{TS.A.H.M} Monday Morning + Missed Bus

I think "mommy brain" is kicking in earlier than expected. After having two already, you'd think I'd be able to overcome this crap, lol!

This morning, I tell E that she has 13-minutes before she has to leave and I completely blanked out and all I hear is the bus pulling away!! I'm like, "OMG, you just missed the bus!!" Of course, E doesn't care, she gets to play hooky from school today. Ugh! E has missed the bus ONCE before but luckily P was here to drive her.

Anyway, I'm going to the doctor's tomorrow (May 2) to get my bloodwork done and see how far along I am. Right now, according to what I estimated, I'm 5 wks, 6 days today. I could be more, I could be less but that's what I got at the moment. We'll see once the bloodwork comes back. I'm so anxious to find out right now. I took a second test to make sure the Wednesday after, plus I had the second one to use so why not use it?

Today for today, our little one is the size of a pea! I'm still eating Smart Food like it's going out of style and I try and limit myself to two coffee's a day (including Pepsi as well). I told P I can't stop drinking coffee altogether but I can limit what I drink caffeine wise.

I've been feeling more and more "motion sickness" and feeling lightheaded which in-turn makes me feel nauseous. It mainly around supper time or at night when the girls are sleeping at the moment (very similar to my pregnancy with S'). No vomiting yet, which is strange for me because usually by now I have done very little, but it's every day. My chest is so achy and I've been tired but not overly tired yet. With S I remember literally sleeping/napping 17 hours out of the day. I was so tired! Now, I'm tired but it's nothing really out of the ordinary yet. I may nap on the couch during the day. I'm trying to eat little bits here and there this time instead of 3-6 meals/ a day. With E I was always nauseous and I would have a moment of sickness and then it would be gone but it was early in the morning or in the early afternoon. S was in the evenings around midnight.

I'm not complaining because being sick is the LAST thing I like to be doing. Feeling nauseous in waves is bad enough!

This is officially my last week of work. I'm excited because of the changes happening, however, I've made friends and thoroughly enjoyed their company. We have a lot of laughs and almost every shift I leave laughing about something (except those dreaded "bad days").

Seeing as I've been off my meds, the doctor said that it's very important to find something to keep my mind busy. When I'm feeling more anxious than usual I have been pulling out my Lost Ocean colouring book and just sit there until I feel like I can't do anymore. It's nice because while S is playing in the playroom, I can pull it out and just colour whenever I want.

Seeing as E missed the bus this morning, the girls have been playing in the playroom and they went outside for about 15-20-minutes until they got cold and came in. Ugh, can't we just get a normal spring now? I think we all deserve it now.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow when they will both be out of the house for the day. S has her last daycare day (which I thought was Thursday) and E will be in school...provided she doesn't miss the bus again. :/



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