{TS.A.H.M} Ultrasound #1

Today was a complete waste of time. We got there and she was looking and said that based on my blood work, my levels are high which means I am pregnant (confirmed for the third time now) but that there was only a sac there at the moment because the baby isn't big enough to see yet. So, I'm supposed to go back to my doctor in a week to follow-up and reschedule another ultrasound in about 3 weeks.

I'm feeling more nauseous. I think this has been the first day that I've actually felt sick all day. Even after eating. I woke up feeling sick and could barely drink for my ultrasound...but I managed. I only have three days left of work but man is it going to be rough feeling like this. I'm going to do my best but if I'm sick at work, I'm going to need to go home. I feel like it's in my throat just ready to come out. (sorry TMI btw!)

I'm irritable and I can't wait until I can enjoy the whole day without knowing that I'll be working later that evening. Maybe it's just my nauseous, irritated-self talking today. It doesn't help that the guys are working on the house right beside ours (new construction) and all they're doing is BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG...pause...BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG...pause...etc. OVER and OVER again! I was trying to nap with S this afternoon and I got to closing my eyes for a couple hours but that banging stopped me from actually getting some rest.

My doctor gave me the okay to take Gravol so I took two of the girls not too long ago because that's all I have at the moment. I may buy some more tonight so I can make it through the next few shifts if I need it.

I'm going to relax for my last hour and a half before I have to leave for work. Blah!



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