{TS.A.H.M} Another Bad Start to the Week

After having a great Mother's Day weekend, I welcomed Monday. Except that Monday morning came and I was sick as a dog almost all day with my head in a bucket. The last week was brutal and I've been having to be "that mom" who lets her 4-year-old watch movies all day because I can't get myself up off the couch long enough to even go to the washroom myself, let alone play or make the kids a snack, lunch, supper...etc. It's not so bad when E comes home because she can do some of the things I can't do. Plus, if she has to throw on some KD for supper, she can and I'm there on the couch able to watch her. 

Today, I'm actually sitting up at the computer so that says a lot more than yesterday. Before I got out of bed I was already ready for the day to end. Let's hope it stays like this. 

I missed a great spring day yesterday. Today is rainy, but it's supposed to be the same temps as yesterday, so I'm going to attempt to take S outside, even if we're just on our front lawn enjoying the fresh air. I don't want to say that too soon because yesterday I wanted to go outside and I was a mess!


Aside from being sick, I've been dealing with the leg cramps still. Definitely not as bad as last week because I've been stretching out, however, yesterday being on the couch all day didn't help them and feeling like crap-i-ola I wasn't able to stretch. So, that's something I'm going to do when I get off the computer.

Itchy skin hasn't been too much of an issue either, I've been applying unscented location after my showers literally DOUSING myself in it, so, it's been helping. I find after being sick all day, when I finally get food into my stomach to stay, I get really bad indigestion. I already have Acid Reflux from E, but adding indigestion from the pregnancy too is just awful!

Right now, most of my weekday mornings consist of praying that I can get E out the door for the bus and have S stay in bed until at LEAST 9 am. So, far, she's been sleeping in and it helps me able to sit and just let my stomach settle before I have anything major to do for the day.

At the moment, my Smart Food craving went out the window once nausea started to kick in. Other than being hungry while I'm not feeling well, I haven't wanted much of anything specifically. Bananas tend to help when I'm feeling okay enough to eat them, but sometimes they completely turn my stomach too. I try to have one for breakfast in the morning to 1. settle my stomach and 2. give me something healthy to start my day off with even if I end up not being able to have anything else after that.

P should be home earlier today, so when he gets home I think if I'm feeling okay we'll jump in the car and head to the grocery store so that I can get a few snacky foods to help with my stomach. Granola bars, veggies, fruit...everything we just ran out of plus maybe some groceries too...not that "I" will eat much, but I'm starting to hear E say "there's nothing to eat"...so that's a sure sign right now that there probably isn't.

On Mother's Day, we decided to announce to the family that we're having our third and final baby. We haven't announced it just yet to "the world", we're waiting for a photo shoot to get done to announce it at the end of May, beginning of June. Everyone seemed very excited for us but everyone also seemed to bring up TWINS like there's something we don't know about. I'm almost positive there is only ONE in there...but if there's two...I think we're going to both fall over AND if it's two girls, I think we'll just go and have a heart attack at the same time.

Even the girls are saying twins...uh...no. ONE is just fine.

I'm going to attempt to get this place cleaned somewhat today. The girls cleaned their playroom yesterday and they have their bedroom to clean today. They aren't as bad as my sister and I growing up but it still drives me up the wall to see it. Mainly stuff on their dresser instead of their floor (thank goodness).

P gets mad now when I try and clean the whole house in a day. He says the way I'm feeling, I should be vacuuming one day and doing something else the next. It's easier said than done when I'm O.C.D about getting things done all in the same day, plus, cleaning one thing doesn't help much at all with the rest of the clutter. I physically can't clean the house top to bottom right now. I know that. And I know my body by now to know that if I push myself, I'm going to end up in bed and if I'm doing alright I'd rather not ruin that.

Well, feel foggy now at the computer so that's my sign to get off and sit down on the couch. That's my news for the morning. S is still sleeping so I'm going to take advantage of the quiet right now.



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