{TS.A.H.M} Cravings + Obsessions

Honestly, popcorn! But not ANY popcorn...it has to be Smart Food White Cheddar! Seriously! I could eat a whole damn bag the minute I buy it. I try sharing so I don't come off as a complete pig but I'm starting to think people are actually noticing! (i.e. T at work! ) LMAO! I'm now the popcorn queen.

Mommy doesn't share food!! I love this stuff anyway but the minute I started buying four bags at a time, I knew there was something a little off, lmao! I mean, it could be worse right? I could be buying chocolate and ice cream *cough*

It started when I was buying them for a SNACK after work in the evenings because P and I sit and watch a show or a few depending on how long they were and we would munch together. Now, I buy them and I'm not so forthcoming to share the bag. I even go as far as to buy him his faves just so he leaves them alone. AND I glare at the girls when they want to add their sticky fingers in the bowl or bag.

Aside from Smart Food, I really haven't had any other cravings that stand out. I love milk, but I always happen to drink more when I'm pregnant because I just crave it more often, which sucks because we already go through three to five 2 L cartons a week!

*Randomness* /rant Have I ever said how much I hate boxes! I hate, hate, hate them. I hate folding them, I hate arranging them, I hate trying to get them in recycling bags...HATE them! I also HATE when garbage day AND recycling day gets missed and we have no room to store said bags! HATE! I just spring cleaned, can you imagine how much crap I have waiting to go out this week? HATE!

/end rant



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