards, kitchen, bathrooms, living room, windows, floors...etc. The girls clean their room and the playroom. It's neverending. Why the heck did I want to spend so many hours cleaning the whole house and then dig into our disaster when I could just close the door and forget it for a little while? Ugh, drove me MAD! It's done now and the junk is out. Now to get to folding our laundry today...that's a whole OTHER topic.

This morning, on the other hand, I'm sitting on the toilet (yes, I know TMI) and ES are just standing there at the door. S decided to ask me a question...

S: "Mommy?"

Me: "Yeah?"

S: "Are you having another baby?"

Me: "Why would you say that?!"

S: " ...because your tummy is a little big."

Me: "What if that's from having you and your sister?"

S: *shakes her head* "No."

{TS.A.H.M} Aches + Nerve Pain + Muscle Spasms

Back at the beginning of April, I surprised P with a birthday at Jack Axes. It was our first time, and it was much harder than it looked. 

Anyway, the next day my shoulder and my stomach muscles hurt and I couldn't figure out why until I went into the ax-throwing position again and I'm like, "AH, there it is!"

After that, they both started to get better over time. Until one day, I woke up and my shoulder was in agony. It's now the end of April and my shoulder is still killing me. I went to the doctor and he told me that there is definitely something there and that he didn't want me working last night or today and we'll see how it goes. I'm alright after a hot shower but as soon as I go to sleep and wake up in the morning, I'm back to not being able to do anything. It's roughly in the blue area in the diagram above. I can only sum up the pain to feeling like a pinched nerve. It is now traveling down my side and it's in my neck as well.

I'm taking today to put heat on it and see how it goes. Hopefully, I can loosen it up before my evening shift tomorrow night. :/

{TS.A.H.M} Last but certainly not least...

P, the girls and I are very happy to announce that we are patiently waiting for our soon-to-be LAST bundle of joy to join our family of 4!

You can see it very dimly on the pictures, but in person, it was a lot stronger and a bit more blue in colour.

P and I started officially trying March 21, 2017. The only issue was that my periods happened to be wonky around then and I missed my period from December 2016 + January 2017 and then got it again February 5 and then I didn't get it again before we started to try for this little one. So, I was checking tests like crazy because I wasn't sure if I was feeling gross because my period was coming or if we actually made the cut right when we wanted to.

I started feeling nauseous (for real) officially on Friday evening. Sunday, I was spotting a little which made me nervous because the last time that happened and with cramps, I had a full blown miscarriage before E was conceived. Monday, I had a bit more but even less than the first time and now there's nothing there. I am feeling nauseous more and more now at times but it's mainly when I'm doing too much running around. Especially at work and right now actually sitting at my computer.

Again, we're trying for a boy but we're going to happily welcome another girl if that's what P's stuff decided to give us lol! As of right now, it's looking like we're due between December 17-25, 2017. But we'll see once I get an ultrasound done and see where we're at. If I'm close, that would make our little sprout the size of a sesame seed. :)

We've got names picked out, a boy's of course from when S was in my tummy and a girls name is ALWAYS so difficult for us. The minute we decided we were trying again, I made P go through names with me so we could officially have something decided on.

We will announce one of those names when we find out the gender about 11 weeks from now. haha

I'm hoping to do a really good pregnancy announcement this time seeing as this is officially going to be our last.

If I need another c-section done, I'll be getting my tubes done in the process. If I don't, P will be the one getting snipped.

I spoke to the doctor first about going off my anxiety meds and we also talked about my past issues with labour and delivery and he said that we'll have a plan A, B + C before then. Made me feel really confident. I've been off my meds since March 19 and so far I've been doing alright but I've had some moments that I'm not proud of. The doctor said if it comes down to it and I can't do it without them for the whole pregnancy, then he'll put me back on them if it comes to that.

So far, the prenatal vitamins aren't making me sick this time around, but I really don't want to speak too soon. The only thing (once again) that I can't drink is orange juice! I have a sip and it makes me nauseous. S started THAT one...apparently this pregnancy is starting off similar.

Other than this exciting news and a few nauseous moments and keeping you up-to-date I really don't have much to report yet. I'll try and update weekly like I did with the girls and keep everyone in the loop. I know the ladies at work are going to freak out. lol

{TS.A.H.M} Quiet Weekend + Wonky Tooth

I had Saturday off, so the girls just played most of the day indoors. If the weather wasn't so winterish we would've been outside for sure. We watched the last episode of Grey's Anatomy and then the girls continued to play.

I made homemade spaghetti for supper and then the girls enjoyed some of their Easter chocolate.

Also, E finally lost her wonky tooth that we've literally been waiting a YEAR to come out. It was one of the first ones to get loose and it finally decided it didn't want to just *hang* there anymore!

Well, I guess that's all I have to report today. I have to work today for a bit and it's going to be a crazy week next week. I'm sure I'll have something to write in all the chaos! :p

Happy Sunday, everyone!

{TS.A.H.M} Officially Official

*I do not take any credit for this image, it can be found HERE*

I officially gave my notice at work last night. I tried going through the pros and cons of whether this was the right move or not. P is going to be working mostly 7 am-7pm but he's been told more often than not, that they will call him in the evening to be 4-hours away by 8 am which means he'll have to leave by 330 am. Not only did I have to take S out of daycare almost two months early but quitting my job is a must when someone has to be here for the girls. I don't feel right having my M.I.L and F.I.L take the girls while I'm working and have them jump around for our schedule when they have four schedules to deal with themselves every day. Plus, I can't expect work to keep jumping around weekly for MY personal schedule either.

When S is in school come September things are going to change again and I may be able to go back for day shifts, but the weekends I can't do anymore seeing as P will be working straight through most of the time.

The few that know at work are pretty upset about it and right now, I don't even want to think about it myself. The friendships I've built there in just over a year have been amazing! I mean, we can still have our outings and I'm still going to put stuff together. I only live down the street and plus, I kinda need to eat too. :p That's also the great thing about Facebook, they're all on it! :)

You guys, I'm serious. Last night someone hugged me and I almost broke down! I told the rest of them that they are not allowed to hug me, lol. I brought in the envelope and someone I work with joked and asked, "What? Are you leaving us?" and I just turned and said, "Actually, I am." :(

The upside to it all is P's job will be carrying us financially again and we can now build our lives like we planned to do when we moved here. Again, the fact that this is happening just under 2 years after moving here is really great for us.

I explained to S that she has only 1 more week left of daycare and she smiled big (only because she's happy not to have to get up and get ready for the day right away) but I told her that she won't be seeing T and her friends all the time anymore and her smile went away pretty quickly. I'm sure she'll love being home but she's going to miss her daycare for the summer. She's super excited for school in September and we register her in a few weeks already! *I'm not ready for that either* haha

Here's to new adventures and obviously the twists and turns of life.

{TS.A.H.M} Yet Another Life Change

P has officially started his new job after being out of work for a year doing a 9-month plumbing course. He's a first-year apprentice. His new job though is a "Well Drilling/Blasting contracting company." Yes, it's quite the tongue twister, but P could not be any more excited about this opportunity! The first day he didn't stop saying "I'm so excited! I just want to blow $%!# up!" lol I mean, he's STILL saying it, but now that he's at work, I only have to hear it on his breaks! ;)

With the hours he'll be working, we need to take S out of daycare as of May 1st and I'm most likely going to have to quit my job or at very least take a leave of absence until the girls are both in school come September.

Either way, our lives have just shifted once again. It's not exactly a bad shift, it's just an obstacle we have to work around.

He was told he was looking at 50-60 hrs./week and the guys on the job site were laughing and said, "Maybe on a slow week!" They may be pulling his leg, but we still have to prepare for something like that. 50-60 hrs. is something we're used to anyway, but P hasn't done that in a few years. I'm not too worried about getting into the swing of things, however, we do have to change things. Big decisions to make but an easy one if it comes down to the girls needing me.

Easter weekend just passed and the girls enjoyed spending most of the weekend with their Nana and Papa. S came down with Croup on Thursday night going into Friday which caused a trip to the ER at 11 PM and Saturday morning I woke up with a badly pulled muscle in my shoulder and Saturday evening S was back in the ER with a urine infection. Needless-to-say, it was very eventful, but the girls enjoyed their Easter and the Easter bunny was good to them, as well as Nana and Papa!

Our life for the last year has been me working and trying to catch up the never-ending laundry piles! I think last night between P and I we finally caught up with most and actually filled their dresser drawers instead of it sitting in 3 laundry baskets. We still have a smaller pile and some blankets to fold and put away but this image is totally real life for us lately.

The girls fight often and about the smallest things. But when it comes to going to bed, they both 98% of the time HAVE to sleep together. S asks because she doesn't like sleeping alone most of the time and just wants to know someone is beside her and E is mostly asking because S has the "cool" bottom bunk.


On Good Friday, we decided to take the girls Iceberg Hunting. We had all never seen one in person and seeing as they've started rolling into the rock, we thought it would be a great day for it.

We took an hour road trip to Ferryland, Newfoundland where the biggest one has floated in so far. There are a few other ones but they're much smaller. May is iceberg season here and people have seen them well into August as well.

E caught this image of me getting a close-up of the iceberg in Ferryland, NL.

This is a close-up of a chunk of ice at one of our favourite restaurants just 5-minute drive away from Ferryland.

It was a perfect day to see an iceberg.

{TS.A.H.M} Invisible Links | April 2017

I have created two invisible links to my website for friends and family to keep track and peek in once-in-awhile because not all personal images will be posted on Facebook anymore.

www.sweet-spot-photography.ca/ourstory is for our personal images of the family and things we may be doing from time-to-time.

www.sweet-spot-photography.ca/adventures will be where I put my landscape and nature images that anyone may want to grab a canvas of! Pricing is available! Contact me selina@sweet-spot-photography.ca and I'll send a price list your way!

{TS.A.H.M} Ocean Cover | April 2017

Yesterday, we took the girls to see the iceberg cover that was on the Atlantic ocean. It was as far as the eye could see and we couldn't believe how BIG some of the ice patches were! Many of them were longer and wider than both girls combined. Even if P and I laid down on them they would've been over our heads!

It was beautiful. But people died thinking it was safe enough to walk on them! They had search parties out for people and some people didn't come back from it. It was a learning experience for the girls and for them to see just how unstable they actually were.

E found a huge patch that had fresh bird tracks on it.

We let the girls stand on the ice patches that were located on the rocky beach so they could enjoy them too. But even while we were enjoying those we would see people walking out farther.

We even looked in between some of them to see if we could see how deep they were. One of the pictures reminds me of Geodes.

It was a beautiful sight to see. And the girls enjoyed seeing it too.

{TS.A.H.M} Lilly's 6th Birthday!! | April 2017

Wishing our fur baby and middle 'child' a happy 6th birthday today!!


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