{TS.A.H.M.} Daily Life + Monthly Doctor's Appointments

I went to the doctor's this morning (seeing as it's S' last daycare day) and I could get there and just sit on my own and talk to the doctor.

He confirmed a pregnancy test today (I wasn't really surprised) but he said when it shows up on his test I'm between 5-6 weeks (which I could've told you already too). So, it's begun! I should have an ultrasound done within the next two weeks and in about a month we should hear back officially about a due date! He was counting 9 months from today bringing it to January/February. But honestly, I think it's closer to the end of December from the time we started.

It's going to be monthly doctor's visits again and looking forward to those ultrasounds! OMG, I can't wait for S to experience all of these things that E did. And E is over the MOON! She's dying a little inside because we told her she absolutely can't tell ANYONE yet. We trust her and she's great at keeping secrets.

E is team BLUE and wants a brother this time along with us and S is team PINK and wants another sister! We will obviously love whoever comes into our lives but this is a fun game to play with the girls and get them included.

I just booked the photographer for our announcement/lifestyle newborn session! And I'm having shirts made by the middle of the month for the girls to wear for the announcement. Eeee I'm having fun with this because this is our last. I want the girls to enjoy this and especially S who hasn't done this before. I want it to be SO super special for her as well.

Life is pretty simple in our home. Other than fighting, whining and drama hourly we have it pretty simple. Even though we think another baby will change a lot all over again, we think our simplistic lifestyle won't be too different once we can all get into a routine. With the summer coming, I want to enjoy both the girls together before school starts in September. S starts kindergarten so she won't be home in the daytime anymore and of course, E will be going into grade 4! I can't even believe it right now. I mean, the timeline makes sense but (here we go with the cliche' comments) Where has the time gone??!" I'm so glad I got to enjoy it with both girls and I'm sure I'm going to enjoy it just as much with our new bundle as well. The more I think about it and now that it was officially confirmed by the doctor's test, it's real. I can breathe. I get we're not completely out of the clear with anything going wrong but I would like to think positive and get on with the enjoying!

P enjoys me being pregnant. He's always rubbing and kissing my tummy and always just being there. He puts up with all my mood swings and *cough* pregnancy moments that we will not speak about! So, I'm excited to experience that all over again. To be honest, I think that's the part I'm going to miss the most about this being our last. It's not so much the having another baby experience, it's the experiences with P that make it so perfect. E cuddled into my legs when I was pregnant with S and she would lay on my tummy. S did that the other day while we watched a movie together and had no idea that she's laying on her little brother/sister...but I did.

I can't say I'm worried about S being jealous completely because when I'm holding babies, she just wants to touch them and be around them too. She's never pushing them out of the way to be with me or fighting for my affection. I think there may be little moments like "Oh, the babies sitting there? I want to sit with you too" moments. But we won't know until that time comes. E is such a great big sister and always wanting to help and teach S stuff (whether she wants to learn or not! lol)

I'm just super excited for this new journey. I'm a little nervous about some things but I'd say I'm more excited than nervous at this point. Come 8 months, it may be a little different.

We have two gorgeous little girls and watching them grow has been such an honour. I can't believe we're being blessed with one more sweet little bundle! 

What's on the go?:

I'm still craving popcorn. I'm still light-headed and nauseous here and there and it's mainly in the evenings. I'm still a bit weirded out that I actually haven't been sick enough to vomit (knock on wood) but I'm kinda thankful at this point.

OH, my first mommy moment (besides missing the bus)...

I went to put on a sports bra when I got home from the doctor's office and I snapped it on my very sensitive nipple. MAN did I shout a few words that I'm not proud of! lol Now, it's 10x more tender than it has been the last few weeks! Ugh!

If I am 6 weeks our nugget is the size of a Lentil. And I have about 34 weeks to go. I'll be happy once they "confirm" a due date so I don't have to keep saying "about this", and "If that". Yes, I'm excited, yes you'd think I'd have a bunch of patience by now...NO, it's getting WORSE in my old age! ;)

I have been moody but off my meds, I'm moody anyway. It'll show all over my face if I am. I'm nervous to announce this to the world. There has always been at least one person to ruin every happy moment we've had. I just want this time to be perfect.

I know that we're happy with everything, we planned this. I just hope everyone else is just as happy.



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