{TS.A.H.M} Snacking + Maternity Clothes

After Tuesday I've seemed to level out a bit. I mean, I'm not 100% but I have been able to get some light cleaning done, made homemade spaghetti and get some laundry washed (not folded). Our bed is a mountain this morning and I'm going to get caught in an avalanche of clothing at some point today.

I've been able to eat which has been great. Some (more than others) turn my stomach for a little bit so I have to lay down and take a breather but I'm up in no time doing something else. I get the death stare from my husband when I come up with a full basket of laundry from the basement. And if he's home and catches me doing too much, he's not too happy with me then, either.

I've been making sure to snack more often now that I'm feeling better and now I can stay on top of things if my stomach is starting to bubble. I still have a weird motion, lightheadedness that doesn't feel too great and it literally forces me to sit down throughout the day. Grapes, apples...whatever I can get in my stomach. I eat a very light breakfast right now because I can't stomach too much so early in the morning (even though I'm starving when I wake up). And now that I'm feeling sick when I wake up, I'm not able to take my prenatal vitamin until later in the day or even the evening. This time around, the vitamin isn't upsetting my stomach but it's very hard to stomach when I'm already feeling gross. 

I ended up shopping for a few maternity clothes from Thyme Maternity (online) mainly because I wanted some fresh clothes to start the nice weather but none of my pants feel comfortable on my stomach now seeing as all I really wear are jeans and leggings/yoga pants. Two weeks before I was done work, I noticed I couldn't do up my jeans, so I had to wear black pants the last two work weeks I had left. :/

I literally have three pairs that fit me comfortable at the moment, two of which are pajama pants and one is a pair I've had forever that I literally clean the house in that I took the string out of a long time ago.

I bought a pair of leggings, shorts, two shirts and two bras for now. Hopefully, this weekend, P and I can go to the mall and get a few more things in-store. Because pants are a must right now. The Walmart closest to us doesn't have a maternity section, so I have to go a little farther for some comfort.

Aside from that, I'm going day by day at this point. Thursday was really the best day I've had in awhile.

We're booked for the girls' announcement session! Their shirts came yesterday and I'm super excited to finally be able to announce it. We should be able to announce it by the second week of June latest! Eee.

On ANOTHER note, today is a PD day for E and they have their cousin over today. The girls are already driving me nuts and they've only been together for an hour! S is a Mexican jumping bean, banging against every wall she can and bouncing around the floors and E has done nothing but complain and whine about anything and everything. And the best part is, P is gone ALL day. He won't be home until the girls are just about in bed...YAY!

I was planning on having the girls go outside but so far it's a rainy morning. Every time I plan stuff, it rains. EVERY TIME. I'm really hoping it clears up and ends up being warm. I need them to go outside today or else I'm going to end up in MY room for a time out until they go to bed.

Plus, the neighbour (lovely lady) downstairs also has her kids living with her (I don't know how?!) but that's been a real enjoyment as well... -.-

One HELL of a day today it's going to be. I'm honestly going to lose my S***.



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