{TS.A.H.M} Garbage, Recycling + Rain

I'm not going to lie. I woke up a little foggy this morning. I was tossing and turning all night, pulling muscles left, right, and center. I woke up in so much pain in my shoulder. I even let E sleep in until 730 because I had to put the recycling out and I didn't want to get up right away.

I put the recycling out and chased it THREE times (6 bags) across the street! The wind is so heavy it won't even stay covered with the construction junk they left on our lawn a few months ago!

NOT something I wanted to be doing this morning. Today is one of those days I threw on a movie for S and I'm doing NOTHING today. Absolutely nothing. And to boot, I may not even make supper tonight. The kids can fend for themselves and eat chocolate if they want! Ugh!

The only thing that is going to get me through this day is the fact that tomorrow is my first ultrasound! I went to the doctor yesterday and got a call by the afternoon. I get to see our little pea on the screen tomorrow!

A new thing I've learned recently though is that no kids are allowed in the room? That is going to be a problem if P can't take off work and I have to bring S with me. Do they honestly expect me to leave my almost 5-year-old in the waiting room by herself? It's not like it's that easy to get people to watch your child when everyone is working during weekday mornings! Ugh, I'm just literally irritated all around today!

Anyway, those are my rants for today. Clearly, I'm not having a great day. I'm going to need a nap or something to get me through this brutal start to the morning!



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